A Haircare Tip For Combination Hair

Just like people have combination skin, with some dry patches on the face and some oily, some of us have combination hair i.e greasy roots and dry ends. The trouble with combination hair is that if you use products meant for dry hair, then your roots become oily, and if you use products meant for greasy hair then your ends become dry like a bird’s nest. Which is why I decided to share a tip with you today for combination hair. Some of you might be aware of this, but in case you aren’t, here is something that I call multi-masking for the hair.


So basically, if you have combination hair like mine, use a shampoo and conditioner/mask meant for oily hair, so that your roots don’t look greasy and your hair becomes voluminous. However, when using the conditioner or mask, mix in some oil such as argan oil, almond oil or olive oil in the product that you apply to the dry regions of your hair only. For the rest of your hair, use the mask without the oil mixed in it. Keep the mask on for 5-10 minutes, or as per the usage instructions, and then rinse it off. This method ensures that the oil is able to add extra hydration to your dry ends but does not add greasiness to the rest of your hair. Since the excess oil gets washed off along with the mask, there are no chances of it somehow reaching your roots while brushing your hair etc, which is something that happens with leave on serums and oils. This trick is something that gives me the best results with my hair and makes it look smooth yet voluminous from the roots to the ends.

Have you ever tried multi-masking for the hair? Do let me know your experience in the comments below!

WOW Hair Strengthening Shampoo and WOW Hair Conditioner | Review

So recently, I exhausted my supply of shampoos and conditioners and was browsing through Amazon to find something new and exciting for my hair. Some of the highest recommended suggestions were of WOW haircare products, a brand that I had been hearing a lot about but was slightly wary of due to the large number of sponsored posts floating around on the Internet. However, I decided to give their products a fair shot – so here is a completely honest, non-sponsored review of the WOW Strengthening Shampoo and the WOW Hair Conditioner, which I have been using together for a few weeks.

WOW Hair Strengthening Shampoo and WOW Hair Conditioner | Review

The WOW hair strengthening shampoo claims to restore the strength and shine of weak and thin hair while providing volume too. The formula is 100% vegetarian and contains the extracts of rosemary and tea tree to nourish the scalp. This shampoo is a clear liquid that lathers pretty well and emanates the soothing scent of tea tree oil, it gives me the feel of a clarifying shampoo, which is something that my oily scalp definitely needs. The product rinses off easily and does not seem to leave behind any residue on the hair. After drying, my hair does look voluminous and bouncy, and the sticky feeling at my roots that I usually get within a day of washing my hair stays away for an extra day or two. My hair also looks visibly shinier and slightly stronger since I started using this product, but I am not sure whether this is the result of the shampoo, the conditioner or the two in conjugation.


WOW Hair Strengthening Shampoo and WOW Hair Conditioner | Review
WOW Hair Strengthening Shampoo and WOW Hair Conditioner | Review
The WOW Hair Conditioner has some interesting ingredients that caught my eye, such as virgin coconut oil, avocado oil and wheat germ protein. This creamy white conditioner is rich in Vitamins E and B5  and claims to add shine, strength, and volume to the hair, while reversing the damage caused by exposure to the sun, pollution etc. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about this product because of the presence of coconut oil in it, which can make my hair look limp and greasy if used in excess. However, the formula has nailed the right concentration of oils for my hair type and the ends of my hair look less dry and rough than usual after using this conditioner, and of course, shinier too. I love that this conditioner is not so heavy as to weigh down my thin hair and to make my roots look greasy and yet is nourishing enough to give some new life to the dry ends.

WOW Hair Strengthening Shampoo and WOW Hair Conditioner | Review
Overall, I am pretty happy with this shampoo+conditioner combo because it caters to my greasy roots as well as rough ends equally well. The WOW hair care products are all reasonably priced at below the INR 500 mark and come in sturdy and travel-friendly 300ml bottles with a pump. To be honest, I can’t really think of anything negative to say about these products and wish to try their other shampoos soon. Have you tried any WOW products yet? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments below!

BBlunt Intense Moisture Hair Serum | Review

I usually shy away from serums and anything that has oil in it because even if I apply something oily on my toes, it somehow manages to reach my roots and face, both of which are oily to begin with. However, the BBlunt Intense Moisture Hair Serum is something that works quite well for me despite my greasy roots. Read on to find out more about this product.

