Nykaa Get-Set-Click Creme to Powder Compact | Review and Swatches | Hazel Glory – 03

A quick touch-up on the go is something that every woman understands the value of, especially when you have had a long day at work and have to go out to a nice place right after. While the blessed souls can just powder their noses and head out the door, my skin has an aversion to pressed powder and immediately turns cakey and weird when it comes in contact with any compact. Therefore, for hassle-free touchups, cream compacts are my saviours. I recently picked up the Nykaa Get-Set-Click Creme to Powder Compact for these quick touch-ups and here are my thoughts after using the product for a few days.

Nykaa Get-Set-Click Creme to Powder Compact | Review and Swatches | Hazel Glory - 03
This product comes in a sleek packaging with a sponge and a mirror. The creme compact has a very smooth finish in the pot, and it applies equally smoothly on the skin. It provides a medium, buildable coverage that should be able to cover small spots and scars as well as dark circles to some extent. I went for the shade 03 – Hazel Glory, which is a warm-toned beige that matches my skin tone pretty well. The cream formula blends really easily on the skin and is quite light-weight too. After a few minutes, it settles down to a matte, almost powder finish, without the cakiness that too much powder can impart to the skin. Hence, the formula is the best of both worlds, it is not heavy or greasy like a cream foundation but is not crumbly like a powder either. The initial few minutes that the product blends like a cream allow for the formula to seamlessly melt into the skin, thereby preventing any creasing. I enjoy this product more for spot touch-ups and for evening out my under eye area than for overall application on the face, but the formula is definitely suitable for that as well.

Nykaa Get-Set-Click Creme to Powder Compact | Review and Swatches | Hazel Glory - 03

Nykaa Get-Set-Click Creme to Powder Compact | Review and Swatches | Hazel Glory - 03
Product blended out on my wrist

To sum it up, I feel that this cream to powder compact is a great on-the-go product for refreshing or enhancing your daily makeup look as and when needed. The price point of INR 599 is pretty good too considering the quantity of the product and the fact that it comes with a mirror. While I personally like to apply this product with my fingers, the sponge they provide can be useful for blending if you are using the compact on your entire face. I would say that if you are not a powder person then this product will be a right fit for you, and the fact that the brand has released 7 shades that range from light to deep makes it easier to find the right match for different skin tones. So grab yours now and I hope that this compact will become your new handbag buddy 🙂

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Nykaa EyemBold Kajal | Review and Swatches

Back in the golden days, a swipe of the kajal crayon thingy from Lakme in my waterline and I would feel so made up 😛 Then came the era of retractable kajal pencils and what not and the thick smoky line of kajal got replaced by a thin black line that did not venture beyond the waterline. However, Indian eyes are best complemented by the thick line of kohl, the old-fashioned and the best way, which is why I recently purchased the Nykaa EyemBold Kajal to go back to my favourite eye look that I had abandoned several years ago.

Nykaa EyemBold Kajal | Review and Swatches

For the longest time, I refrained from buying this product because I had heard that it irritates the eyes and I have fairly sensitive ones. However, luckily for me, the formula does not sting my eyes at all and I only feel a slight sensation if the product enters the area near my tear duct. As you can see in the swatches below, the pigmentation is on point, and the product creates a jet black line in one swipe. The formula is waterproof and almost completely smudge-proof. I am someone who has to spend long hours at the office and even the most long-lasting kajals tend to bail on me due to watery eyes. This one, on the other hand, stays pretty much intact throughout the day and the intensity of the pigment stays the same for at least 8 hours.

Nykaa EyemBold Kajal | Review and Swatches

Nykaa EyemBold Kajal | Review and Swatches

Since the product is in the form of a jumbo pencil, it goes on as a thicker line on the eyes as compared to the retractable kajals available in the market. However, it is easy to control the thickness while application by adjusting the pressure you apply against the waterline. Overall, this product can give you a nice daily look as well as a smokier look for a special occasion. Priced at INR 450, this kajal comes with a free sharpener, which I feel is good value for money because a little product goes a really long way and I am sure that this kajal pencil will last me for months.

Overall, the Nykaa EyemBold Kajal receives a big thumbs up from me for bringing back memories of the good old kohl days and making me fall in love with smokier kajal again. Do try it out if you want a bold, jet black kajal that lasts all day long.

Update from future me – Hey there, I am updating this blog post in July 2019. A single pencil of this kajal has lasted me this long and there is still a fair amount of product left, even though it has detached from the pencil casing, it is still usable. This product is definitely worth the money considering how long it lasts!

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Nykaa Pop Nail Enamel Black Licorice | Review

I am a big fan of dark nails and especially love black nail paint. Black is such a versatile color that you can never really go wrong with it. Short black nails look extremely chic whereas longer ones can make a bold statement. Both silver and gold rings can be thrown on to add a bit of sparkle. My favorite black nail paint is the Nykaa Pop Nail Enamel in the shade #84 Black Licorice.


It is a pure black color that becomes opaque in 2 coats. It has a medium shine and lasts on the nails for 5-7 days before it starts chipping. I would recommend using a top coat with this color to make it really stand out.


If black is not your color then I will recommend trying out the other shades from the Nykaa Pop Nail Enamel collection. The range of shades is very diverse and they all wear equally well on the nails. Priced at INR 149 for a 9 ml bottle, these nail paints are excellent in quality. They apply evenly and last long without staining the nails. Definitely worth a shot in my opinion.

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