Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes | Review

Today I will talk about a product that makes the process of painting the nails even more pleasurable. The Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes are an excellent alternative to carrying around a bottle of liquid nail paint remover when you are traveling. Each wipe is soaked with Olive Oil and Vitamin E that help to keep the nails well nourished and hydrated. A single wipe is capable of removing the nail paint from both the hands, even when you are wearing a dark color on your nails.


Another great thing about this product is that you no longer have to deal with the strands of cotton left behind by cotton pads, when you want to repaint your nails immediately. The only thing I don’t like is that the oil makes the process a little messy and the color and oil may spread all over the fingers. However, the residue comes off quite easily on washing or wiping the fingers with cotton.

The wipes are available in different scents but my favorite is the strawberry one. A pack of 30 wipes is priced at INR 100, which is quite reasonable considering that the product is very effective and acetone free too. These nail wipes are extremely convenient to use and have become a handbag essential for me.

I hope this review was helpful. Buy this product here.

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How Switching Up Your Skincare & Haircare Routine Can Help

There are two opposing schools of thought regarding whether or not one should stick to the same skincare and haircare products for a lifetime. The first school of thought recommends being loyal to the products that have worked for you over time and not confusing your skin with new ingredients. The second one suggests that moving on to different products after every few months will help because the skin stops responding well when it gets used to a particular product.

I am living proof that there is some truth in the second theory. I have noticed that I stop getting the same results when I continue to use a product for a long time. For example, a shampoo that used to make my hair look lovely starts leaving behind an oily residue and a face wash that had completely cleared up my skin is no longer able to fight acne. I have found the perfect way to battle this resistance that my body develops towards my favorite products.


Taking a cue from the first theory that is against confusing the skin with random formulations, I have devised a middle ground solution for the problem at hand. I note down the primary ingredients of my favorite shampoos and skincare products and then look for other brands that offer a similar formula. This way, I keep circulating between products that are different but fundamentally similar. Whenever I notice that a product is not performing as well as it did before, I switch to a similar alternative. Therefore, I do not have to bid a permanent goodbye to some amazing products and am able to maintain the health of my hair and skin too.


Of course, if you are lucky enough to get consistent results from the same product then you do not have to spend time and effort on this exercise. However, if your skin behaves like mine then you may benefit from this tip.

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5 Pressurizing Standards of Beauty

As a person who writes about beauty products on a regular basis, I feel that it is my responsibility to speak about the darker aspects of this world as well. Beauty standards all around the globe are becoming more and more unforgiving by the minute, making it painfully hard for women to feel confident in their own skin. Of course, in an ideal world, everyone should be brave enough to embrace their “flaws” but constant scrutiny at a microscopic level can make the strongest succumb to the pressure. Here are 5 beauty standards that I would banish from the face of the planet if I had supernatural powers (until then, this blog will have to suffice).

1. Greasy roots – So many women feel obliged to wash their hair more often than they want, just to avoid showing up at work with those darned greasy roots. This makes for an arduous chore if you have long, fine hair and live in one of the hot and humid parts of the world. Shampooing the hair is an activity that should help maintain personal hygiene, and greasy hair doesn’t necessarily mean dirty hair. This obsession with super clean, fluffy hair has to go.

2. Hairy Body- Waxing, shaving, plucking and pulling, the pains that women have to endure to ensure that someone doesn’t die at the sight of their hairy armpits! One day when (Wo)man has evolved enough, there will no longer be any hair on the human body. Until then, it would be great if people could learn not to collapse if a few strands of hair poke through the stockings or the eyebrows are not perfect arches.

3. Blemished Skin – Only a small minority is blessed with flawless skin that is as perfect as porcelain. The rest of us do have acne, scars, and redness, and covering them up with layers of makeup does not work wonders for the skin. Of course, we like applying makeup when we want to conceal our blemishes, but do let us be if our skin needs to breathe. Most of us are well aware of our imperfect skin, so concerned comments about the bumps and pores do not really serve any purpose.


