Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lip Liner – Rich Wine | Review and Swatches

A good lip liner is a must if you are planning to wear a dark lipstick, especially one with a moist formulation. I was recently in the need of a deep plum lip liner to go with a lipstick I was planning to wear to a wedding, and I picked up the Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lip Liner in the shade Rich Wine from the nearest makeup counter in sight as I was in a hurry. Did this liner prevent my plum lipstick from bleeding and smudging throughout the event? Read on to find out!

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Blue Heaven Artisto Matte Lip Crayon – Cocoa Mania | Review and Swatches

As I mentioned in a previous post, I received the Blue Heaven Artisto Matte Lip Crayon in my August ZoBag Mini and was pretty pleased with its quality. I promised you a separate post with lip swatches because I felt that this product deserved a post of its own. So here we are. There is also an interesting story about this particular shade which I will be sharing with you today.

Blue Heaven Artisto Matte Lip Crayon - Cocoa Mania | Review and Swatches

When I first got to know that the ZoBag Mini contained a Blue Heaven Lip Crayon, I was a bit sceptical about it. After all, the MRP of this lip crayon is INR 150 – how good could it really be for that price? However, this product really impressed me. It has a velvet matte texture that lasts on the lips for 4-5 hours and the formula is actually quite creamy! The product is not transfer proof and isn’t super pigmented in one swipe but once you build it up, it provides an even and smooth finish on the lips. I honestly didn’t expect this from a lip crayon that is so affordable. This is truly one of those no fuss lip products that you can apply in a jiffy and be certain that it looks good. Moreover, it did not dry out my lips at all and they feel quite hydrated when I wear this product.

Blue Heaven Artisto Matte Lip Crayon - Cocoa Mania | Review and Swatches=

Now for the funny story about the shade. ZoBag was offering 4 different shades of this lip crayon and I had the choice to pick one. The rest of the shades were from the red, pink, orange family which I already have plenty of in my collection. The only option left was Cocoa Mania, which seemed like a brown from the packaging, but I couldn’t find a decent swatch online so was quite unsure about the actual color. I took the risk anyway and decided to try out a shade that I didn’t already own, and I am glad I did! Cocoa Mania is a warm, rusty brown that will suit all Indian skin tones, especially if you have yellowish undertones in your complexion. It is light enough for daily wear but dark enough to build a heavy makeup look around. A perfect color for me, I must say. And you know what the happy coincidence was? I have been looking for a lip product that matches the rust eye shadow from the Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Contour Palette and hadn’t found any option in India. Imagine my joy when I realized that this lip color is an almost exact match for the eyeshadow! I am a huge fan of monochromatic makeup so I promptly paired the lip color and the eye shadow to create this rust themed makeup look.

Blue Heaven Artisto Matte Lip Crayon - Cocoa Mania | Review and Swatches

I still can’t get over the fact that this lip crayon is so good despite being so affordable. At INR 150 you can’t really go wrong with any of the shades from this range (there are 12) but I will definitely vouch for Cocoa Mania. You can buy this product from the Blue Heaven website or can get this as a part of the August ZoBag Mini. I am super stoked about this wonderful discovery and will definitely be trying out more products from Blue Heaven Cosmetics soon and hopefully will be back with some more amazing recommendations!

Have you tried something from Blue Heaven Cosmetics? How did you find it? Let me know in the comments below!

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NYX Intense Butter Gloss – Banana Split | Review and Swatches

Bright lip colors on Indian skin tones can be pretty hit or miss, especially if they belong to the lighter end of the spectrum. Although the NYX Intense Butter Glosses are a cult favorite, in my opinion, the shade Banana Split will not suit anyone with a medium to dusky complexion. I have already reviewed the NYX Intense Butter Gloss in the shade Berry Strudel on the blog but this shade is an entirely different story. Make sure to read the entire review before you add this lip gloss to your cart.

