Kaya Brightening Night Cream, Cleanser and Sheet Mask | Review

Kaya is a brand that I haven’t really explored much till now, but whatever few products I have tried from their range have never disappointed. I was recently sent the Kaya Brightening Night Cream, the Kaya Brightening Beads Cleanser and the Kaya Derma Naturals Insta-Brightening Sheet Mask as PR, and here is my review of these products. Kindly bear in mind that I am reviewing these products based on their efficacy at nourishing the skin and evening out my skin tone. Some of these products claim to “lighten the skin tone” as well, but I do not support skin lightening, I simply explored what the formula of these products does for my skin in terms of reducing pigmentation and adding a natural glow, and here is an honest account of the same.

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