Roots Ceramic Barrel Hair Brush | Review

Don’t we all love that freshly blow-dried hair look right after we step out of a salon? I’m sure that most of you have also struggled with replicating that shiny hairdo at home. Today I will be talking about a hair tool that will give you an almost perfect salon-like blow-dried hairdo at home. I am referring to the Roots Ceramic Barrel Hair Brush, something that has salvaged my frizzy hair over the past few weeks.


Roots is a brand that I trust blindly for hair brushes of all kinds, and this ceramic hair brush was no exception. The brand offers ceramic hair brushes in different barrel sizes ranging from 25mm to 58mm and I chose the largest barrel size because I was looking for more natural bouncy waves as opposed to tighter ones. This brush is extremely sturdy and quite heavy too, but the long handle makes it extremely easy to use. All you have to do is wrap your hair around the barrel and then blow dry them while moving the brush downwards, unraveling the wound up hair from the roots to the tips, just like they do at the salon.

While this technique of blow drying may sound quite complex, the design of this hair brush makes it fairly easy to maneuver the hair, because it has tiny bristles that help to separate the strands without causing any entanglement. These bristles ensure that you don’t end up with knotty hair while blow drying which will happen if you use a regular round brush instead of a ceramic one. Also, this brush gets heated up under the blow dryer, thereby helping the hair hold their shape.

Day 1 Hair

As of now, I am able to straighten my hair using this brush and am also able to create gentle waves at the ends. Of course, the hairstyles created using this brush won’t last as long as those created using a straightener or a curling wand because those tools work at a higher heat. However, this brush helps you style your hair in a jiffy and provides a sleek shiny look to them as well. It has worked really well at taming my frizz and at providing some much-needed shine to my mane.

Day 2 Hair

Available at a fraction of the price of other styling tools, this brush priced at INR 495 is a must-have if you blow dry your hair and are willing to spend a few extra minutes at it to get a more polished hairdo. This is definitely one of the best purchases I have made this year!

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Philips HP8695/00 5 in 1 Multi-Styler | Review

The monsoon season, more than any other time of the year, makes it difficult to tame the hair without the use of heat. If your hair tends to become frizzy and unmanageable in a humid environment then you may want to look at the hair styling tools available in the market. The most difficult decision when it comes to buying a hair styling tool is whether to opt for a straightener or a curler. The Philips HP8595/00 5 in 1 Multi Styler helps resolve this dilemma by coming with multiple ceramic coated attachments with which you can obtain curls, waves, ringlets, as well as crimped and straightened hair. I have been using this styler for a couple of years now, so here is my detailed review of each of the attachments.

Philips 5 in 1 Multi Styler HP8695/00 Review

Straightener – The first attachment that this multi styler comes with is a flat straightener. To use the device as a straightener, you need to insert the white plates into the black casing, with the flat surfaces exposed, and then attach and lock the casing to the pink handle by sliding over the metal rod. Now plug in and wait for the straightener to heat up, this takes approximately 3-5 minutes. Bear in mind that the maximum temperature provided by any attachment is 190 degrees Celsius; this is relatively on the lower side and prevents the hair from getting severely damaged due to the heat. Although the lower temperature setting means that the straightener is gentle, it also implies that the straightening action is not very intense. The straightener is good for taming the hair and removing stubborn kinks, but do not expect poker straight hair with this attachment. You can also use this one to create playful flicks at the ends of your hair but make sure to use some hair spray to make them last all day.

Philips 5 in 1 Multi Styler Straightener Crimper Review

Crimper – To use this tool as a crimper, simply invert the arrangement that you created for the straightener such that the sides of the plates with the triangular ridges are exposed. These ridges help in creating a crimped effect when you press them over the desired section of the hair. The crimps are more prominent if you use the crimper after straightening your hair. The thinner the section of the hair you choose, the more effectively the crimper will work. The effect will last on the hair for 2-3 hours without a spray but I will recommend using a spray to make the effect more dramatic. This is by far my favorite feature of this product because it imparts a unique texture to the hair.

Philips 5 in 1 Multi Styler Curler Review

Curler – My second most favorite feature of this tool is the 16 mm rod that creates perfect ringlets. This too works better with thinner sections of hair because of the lower temperature settings. The ringlets may look a bit too curly in the beginning but tend to drop within a few minutes. Also, to create more natural looking waves, you can use the black spiral attachment which helps to increase the spacing between the curls. Although I do not use this attachment much, it will be useful for beginners who are working with a curling rod for the first time.