4. Chipped Polish – Let us face it, chipped polish is and will always be a reality. Nobody carries a bottle of nail paint around for a quick touch up every time they need to use their hands for ripping open packages or scrubbing utensils. It is hard to defy the laws of wear and tear, so let us stop considering chipped polish as a cardinal sin. Who knows, it might be the next hot trend after clumped mascara and messy lipstick.

5. Muffin Tops – It is obvious that nobody would refuse picture perfect abs if they were offered on a platter, however, they are not. Muffin tops are not necessarily the result of a sedentary lifestyle and could be caused due to a lot of factors ranging from hormonal fluctuations to genetics. Starving, Spanx, or an incredible ability to hold your breath should not be mandatory for looking fabulous.

These are some of the beauty standards that I refuse to abide by on most occasions. It will eliminate a lot of stress if you stop giving importance to these rules each time you get ready. How you want to dress up and how much makeup you want to apply should always be governed by your choice (that may fluctuate each day). So relax and be yourself 🙂

All images are taken from Pixabay.

Why You Need Makeup Brushes

If your high-quality makeup is still not able to provide you the flawless finish that you desire then chances are that this is due to the lack of good blending tools. A great makeup brush or sponge is absolutely essential for blending the product perfectly, to achieve a smooth finish. A poor quality makeup brush makes foundation look streaky and patchy, especially if it is a high coverage foundation with a thicker consistency. Eyeshadow will also sit oddly on the skin if not blended properly.


The sign of a good makeup brush is that it will not shed and will be soft enough to not leave marks of the brush strokes on the skin. My personal favorites are the brushes from Real Techniques and Zoeva. They may be a little expensive but, unlike makeup, will last for many years if you take good care of them and wash them regularly. This Real Techniques Mini Brush Trio was originally priced at INR 1100 but was heavily discounted on Amazon and ended up costing me only INR 500. The quality of the mini brushes is exactly the same as that of the original ones, only the handles are shorter. Those who want to find out what the fuss is all about can opt for this kind of a kit and I am sure that they will never look back.

Buy it here.

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Perfect Mascara For Daily Wear: Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express | Review

As I have mentioned several times before, I have fairly sensitive eyes. Therefore, I shy away from waterproof mascara because it tends to irritate my eyes during removal. Unless it is a special occasion, I prefer a lighter non-waterproof mascara that provides some volume and length without being too clumpy. The Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara is my favorite for daily wear because it delivers on all these fronts.


The formula provides reasonable volume and length but has less hold as compared to the waterproof variant from this range. It is not very curling but that can be rectified by using an eyelash curler before application. I love this mascara primarily for the volume that it provides without being too clumpy. A single coat will give a very natural look that is easily buildable to a dramatic flutter with 2-3 coats. I also like the thick wand with the bristles because these seem to apply the product quite evenly on the lashes.


The longevity of this mascara is great and it lasts on my lashes for more than 8 hours. Despite this, it is super easy to remove and easily comes off with just water. It is a great drugstore mascara that is priced at INR 400 but is usually available online at around INR 350. I would also recommend the waterproof version for a butterfly like flutter and a stronger curling action.

Buy it here.

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Loreal Paris Lock It Fine Control Hairspray | Review

I am not a huge fan of hairsprays because they leave my fine hair looking crispy and stiff. However, there are days when I want my curls to hold and I always go back to this product to achieve a natural look. The Loreal Paris Lock It Fine Control Hairspray claims to provide 48-hour hold and it actually does. It does not leave the hair crunchy and hard and you can easily brush through the hair if you need to.


This product is perfect for daily use as well because it is not too heavy. It does have a perfumy smell though, which I personally like but those who are sensitive to fragrances might have an issue with. A giant 8.25 oz can is priced at around INR 850 in India and is ideal for the days when your hair just won’t cooperate.

Buy it here.

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