Philips Satinelle Essential Epilator | Review

Epilation is one of the less common techniques used for hair removal by Indian women. A one-time investment in a good epilator can completely eliminate the need to rush to salons and is also very helpful for those who travel a lot. Although I do not epilate on a regular basis, I do own the Philips Satinelle Essential Epilator kit (BRE201/00) and thought that I should share my review of this device with you.


What Does The Kit Contain – The kit contains the epilator body, one epilator head, one razor head, one epilator cap to cover the tweezers at the end for precise usage, one razor cap for protection while storage, one brush for cleaning, and one power adapter. The brush helps in removing the fine hairs that may get stuck in the heads and the heads can also be cleaned under running water.


Performance – The epilator works quite well, it removes all the hair from the skin if you bring it close to the skin and move it slowly, against the direction of growth. It does hurt almost as much as waxing and leaves my skin a little red, but the pain becomes less noticeable with regular usage. Make sure to not go over the same area again and again as it may lead to irritated skin. I use it primarily on my legs and arms and it gives a similar performance and regrowth time as waxing.

The razor head offers the option of converting the epilator into an electric razor, which makes this product so versatile. It comes in handy for touch-ups and is also very useful if you prefer to shave certain parts of your body instead of waxing or tweezing. It provides a close shave and leaves the skin non-irritated and smooth.

The Downside – The only con of this product is that it cannot be operated with a battery, and you need to plug it in every time you use it. Although the cord of the power adapter is pretty long, it means that you cannot epilate in your bathroom in case there is no plug point in there and you most definitely cannot epilate in your bath tub!


The Verdict – This epilation kit is priced at approximately INR 3000 in India, which I feel is quite good, considering that it also includes a razor head. It is easy to use and performs as per expectation, the only hassle being the presence of a power cord. I would recommend purchasing this if you want an alternative to waxing. It will last you for years and you can use it regularly for hair removal at home or only when you are traveling. The convenience that it provides definitely makes it worth the money!

I hope that this review was useful, you can buy the Philips Satinelle Essential Epilator here.