BBlunt Intense Moisture Hair Serum | Review

This serum is supposed to be specifically designed for Indian hair. It can be used on dry or towel dried hair and also provides heat protection, which I really like. Also, apart from heat protection, it claims to protect the hair from environmental damage as well, which is yet another attractive feature for me because while I have greasy roots, the ends of my hair tend to get frizzy and dry quite easily. The product contains many nourishing ingredients, such as avocado, jojoba, and argan oils and Vitamin-E, therefore it tames and hydrates the hair while protecting them from damage.

BBlunt Intense Moisture Hair Serum | Review

I use a very small coin-sized amount of the product, rub it between my fingers and then comb it through my hair, starting at the mid-lengths and moving towards the ends. Unlike most serums, this product does not weigh down my hair or make them look oily. The serum sinks in quickly into the hair and leaves behind a very subtle shine. It makes my hair smoother and softer to the touch and reduces the frizz without making the hair look limp. I also love the sweet fragrance of the product that lingers on the hair.

BBlunt Intense Moisture Hair Serum | Review

Overall, I am really impressed with this hair serum and will recommend it those who want to smoothen their hair without losing out on volume. The quirky blue bottle contains 75ml of product and is priced at INR 500, which seems reasonable to me considering the efficacy of the serum. Do try out this product and I am sure that you will love it too!

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Schwarzkopf Spa Essence Hydrating Cream Masque | Review

The struggle to keep my hair tame yet voluminous is genuinely real, and the product I am going to talk about today is helping me achieve this goal these days. The Schwarzkopf Spa Essence Hydrating Cream Masque is supposedly what they use in salons when you go for a hair spa, but it was available on Amazon, so I picked it up to use it as a regular hair mask. As per the instructions, you are supposed to apply this along with a serum on shampooed hair and then steam the hair, but I use it like a standard hair mask i.e. I leave it on for around 15 minutes after using a shampoo and then rinse it off.

Schwarzkopf Spa Essence Hydrating Cream Masque

The ingredient list of this product seems to be full of chemicals, but this hair mask does work really well, and I am definitely a fan. It claims to nourish and hydrate the hair while preserving its natural bounce and that is exactly what it does. Post using this product, the ends of my hair look SO much healthier and all the unruly frizz that they tend to possess completely vanishes! Also, the effect of this hair mask lasts for days, which makes it perfect for those with frizzy hair who want to have a low maintenance haircare routine. Also, it has a mild and pleasant fragrance that should not irritate most people.

Schwarzkopf Spa Essence Hydrating Cream Masque

This product is priced at INR 580 for a giant 500 ml tub, which is extremely affordable in my opinion. The hair mask will suit most people, except for those with very greasy or weighed down hair. It does have a bunch of chemicals but if nothing else is working for your frizzy hair then this product is worth trying out. Also, if you can recreate the whole spa routine at home then you will probably see even better results. I personally love it because it actually adds volume to my hair while hydrating them and that is extremely rare for hair masks. Two big thumbs up from me, especially during the cold winter that we are experiencing at the moment!

Click here to buy the Schwarzkopf Spa Essence Hydrating Cream Masque from Amazon.

OGX Thick and Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo | Review

All those with oily hair that start looking greasy a few hours after washing will know the pains of finding the right shampoo. Unfortunately, I am one such person but the good thing about that is that over the years I have created a list of shampoos that leave the roots squeaky clean and fluffy without weighing the hair down in the least. The OGX Thick and Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo is one such product that is perfect for the greasy-haired ladies.

OGX Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen Shampoo Review

This product comes in the typical OGX packaging and claims to make the hair look thicker with the help of the goodness of biotin and collagen. Although I do not see much improvement in the thickness of the hair, it does make them look more voluminous, especially at the roots. It is the kind of shampoo that does not leave an oily residue on the hair but does not leave the hair looking super dry either. It cleans the hair thoroughly and provides a bounce to them, thanks to its lightweight formula.

OGX Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen Shampoo Review

The shampoo has a non-runny consistency and a light violet color. If you sniff the bottle then the scent is a mixture of a chemical odor and a sweet fragrance, however, on the hair, only the sweet fragrance lingers on for hours. The product lathers up pretty easily and I need a coin sized amount to cover my almost waist length hair. A single wash is enough to get rid of dirt and product buildup and the lather can be rinsed off very easily. I have also used the conditioner from this range and it is quite nourishing without being greasy and detangles the hair pretty well. However, the bounciness factor can be achieved with the shampoo alone.