NYX Intense Butter Gloss Banana Split Review

True to its name, the pigmentation of this butter gloss is intense, a bright creamy orange that reminds me of a popsicle. However, perhaps due to the lightness of the shade, the gloss does not provide an opaque finish on the lips even though the arm swatch seems promising. If you look at the lip swatch below, the gloss seeps into the cracks of the lips, creating a not so pretty look. Perhaps you could get an even finish by adding multiple layers but, considering the consistency of the formula, that might get a little messy.

NYX Intense Butter Gloss Banana Split Arm Swatch

Even if the formula had been opaque on the lips, I don’t think that the color would suit my complexion at all. It is too pale and milky and looks quite fake on my lips. I wish that NYX had released a slightly darker version of this shade as a part of the Intense Butter Gloss collection because the texture is so buttery, light, and hydrating. I guess I will have to stick with the darker shades from the range instead.

NYX Intense Butter Gloss Banana Split Lip Swatch

If you have a skin tone similar to or darker than mine then I will not recommend buying this particular shade. However, if you have already bought this lip gloss and do not want to throw it away then you can apply a dark and creamy lip liner before using this gloss, to create a more opaque and natural color. You can also use it over a lipstick to create an ombre effect, by applying only to the center of the lips and blending in.

I hope that this review and the swatches will help you save your money. Click here to buy some of the darker shades from this range on Nykaa, they are priced at INR 575 per gloss.

Loreal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipstick – Impulsive Fuchsia | Review & Swatches

Is there any such thing as a perfect lipstick formula? If you ask me, my preferences change on a daily basis as per my mood, the weather, my hair and what not. However, on the days when I need a lip color that is balmy and nourishing but decently pigmented too, I reach for my Loreal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipstick in the shade Impulsive Fuchsia (202). If you like blue toned pinks and want a comfortable lipstick for daily wear, read on, you may have stumbled upon a new favorite.

Loreal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipstick Impulsive Fuchsia

This lipstick is one of the cheaper alternatives from Loreal and therefore the packaging is not very impressive (it’s all plastic with a silver body). However, as long as the formula is good, I am not really that picky about the packaging of my lipsticks. In this case, the texture is quite balmy and almost oily (in a good way). One stroke provides a sheer wash of color but the coverage is quite buildable and 2-3 strokes will provide you a semi-opaque finish.

Loreal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipstick Impulsive Fuchsia Swatch Review

The color is a pretty, blue-toned pink with hints of purple. This particular shade of fuchsia tends to suit my complexion quite well and I have multiple makeup products in this color. As an added bonus, the blue undertones make the teeth look whiter too! When I tried this product for the first time, I was afraid that it would not last long on the lips due to its balmy consistency. I was proven wrong though and was pleasantly surprised when it stayed put for almost 4 hours! Of course, it does transfer if you eat or drink something but it stains the lips slightly and fades quite gracefully. You will only need to reapply this product 1-2 times throughout the day, which is great when you compare it to a tinted lip balm.

Loreal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipstick Impulsive Fuchsia Lip Swatch

This lipstick is priced at INR 599 but is available on at INR 449 currently. The price is quite affordable from Loreal standards and the pigmentation, longevity, and texture make it worth the cost. If you want an upgrade from a tinted lip balm but are not yet ready for a heavy duty matte lipstick, then the Loreal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipstick is the perfect in-between option for you!

I hope that you found this review useful. Do let me know in the comments below what product would you like me to review next, I am running out of ideas!!!

Purple and Black Cut Crease Eye Makeup

I love my community of readers and really feel grateful for their wonderful ideas and recommendations for new blog posts. One of my readers from my blog on Niume recently suggested that I create a bold purple and black eye makeup look. This kind of a look is something that I wouldn’t normally wear but I love to explore things that are out of my comfort zone and challenge my creativity. So without much ado, here is the look that I created.


This look might not be very dramatic for some of you but it is something that I would not normally create had it not been for this blog post. However, I was pretty pleased with the final result and I feel that it is quite edgy without being too over the top. For the right occasion, this makeup would look perfect with an all black ensemble.


