Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Intensive Sun Block Spray | Review

One product that is always a skin care essential but becomes even more important during a vacation is sunscreen. While everybody knows the benefits of a good sun block, many are put off by their typical chemically scent, their thick texture, and the white cast they impart to the skin. The Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Intensive Sun Block Spray addresses a majority of these concerns and is a light weight sunscreen that still offers great protection against the sun.

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Intensive Sun Block Spray Review

With SPF 50, this product is ideal for the days when you are out and about for long hours. Also, the spray packaging makes it handbag friendly, without any fears of leakage. However, the spray itself is not very effective because the product comes out in a squirt instead of a fine mist. Therefore, you have to rub the product into the skin anyway, so the spray does not reduce much effort on that front.

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Intensive Sun Block Spray Review

Despite the disappointing nozzle, what I like about the product is its thin, milky texture that gets absorbed into the skin within seconds without making it sticky or greasy. The product also does not provide a visible white cast to the skin although if you look very closely then you will notice some whiteness. It is not very great in terms of longevity, perhaps due to its light weight formula, and I feel that you need to reapply it throughout the day. It also claims to be water proof but in reality, some of the product does get washed off by water.

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Intensive Sun Block Spray Review

Priced at INR 345 for an 80 ml bottle, this sunscreen is one of the more affordable sun block sprays available in India. Although this is not a mist and does need to be massaged into the skin, I enjoy its non-greasy texture and mild floral scent. If only it was more water resistant and long lasting, it would become my favorite, but for now, it does make it to my list of top 5 sunscreens simply because it is not heavy at all. Do try it out if you have oily skin and are in the market for a non-greasy sun block.

I hope that this review was helpful. You can buy the Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Intensive Sun Block Spray here.

Lotus Herbals Natural Blend Swift Makeup Stick in Honey Beige | Review

The Lotus Herbals Natural Blend Swift Makeup Stick is such a throwback to my college days. Back when I couldn’t afford a separate foundation, concealer, and sunscreen, this product was a crucial component of my daily makeup routine. With SPF 15 and light to medium coverage, it worked quite well with my almost blemish free skin. I purchased it again after so many years to review it for you folks.



The packaging of this makeup stick is perfect for on the go application. The stick foundation offers light coverage that can be built up slightly to cover small blemishes. It is creamy at the time of application but gives a matte finish on the skin. It does tend to crease and becomes a little uncomfortable to wear after 3-4 hours. Also, you can’t really blend this in with your fingers and will require a good brush or sponge for an even coverage. The shade I use is 710 Honey Beige, which is a slightly orange toned color that matches my skin tone quite well. Two lighter shades are also available in this range, so I feel that those with deeper skin tones can’t really benefit from this product.


Priced at INR 345 for a 10gm stick, I think it is a good option for young girls who require some coverage for their poreless, oily skin. However, if you have excessive pores or acne or suffer from dry skin then you will need to use a moisturizing primer and a concealer along with this stick to get a smooth finish.

I hope this review was helpful. Buy this product here.

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Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Clear Face Pack | Review

Whenever I have some exciting event to go to, life always throws a curve ball in the form of nasty pimples. The Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Clear Face Pack is my best friend when it comes to shrinking these pimples within a few minutes. It is a clay based mask nourished with the goodness of tea tree oil and other herbs that help to combat acne and provide blemish-free skin.


The pack instructs to apply the product to clean skin and allow to dry completely for around 20 minutes and then rinse off. I like that the product does not stretch out the skin or make it excessively dry. It absorbs excess oil and leaves the skin fresh and glowing. I really love how it provides instant brightness to the skin along with working on acne.


A 60 gm tube of this face pack is reasonably priced at INR 165. Lotus Herbals is a brand that has always impressed me with the quality of its products and this one is no exception.

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