Vaunt Vitamin C Water | Review

Be it summer or winter, my skin always needs its drink of vitamin C to emanate that healthy glow. Vitamin C not only adds radiance to the skin but also helps fade pigmentation, which is much needed by someone like me with blemish prone skin. Over the past month, I have been using the Vaunt Vitamin C Water as a part of my PM skincare routine and here is what I think of the product!

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Vaunt Watermelon and Seaweed Face Mist | Review

Face mists seem like a simple skincare product, it’s just water in a bottle right? Actually, no, not only can a good face mist hydrate the face, it can also shrink your pores and improve the overall health of your skin. Vaunt Skincare is a new skincare brand that emphasizes on clean and effective ingredients to restore the natural beauty of the skin. Here is how the Vaunt Watermelon and Seaweed Face Mist fared for me.

Vaunt Watermelon and Seaweed Face Mist | Review

The Vaunt Watermelon and Seaweed Face Mist contains the freshness of watermelon, the anti-oxidant properties of seaweed and the healing properties of grape seed and witch hazel. It has a refreshing citrusy scent and provides an instant boost of hydration to the skin and wakes it up in the morning or at the end of a tiring day. It can be used for freshening up the skin as a face mist and can also be used as a toner to shrink the pores or as a makeup setting spray.

Vaunt Watermelon and Seaweed Face Mist | Review

Vaunt Watermelon and Seaweed Face Mist | Review

This product is extremely nourishing and gentle and will suit even those with sensitive skin. Another great thing about this product is its fantastic spray nozzle which provides a fine and even mist of product to the face. It makes using this face mist an absolute pleasure and my skin loves this as much as I do.

Overall, this product is helping my skin a lot in soldiering through the cold and dry weather by providing some much-needed moisture and glow to my face and its unclogging properties have helped in controlling my breakouts too. If you are in the market for a mild, refreshing, and effective face mist then you must pick up this gem from Vaunt Skincare. Priced at INR 575 for a 100ml bottle, it will be gentle on your pocket too!

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