I used the crease and browbone shades from the Wet n Wild Petal Pusher palette for my upper lid and used the Loreal Paris Magique Eyeliner for the black cat flick. I added some of the color on my lower lash line as well and intensified it with the Maybelline Vivid and Smooth Liner in the shade Violet Pearl. On my lips, I wore the NYX Intense Butter Gloss in the shade Berry Strudel to stick to the purple theme. Few coats of your favorite mascara will bring this look together perfectly! It is quite an easy look to recreate and requires just a few products.


I hope that you liked this look, it is something different but isn’t makeup all about having fun? Do let me know if you have any other suggestions for a look that you want me to create because I am really enjoying working on your requests!

Also, do check out my Niume profile if you haven’t already. I publish all these articles and a few other interesting posts there.

P.S. – I have added links from where you can purchase all the products, just click on the names of the products to buy them.



Bold Party Makeup using Red Eye Shadow | Tutorial

Hey, guys. I had recently posted about the monochromatic makeup trend and had asked you if you would like to see a makeup look with red eye shadow. A bunch of you said that you would be interested in such a look, so I created it! Here is my red themed monochromatic makeup look, be warned that it is not for daily wear and possibly not for the faint hearted 😛


I do not own a pure red eyeshadow, therefore I used a red lipstick as my eye base for this look. I went with the Maybelline Color Show Lipstick in the shade Big Apple Red and blended the color all over my lids. This acted as a base color and a primer too, thanks to its stickiness. Next, I softened the red by adding the golden shade from the Maybelline Color Sensational eye shadow palette in Topaz Gold to my inner corners and the brownish shade on my outer corners. I also used the white shade underneath my eyebrows to make them pop. Lots of blending, a bold black liner, two coats of mascara, and voila the eyelids are done! I wanted to create a more dramatic look, therefore I used the brown eyeshadow and the red lipstick underneath my waterline too and smudged it out a little bit. You can skip this step if you want a less edgy look. Here are all the products that I used for my eye makeup.


As the eye makeup is quite fierce looking, I did not go for a bright red lipstick but a reddish nude color instead. The Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in the shade 122 Stylish is a perfect red based nude that goes with the monochromatic theme without looking too over the top.


Here is another picture of the final look. Remember that you can easily recreate the makeup looks that you see on the internet with products that you have at hand. There is no need to invest in a red eye shadow for a makeup look that you will sport only once a year. Bronzers, blushers, and lipsticks can all work as eye shadows if you just blend them properly.

IMG_7571 - Copy.JPG

I would reserve this look only for parties, however, you can replace the red color with a peachy coral shade for a summery look that is much more wearable. Just play around with colors and let your imagination go wild!

I hope that you liked this unusual look. Here are a few links to purchase the products that I used:

Maybelline Color Sensational Eye Shadow in Topaz Gold.

Maybelline Color Show Lipstick in Big Apple Red.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick.

Read my post about monochromatic makeup here.

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Maybelline Color Sensational Velvet Matte Lipstick – Flaming Fuchsia #MAT10 | Review

I love the soft feel of velvet, therefore as soon as I noticed the Maybelline Color Sensational Velvet Matte Lipsticks on Nykaa, I added one to my cart. I went for the shade Flaming Fuchsia (MAT10), which in my opinion is a gorgeous tulip pink shade. The formula, however, is another story altogether.


The texture of this product is light and smooth. It glides on the lips to provide a satin finish that does have a unique softness to it, doing complete justice to the Velvet in the name. It is very hydrating but tends to slide around on the lips. It does last for around five hours but you will notice that it collects inside the creases and gives a very patchy finish. The pigmentation is pretty good but not completely opaque, and a few imperfections are visible through the color. Reapplication is also a little difficult due to the slippery nature of the formula.


Personally, I am not a huge fan of the formula because it gives an uneven finish. However, if you are able to look past that then the color is extremely stunning and you will enjoy the texture of this product. Priced at INR 475, the product comes in a cute 5ml packaging with a doe foot applicator. If you want a moisturizing lip color that has a semi-matte finish then you can buy this one but if you want a perfect matte liquid lipstick then give this one a pass.

I hope this review was helpful. You can buy this lip color here.