ZoBox May Women Special Edition | Unboxing and Review

The ZoBox is the only subscription service that I have stuck to since it first started out, because I love the curation of products and honestly feel that they provide great value for money. This month’s ZoBox is a women special edition and provides 5 products that every woman would love, at a super affordable price of INR 499. Read on to find out what I received in this month’s box.

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ZoBag February Edition Unboxing & Review

I usually don’t talk about subscription boxes on this blog because let’s be honest, so many of these boxes came out in 2017 that everybody got a little wary of them. However,  the Zobag from Zotezo has managed to retain its quality over the years and still provides a bunch of great products at an extremely affordable price. Today I will be unboxing the ZoBag February edition which has the very apt theme – Season Of Love. Priced at only INR 399, this bag contains 5 products that will make you glow this Valentine’s day. Here is a look at all the products:

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August ZoBag Mini – Unboxing and Review

If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen my posts about the products offered by the August edition of ZoBag Mini. I have finally tested out all the items enough to provide you a detailed review. Before we proceed with the review, let me tell you that the ZoBag Mini is priced at INR 350 and contains 5 full-sized products with a total value of INR 1000. The price of ZoBag has unfortunately increased this month due to GST, but it still continues to be one of the most affordable beauty bags in India that offers some great products. The theme of this month’s ZoBag is Monsoon Care, so let us see what ZoBag offers to keep you glowing and beautiful this rainy season.

Fuschia Crystal Rose Foot Soak Review Zobag

1. Fuschia Crystal Rose Foot Soak – One of the most abused parts of our body during the monsoon months are our feet that are exposed to the murk and moisture of the streets. The Fuschia Crystal Rose Foot Soak offers a pampering session for the feet with the goodness of rose petals and rose oil that reduces any irritation or itchiness and soothes the skin. It also contains sea salt that reduces water retention. I love the heavenly scent of roses that this pink powder emanates. It dissolves easily in the water to create a foot soak that leaves the feet looking smoother and softer. This foot soak softened the dead skin of my feet which I could then easily scrub off. It is a perfect product for an at-home pedicure. Price – INR 250

Fuschia Peppermint Pedicure Nourishing Foot Cream Review Zobag

2. Fuschia Peppermint Pedicure Nourishing Foot Cream – Continuing with the theme of pampering the feet, the bag also contains the Fuschia Peppermint Pedicure Nourishing Foot Cream. This cream has a soothing scent and gets absorbed by the skin really quickly. It is hydrating without being greasy and creates a slight cooling sensation on the skin. It contains shea butter that softens the feet and heals the cracks and dry patches. A perfect ending to a wonderful pedicure indeed! Price – INR 250

Mond'sub Bio-Gold Collagen Eye Mask Review Zobag

3. Mond’sub Bio-Gold Collagen Eye Mask – Rainy weather or not, our sleep deprived eyes can always do with some pampering. The Mond’sub Bio-Gold Collagen Eye Mask offers some much-needed nourishment to the under eye area as well as the eyelids. Its cooling action is a boon for tired eyes and the serum that it is drenched in instantly tightens the delicate skin around the eyes. I also love that the mask fits really well around the eyes and stays in place for the 15 minutes that you are supposed to keep it on. Although I have used this only once, I am sure that with regular usage, this eye mask will help reduce wrinkles too. A must have in my opinion! Price – INR 100

Mond'sub Pure Rejuvenating & Renewing Beauty Facial Mask Review Zobag

4. Mond’sub Pure Rejuvenating & Renewing Beauty Facial Mask – If you have dry or dehydrated skin then the Mond’sub Pure Rejuvenating & Renewing Mask will provide a refreshing drink to your face. This sheet mask comes soaked in a cooling serum that moisturizes the skin and softens it at the same time. After 20 minutes of keeping on this mask, the skin becomes supple and more radiant. I feel that this particular sheet mask is best suited for dry skinned people but it is not too heavy for oily skin as well. Price – INR 250

 Blue Heaven Artisto Velvet Matte Lip Crayon Cocoa Mania Review Zobag

5. Blue Heaven Artisto Velvet Matte Lip Crayon Cocoa Mania –  The ZoBag Mini also contains a Blue Heaven Artisto Velvet Matte Lip Crayon and they give you a choice to select one out of four shades. I went with the shade Cocoa Mania, which is a warm, rusty brown that will suit most Indian skin tones. I was pleasantly surprised by the formula of this lip crayon. The pigmentation is not too intense but 2-3 swipes give an opaque finish. The formula is not transfer-proof but does stay on the lips for 4-5 hours unless you eat something, and is quite comfortable and velvety. For a super affordable price of INR 150, this matte lip crayon definitely exceeds expectations and I am totally in love with this color (will post the lip swatches in a separate post).  Price – INR 150

Overall, the August ZoBag Mini contains a great collection of products and the inclusion of a makeup item made me love the bag even more. None of the products disappointed me and each item is something that I will actually use. The bag also looks bright and colorful but its quality could be a little better, however, for INR 350 I am not complaining at all! If you are looking for a beauty subscription bag that is excellent value for money then I will highly recommend ZoBag Mini. Grab yours now by clicking on this link while the stocks last!

