The Nature’s Co Mini Express Facial Kit | Review

In continuation of my previous post, today I will be talking about another travel kit from The Nature’s Co, their Mini Express Facial Kit. When I am travelling, my skin needs extra pampering, but the catch is that I do not have my entire treasury of skincare products with me. To ensure that I do not ignore my skin while hopping from one city to another, I invested in this cute travel facial kit. Read on to find out whether the purchase was worth the money or not!

The Nature's Co Mini Express Facial Kit | Review

Available at an extremely affordable price of INR 395, this mini facial kit contains a cleansing lotion, a face pack, a facial massage cream, a face cream, and a rose water spray in a clear and sturdy zip pouch. Here is my review of each of the products.

The Nature's Co Mini Express Facial Kit | Review

White Pepper Cleansing Lotion This cleansing lotion is basically like a cleansing milk that works quite well at removing non-waterproof makeup, sweat and grease from the face. It has a mild peppery scent but does not tingle or irritate the skin and is fairly gentle. Overall, it is a good mini to have around if you are not going to wear a lot of makeup while travelling.

The Nature's Co Mini Express Facial Kit | Review

Multi-Vitamin Facial Massage Cream – This massage cream comes in a gigantic jar for a mini and has a spicy vanilla scent. It has a rich and smooth texture that feels very luxurious on the skin. A massage with this cream helps improve the blood circulation in the facial skin and adds a subtle glow to the face while taking away the tiredness. A nice relaxing ritual after a long day.

The Nature's Co Mini Express Facial Kit | Review

Vanilla Vitamin E Face Cream – The Vanilla Vitamin E Face Cream also has the same spicy vanilla scent and a rich texture. It hydrates the skin really well without feeling greasy or heavy, however it can be a bit too much for oily skin. I personally prefer using it at night when I don’t mind my skin looking a little shiny. I wake up with soft and smooth skin the morning after.

The Nature's Co Mini Express Facial Kit | Review

Corn Exfoliating Face Pack – The Corn Exfoliating Face Pack is a two in one product and acts as a scrub as well as a mask. The exfoliating particles are gritty enough to remove dead skin and dirt and as a face pack, the product sucks out all the oil from the pores without leaving the skin too dry or parched. This is a product that everyone needs while travelling.

The Nature's Co Mini Express Facial Kit | Review

Rose Hydrating Facial Mist – A little spritz of rose water never did anybody any harm! This Rose water spray can be used both as a mist as well as a toner and is the perfect boost of freshness when you are all swamped out.

Overall, I really loved this travel kit and the only things that were missing for me were a face wash and an SPF. The products are more suitable for slightly dry to normal skin and if you have oily or acne-prone skin then you may need a light-weight serum/moisturizer for the day. But for the affordable price, I am not complaining and will be repurchasing the kit when I run out of this one!

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The Nature’s Co Business Edit Travel Kit | Review

So I have been travelling a lot lately and have been investing in a number of travel kits because I am simply too lazy to pour out the products that I already own into smaller bottles. The Nature’s Co travel kits have been a saviour for the lazy gal in me and today I will be talking about their Business Edit Travel Kit which contains hair care and body care products. Read on to find out how this kit fared for me.

The Nature's Co Business Edit Travel Kit | Review

First things first, the picture of the kit on Amazon shows a wooden comb as well but mine did not come with a comb. However, it did come with three products from the Lemon Peel range – a body lotion, a body wash and a soap. I feel that the inclusion of lemon peel products in the kit is an excellent idea because the refreshing lemon scent is perfect after a long day of travel. Both the body wash and the soap lather very easily and leave the zesty scent of lemon on the skin, which is further enhanced by the body lotion that also keeps the skin hydrated all day long.

The Nature's Co Business Edit Travel Kit | Review

Coming to the hair care products, the kit contains the Watercress Hair Cleanser and Hair Conditioner from the brand. These too have a refreshing aqua scent that is perfect for when you are travelling. The shampoo lathers quite well and cleanses the hair and scalp quite effectively and I love its light-weight formula. The conditioner, on the other hand, did not work too well for me. I have very fine and knotty hair and tend to use a lot of conditioner as a hair mask to smooth out my hair. However, this one left my hair looking limp and slightly greasy. Maybe I used too much, but then I always need more conditioner than most people!

The Nature's Co Business Edit Travel Kit | Review

All the items come in 30ml bottles which is a very decent size, and the kit comes with a sturdy and roomy makeup bag that you can reuse even after your trip. Overall, I feel that the price of INR 595 seems decent considering the typical pricing of The Nature’s Co products. This kit is not just ideal for those who travel a lot but also for trying out a number of products without having to invest in the full-sized items. So if you are a hopping bug or a lover of minis, do check out this handy kit from The Nature’s Co!

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The Nature’s Co Aloe Vera After Sun Gel | Review

Sun exposure is one of the biggest contributors to skin damage and can cause tanning, dullness, and dryness too. However, venturing out in the sunlight is something very inevitable for most of us and, in fact, it comes with its own set of benefits (Vitamin D). This is why I recently purchased the Nature’s Co Aloe Vera After Sun Gel that offers relief from sunburns and cools down the skin post sun-exposure.


This product is an orange colored gel that smells like apricots and has a slightly sticky texture. It spreads on the skin quite easily and gets absorbed within a few minutes, and the stickiness disappears after 5 minutes or so. It provides a cooling sensation upon application that relieves the skin, and it also prevents tanning to a certain extent. My only complaint is that the product has a very liquidy consistency and therefore things can get a bit messy if you are not careful. Perhaps a jar instead of a tube would have been a more suitable option for the packaging.


Overall, I am quite impressed with the quality of this product because it delivers what it promises and does not make any false claims. The fact that it is made with natural ingredients such as aloe vera gel, peppermint extract, and bearberry extract, adds to its appeal. A 125ml tube of this product is priced at INR 425, which is quite good because I feel that one tube will last me the whole summer. I would highly recommend using this product, in conjunction with a sunscreen, to minimize the damage to your skin this summer.

I hope that you found this review useful. You can buy The Nature’s Co Aloe Vera After Sun Gel here.