OGX Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen Shampoo Review

A 250 ml bottle of the OGX Thick and Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo is available in India for INR 560. It does seem a little expensive but if you are tired of the limp hair look then this product may be worth investing in. The OGX range has some great shampoos which are cheaper than the shampoos of other brands that contain similar ingredients. So, before you invest in the Salon range of shampoos of other brands, you might want to try an OGX shampoo with a similar formula first!

I hope that this review was helpful, you can buy the OGX Thick and Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo here.

The Batiste Stylist XXL Volume Spray | Review

If you have been following my blog for some time then you must be aware that the only boon that I seek from the Hair Gods is that of volume. It seems that the Gods have finally answered my prayers in the form of the Batiste Stylist XXL Volume Spray. This finishing spray is primarily marketed as a backcombing spray and claims to be a volume booster, and (drum rolls please) it actually works!


You are supposed to spray it evenly on the roots and then work the hair with your fingers or a teasing brush to create a ton of volume that lasts all day long. I have tried this product in the sweaty Indian summer months and it really maintains the volume of the hair and curbs the greasiness. I don’t think that it is publicized as a dry shampoo but in my opinion, it is basically a dry shampoo that also supplies an insane amount of volume at the roots. It absorbs oil and imparts a pleasant fragrance that lasts for a few days.


To derive the maximum benefits from this product, make sure to start with a little amount and then spray on more as per your need. The product is white in color and if you are not cautious with how much you use, you may end up with a grayish cast. The correct amount, however, blends in quite well and only leaves behind a slightly gritty and matte texture on the hair. Bear in mind that this is a volumizing spray and you will not be able to achieve a super shiny hair look with this one. Priced at INR 749 for a 200 ml bottle that will take care of your hair game for several months, this hair spray will definitely become your favorite if you suffer from fine and limp hair.

I hope this review was helpful. Buy this pretty pink bottle of goodness here.

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Dove Advanced Hair Series Shampoo and Conditioner | Review

I am always on the hunt for affordable hair products that help to increase the volume of thin hair, therefore, I had to try out the Dove Advanced Hair Series Rejuvenated Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. This range claims to nourish and smoothen the hair while enhancing its visible volume, here are my thoughts on whether or not the products live up to these promises.


Both the shampoo and the conditioner come in glossy tubes with purple accents that I really like. As for the formula, the shampoo is a white liquid, which is not too runny and lathers quite well whereas the conditioner has the run of the mill creamy consistency. The shampoo leaves the hair quite clean without making them feel stripped. In fact, if I notice closely, it seems like it leaves behind a thin film on the roots, which might not bother most people but is annoying to me as my roots tend to look oily anyway. The conditioner is very nourishing but does not weigh down the hair or make them look oily. When used as a combo, this duo leaves the hair looking fluffier, smoother and shinier, and does not make them overly dry, unlike most volumizing hair products.


On the volume front, I do see an increase in the volume from my mid-lengths till ends, owing to the fluffy and bouncy effect created by the products. The volume at the roots, however, does not really increase much. I do find it commendable that Dove has released a well-balanced formula that nourishes the hair and adds some volume at the same time. As an added bonus, both the products have a pleasant floral scent that lingers on the hair for a couple of days. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any shampoo that significantly improves the volume at the roots, except for the Loreal Elvive Fibrology shampoo that I have reviewed earlier, but for the affordable price (INR 250 for 240ml) of this range, it is definitely worth a shot. I would recommend these products particularly to those with thin, limp hair and dry ends, provided that you are fine with a slightly silky finish at the roots.

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Garnier Ultra Blends 5 Precious Herbs Revitalizing Shampoo | Review

As a kid, I used bottle after bottle of the Garnier Ultra Doux Shampoo that was available in a lot of wonderful fragrances and cleansed the hair perfectly. It is no surprise that I rushed to purchase the Garnier Ultra Blends Shampoo that was recently launched in the exact same packaging. I went for the 5 Precious Herbs Revitalizing Shampoo that promises to clean the hair thoroughly but gently, and true to the quality of the brand, it does just that.


The shampoo combines the benefits of green tea, lemon, henna, aloe, and eucalyptus to remove traces of pollution and hydrate the hair for a revived look. The formula is whitish green in color and lathers up quite easily. It also has a citrusy smell that I really like. I love that it cleans my roots very well and leaves the hair feeling light and bouncy, without any traces of grease.


I think this shampoo is ideal for those with oily hair as it gets rid of all the ill effects of sweat and humidity. The shampoo is priced at INR 230 for a 340 ml bottle, also, there are several offers for a free conditioner that are available online. I feel that this is a great shampoo for the upcoming summer months.