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The June ZoBag – Your Perfect Companion For A Summer Retreat!

Hi guys! I am here today to add some positivity to a gloomy Monday with the much-awaited review of the June ZoBag. I know that it is already the second week of July but I received this bag towards the end of last month and wanted to thoroughly test the products before writing my verdict. For those of you who are not aware of ZoBag, it is a monthly subscription bag that provides 5 full-sized beauty/skincare products at an extremely affordable price of INR 499. The theme of the June ZoBag is Summer Retreat, and true to its name, it carries 5 skincare products that help reverse the signs of sun damage and offer a glowing, healthy skin in the harsh summer months. So without much ado, here is the detailed overview of the contents of the bag.

Biotique Bio Papaya Tan Removal Scrub ZoBag

1. Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan Removal Scrub – The first product that I will talk about today is the Biotique Bio Papaya Tan Removal Scrub. This wonderful scrub has a delicious, fruity fragrance and a thick creamy consistency with rough granules that are perfect for the removal of dead skin. This scrub is on the grittier side of the spectrum and may not be suitable for extremely sensitive skin, however, it works wonders on my skin and leaves it looking much brighter and buttery soft! Regular usage of this product visibly improves the texture of the skin making it more vibrant and smooth. Therefore, this is the perfect scrub for those who prefer a strong exfoliating action.

MCaffeine Sea Fern Sunscreen ZoBag

2. MCaffeine Sea Fern Sunscreen – When it comes to a summer retreat, one product that always comes to mind is a sunscreen, and the MCaffeine Sea Fern Sunscreen is an interesting new sunscreen lotion on the block. It combines the antioxidant properties of caffeine with the soothing touch of calendula and the nourishment of argan oil, to create a sunscreen lotion that can double up as a moisturizer. This product gets soaked into the skin really quickly and leaves behind a fresh scent. It contains SPF 30 which is ideal for daily use in the summer months. The only downside of this sunscreen is that it is not waterproof and needs to be reapplied every 2 hours and it also leaves behind a slight white cast. An honorable mention goes to the pump based packaging with a plastic lock that is extremely handy for preventing leakage while throwing this product into a suitcase.

Votre After Sun Mist ZoBag

3. Votre After Sun Mist – Votre is a skincare brand that I have trusted for a long time and therefore I was overjoyed to receive the Votre After Sun Mist in the June ZoBag. Facial mists are excellent at refreshing sunburnt skin throughout the day and this particular product has an amazing cooling action. It contains the extracts of Honeysuckle, Noni Fruit, Grapeseed, and Amla that moisturize and heal the skin to repair the damage caused by sunlight. The size and packaging of this face mist are perfect for the handbag and this is one product I never step out of the house without these days. One word of caution is that it does spray out quite a large amount of product in one go, so use a gentle hand and spray the product from a distance for even coverage of the face.

Krishkare Skin Repair Gel ZoBag

4. Krishkare Skin Repair Gel –  Everyone is aware of the cooling and hydrating properties of aloe vera, which make it an essential part of a summer skincare routine. The Krishkare Skin Repair Gel combines aloe vera gel with cucumber extracts to create the perfect concoction for summer. This gel has a sweet, herbal scent and needs to massaged on the skin post-cleansing for maximum benefits. You need to apply it in a circular motion to the face and massage it in so that the ingredients get absorbed into the skin, then rinse off the excess to achieve visibly brighter and supple skin. This product comes with antioxidant and antibacterial properties that reduce acne while cooling sun damaged skin. However, it contains parabens in the list of ingredients which may not be preferred by some.

Krishkare Hydrate Sheet Mask ZoBag

5. Krishkare Hydrate Sheet Mask – Last but not the least is a product without which any skincare subscription bag would be incomplete – a sheet mask! The June ZoBag contains the Krishkare Hydrate Sheet Mask which is paraben-free (Yay!) and contains coconut jelly and natural cellulose that help to hydrate the skin while making it more supple. This sheet mask has an instant cooling effect on the skin and also claims to get rid of a tan. I did not have a tan when I used the product so I cannot really vouch for the tan removal properties but this sheet mask definitely relaxed my skin and left it feeling energized and refreshed. The perfect way to pamper yourself after a hectic day in the summer sun!

Believe it or not, the June ZoBag contains products worth INR 1600 and you can make them yours at an extremely affordable price of INR 499! Additionally, the bag in itself has a pretty floral design and enough room to pack in a ton of beauty products! I am thoroughly satisfied with what I received and I genuinely feel that ZoBag is one of the best beauty subscription bags in India at the moment because it provides excellent value for money. Not one product is a dud or a filler product, which is what makes ZoBag stand apart from the rest. I am eagerly looking forward to this month’s bag and ZoBag has definitely found a loyal customer in me!

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