5 Reasons to Include Coconut Oil in your Vanity

Coconut Oil is not only great for cooking but is also replete with a lot of beauty benefits. Today I will tell you about 5 ways in which coconut oil acts as an inexpensive alternative to costly beauty products.


1. Shaving – Application of coconut oil to your legs before shaving leaves them supple and smooth and free of any razor burn. It is a moisturizer and shaving cream all rolled into one!

2. Lip Conditioning – Coconut oil has wonderful moisturizing properties and applying this oil to the lips before going to bed will hydrate your lips and reduce pigmentation and chapping.

3. Eyelash growth – If you feel like you are shedding your lashes too fast or want them to be longer and thicker then apply some coconut oil to the roots of your lashes with a cotton bud. You will notice a significant improvement in the density of your lashes within a few days!

4. Lightening of the elbows – If the skin around your elbow and knee areas is dark and dull then apply a few drops of warm coconut oil every day to restore brightness.

5. Taming those flyaways – A few drops of coconut oil can instantly put those baby hair at bay! You can also use coconut oil at the roots to recreate the sleek, pulled back hairstyle that is so in trend these days.

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Palladio Rice Powder Review

As I mentioned in my previous post, my skin has been breaking out terribly over the past few weeks. I am, therefore, trying to go makeup free on most days and have been sticking to just a moisturizer for my face. Unfortunately, my skin still gets very oily throughout the day and I try not to use a face cleanser more than twice daily. This quandary resulted in me fishing through my makeup drawers for a good powder and behold, I came across this gem.


The Palladio Rice Powder in Warm Beige matches my skin tone perfectly and provides a light coverage, while keeping my skin oil free for around 3-4 hours. I apply this to my bare, moisturized skin and this powder blends in perfectly without leaving any white cast or cakiness. I have used this powder previously as a setting powder for my foundation and it performed well in that case as well.


Palladio is an American brand that is well known for the inclusion of natural ingredients and vitamins in their makeup products. The concept of Rice Powder seems to have been inspired by Asian beauty, where rice powder has been used for generations for its blotting properties. The cute little box has an Oriental feel to it; it comes with a puff for application and a mesh based dispenser (which does get a little bit messy at times!). Warm Beige is the darkest shade in this range that also includes a lighter shade as well as a translucent powder. A container of Rice Powder is priced at $7, and Palladio has also introduced Rice Papers for blotting your face on the go.

Have you ever tried any product from this brand? I would love to know about your experiences!

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