Organic Harvest Happy Lips – Green Tea | Lemon Oil Lip Balms | Review

If there is one Indian brand that makes excellent lip balms, it has to be Organic Harvest. With winter at its peak across India, lip balms are absolute saviours for me, and I have stocked up on a number of different variants. I have already reviewed the Organic Harvest Happy Lips lip balm in the Pomegranate variant on the blog, but in case you missed that, here is my review of the Happy Lips Green Tea and Lemon Oil variants from Organic Harvest.

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Nivea Soft Rose Lip Balm | Review

I know that the Nivea Lip Balms are cult favourites for many but personally, I have never really liked any of the variants that I have tried. However, I tried the Nivea Soft Rose Lip Balm for the first time a few days back and it’s absolutely amazing for extremely dry lips! Here is why this product made me do a 180-degree degree flip on my opinion about Nivea lip balms.

Nivea Soft Rose Lip Balm | Review

Firstly, I know it does not make any sense, but the sweet scent of this lip balm reminds of something from my childhood – like some pink cream biscuits that I used to love, hence the nostalgia definitely draws me to this product. Secondly, the formula is thick and nourishing, which truly heals the lips and gets rid of any dryness or flakiness. I find the formula a bit too thick for the daytime but it is perfect as a nighttime lip treatment. Also, the lip balm is very slightly tinted, which gives quite an unflattering white cast to my lips, but since I use it at night, I do not mind this in the least.

Nivea Soft Rose Lip Balm | Review

Overall, I do love this variant way more than the fruity options from the range and my lips are thanking me for applying this every evening. If you too are in the need for some intense hydration for your lips and do not mind sweet fragrances then you must give this lip balm a try!

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