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5 Reasons to Include Coconut Oil in your Vanity

Coconut Oil is not only great for cooking but is also replete with a lot of beauty benefits. Today I will tell you about 5 ways in which coconut oil acts as an inexpensive alternative to costly beauty products.


1. Shaving – Application of coconut oil to your legs before shaving leaves them supple and smooth and free of any razor burn. It is a moisturizer and shaving cream all rolled into one!

2. Lip Conditioning – Coconut oil has wonderful moisturizing properties and applying this oil to the lips before going to bed will hydrate your lips and reduce pigmentation and chapping.

3. Eyelash growth – If you feel like you are shedding your lashes too fast or want them to be longer and thicker then apply some coconut oil to the roots of your lashes with a cotton bud. You will notice a significant improvement in the density of your lashes within a few days!

4. Lightening of the elbows – If the skin around your elbow and knee areas is dark and dull then apply a few drops of warm coconut oil every day to restore brightness.

5. Taming those flyaways – A few drops of coconut oil can instantly put those baby hair at bay! You can also use coconut oil at the roots to recreate the sleek, pulled back hairstyle that is so in trend these days.

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Batiste Instant Hair Refresh Dry Shampoo for Dark Brown Hair

Our hectic lifestyles leave us with no time to wash our hair regularly and even if that is not the case, too much shampooing can leave your hair stripped and dry. Dry shampoo is the magical product that gets rid of all the oil and grime that accumulates on the hair in between washes. It has been my savior on several occasions when an urgent appointment sprung up when I was not expecting to present myself to humanity 🙂


The only complaint that I have against dry shampoos is that they leave a horrible white cast which looks like dandruff on my hair. Imagine my delight when I discovered Batiste Instant Hair Refresh Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair, a dry shampoo infused with a color that matches my dark brown hair perfectly. This product is also available in a lighter color for medium brown hair. I wish that Indian brands would launch colored dry shampoo soon because most of the population is dark haired.


I spray this product near my scalp and gently massage it in with my fingers to salvage second-day and even third-day hair. This dry shampoo combines the trusted Batiste formula with a hint of color, providing much-needed volume at my roots and making them look squeaky clean. A 200ml can of Batiste Instant Hair Refresh Dry Shampoo is available in India for INR 750. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who, like me, is too lazy to wash their hair every day.

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Toni & Guy Heat Protection Mist: The Heat Protectant that Rescued my Hair

I have recently stopped getting my hair blow dried at salons because unfortunately none of the salons where I live uses a heat protectant before applying heat to the hair. As unbelievable as it may sound, these are all popular and well-established salons that are well stocked with all kinds of hair products ranging from serums to mousses, yet they either skip or are unaware of the benefits of heat protectant sprays.

In India, heat protectant sprays have made their entry into the market quite recently even though they are one of the most important hair products for healthy hair in my opinion. In an ideal world we would not subject our hair to any sort of heat, be it blow drying, straightening or even hot water baths, the reality, however, is that there are several occasions when we cannot wait for our hair to air dry or need to tame our mane with the aid of styling tools. A heat protectant is your best buddy if you find yourself in such situations from time to time. They not only protect the hair from the damage caused by high temperatures but also improve the efficacy of the styling tool and prevent frizziness.

I have been using the Toni & Guy Heat Protection Mist for over a month now and it has made a huge difference to the look and feel of my hair. The nozzle gives out a fine mist which I spray on to towel dried moist hair and then spread out with a wide toothed comb before blow drying my hair. My blow dries look much more professional when I use this product and have a sleek finish; it also has a soft fragrance that lingers on in my hair for up to 3 days. I have also used this spray on dry hair before straightening and am happy to report that my hair held the style for much longer as compared to when I straighten without using this product. It prevents my hair from succumbing to any kinds of frizziness or dryness that I usually suffer from, especially at the ends. The product claims to provide heat protection from temperatures up to 230 degrees Celsius and so should work fine with most styling tools.

I also love that it is quite affordable, priced at INR 750 for a 150 ml bottle (UK price is £6.39 for the same). There are usually some fabulous discounts and deals on this product as well (I purchased mine for 30% off from Nykaa). Toni & Guy Heat Protection Mist is a great option for all those on the lookout for a good heat protectant, particularly those with fine, frizzy hair and rough ends. I am looking forward to trying out more products from this brand in the future!

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