How To Sell Your Clothes And Makeup On The Elanic App

Are you someone who buys things impulsively and regrets purchasing them the very next day? Or someone that buys something online and then is just too lazy to return it even if it’s the wrong size or color? If you have piles of unused clothes or makeup lying around your house then instead of hoarding them or throwing them away, why not make some money by selling them online? Today I will be talking about an app named Elanic that makes selling pre-owned items extremely easy and hassle free.

Elanic allows you to sell any unused or gently used clothes, makeup items or other lifestyle products from the comfort of your home. What is more, they arrange a pick-up of the items from your house so you don’t have to worry about sharing your address or contact details with strangers. All you need to do is download and install the app, create an account, click and upload pictures of the products that you want to sell, and then wait for offers from other users once your post goes live after approval. As with any other shopping app in the market, this one comes with its set of pros and cons. So here is an overview of what I liked and did not like about this app.


1. All bargaining and interaction with potential buyers happens via the chat option on the app, no need to disclose your contact details to strangers.

2. Elanic arranges the pick up of the items from your house as per the time slot requested by you.

3. Money is credited to your Elanic account in the form of Elanic credits if the buyer does not request a return within 3 days of receiving the item.

4. In case the buyer returns the item, you can opt for it to be delivered back to you or can ask the team to keep it in their inventory for future sale.



1. Elanic credits can be encashed by requesting a transfer to your bank account only if your wallet balance exceeds INR 300. Until then, you can only use these credits to purchase items from the app.

2. Elanic charges a commission on every item that you sell, which is deducted from the price you quote for the item. However, they do mention this when you upload a new item and show the actual amount you will be receiving.

3. Most of the buyers on the app do a lot of haggling and want to buy even branded, new stuff at dirt cheap prices. So if you have something fairly expensive, be ready to sell it for a very low price or you may not be able to strike a deal.

4. There are not many great options in case you wish to purchase products. Some of the makeup items on sale seem fake and the collection of clothes is not very huge. But again, if you find a trustworthy seller then you may get some great items.

So this was a brief summary of my thoughts on Elanic. Personally, I use it more for the purpose decluttering than making money so I feel that it is pretty cool that I can send my clothes to a better home without much hassle. I would definitely recommend all of you to try out the app, especially if you are a hoarder with a huge pile of unused clothes in your closet.

If you do end up installing the app, then do check out the products I have put up for sale. My user name is @sachan.mrinalini. Also, here is a referral code that you can use while signing up to get INR 100 in your Elanic wallet on joining the app – M7CKLX

Have you used any app for selling pre-owned items? Let me know about your experience in the comments below!

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