Besides the attachments, this styling kit comes with a handy pouch, which makes the storage of this tool very convenient. The price of the kit is approximately INR 4,000 but you can buy it for INR 3,000 on I would recommend purchasing this styling kit if you like to experiment with different hairstyles but do not have the budget to invest in separate tools for each look. If you wish to achieve a salon finish at home then the straightener might disappoint you but if you are fine with a more natural look then you will find this kit very useful and versatile.

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Loreal Professionnel Tecni Art Constructor Hair Spray| Review

Smooth and glossy hair have always been a cult favorite but we all go through those Bohemian phases when we can’t do without some texture in our tresses. The Loreal Professionnel Tecni Art Constructor is a great way to add a subtle hold to your hair, without weighing them down with too much product.


This hair spray has a thermo-active formula, which means that it gets activated by heat. You can spray this product on the sections of your dry or damp hair and can proceed to tease them with the help of a hair dryer. It offers protection from the heat and provides a medium hold to the hair, without making them crunchy. You will not be able to obtain dramatic volume or texture with this product but it helps to slightly lift the roots and removes the “sleekness” to add some body to your locks. It has a mild fragrance that doesn’t last for too long after usage. I haven’t used it while straightening or curling my hair but I have heard that it works well with those styling tools too.


Overall, I think that this product is excellent for providing some volume to the hair without going too overboard. However, a 150ml can is priced at more than INR 1000 in India, which I feel is quite steep for a hair spray. There are more affordable options from Toni & Guy that do a similar job but in case you find it at a cheaper price where you live then you might enjoy this product if you like light weight hair sprays.

I hope that you found this review useful. You can buy the Loreal Professionnel Tecni Art Constructor Spray here.


Streax Pro Vita Gloss Hair Serum | Review

Hair serum is a product that is an essential component of most people’s beauty routine. However, as of late, I have observed that the prices of hair serums have been steadily increasing. If you are looking for an affordable hair serum for regular usage, something that gets the job done without leaving you broke, then you have come to the right place!


The Streax Pro Vita Gloss Hair Serum is my recommendation to those who wish to add some smoothness to their hair after washing. It does not work miracles, but definitely reduces frizziness and adds a pleasant smell to the hair. It works pretty well with mildly tangled hair but may not be able to remove stubborn knots. I primarily use it for adding nourishment to the ends of my hair.


The formula has a thin consistency, almost like water, which means that the product spreads evenly on the hair, offering a slight glossiness to the ends. The best thing about the packaging is that it has a pump, which prevents wastage of product and makes sure that you use just the right amount. A little goes a long way with this serum so I would advise using half a pump if you have thin hair and one pump in case you have voluminous hair.


A 100ml bottle of this serum is priced at INR 185 but can be purchased for INR 150 from online stores. This is an extremely affordable product that works as well as some of the fancier hair serums. Furthermore, one bottle lasts for a very long time, which makes this hair serum even more pocket-friendly. It feels so good to find a product that offers great performance at a drugstore price!

I hope that this review was useful, you can buy the Streax Pro Vita Gloss Hair Serum here.

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Loreal Professionnel Force Vector Masque | Review

A few years ago, I moved to a new city where the water supply primarily comprised of hard water. This did not work well at all for my hair and I had to deal with the most brittle hair that I had ever experienced. The chemicals in the water made my hair so weak that each time I brushed my fingers through it, a bunch of strands would end up in my hand. Trust me, it wasn’t a pretty sight at all. I consulted a hair stylist about my grave situation and he suggested that I try the Loreal Professionnel Expert Serie Force Vector Mask. This amazing product single-handedly rescued my hair within a month and the hair fall reduced drastically and became almost negligible!


Thanks to this blog, I can spread the word about this excellent hair mask that strengthens each fiber of the hair, thereby reducing the breakage caused due to brittleness. This mask has a creamy, thick consistency and spreads easily on the hair. It also has a sweet, almost cinnamony scent that I love. I use this product 1-2 times a week on the lower ends of my hair, after conditioning them. I leave it on for around 10 minutes and when I rinse my hair they feel nourished and soft. This hair mask contains avocado oil and royal jelly that provide nutrition to rough, chemically treated hair. It also uses a Glycocell technology to strengthen the hair fibers. As unbelievable as it may sound, the hair does feel stronger after just a couple of uses! Furthermore, this mask also makes the hair more resilient to heat styling, which is good if you blow dry or straighten your hair on a regular basis.


I would highly recommend this product to those with brittle hair caused by chemical treatments, heat styling, or hormonal issues. It is the only product I have ever used that has helped with hair fall due to breakage. Priced at INR 675 for a 196 gm tub, this product is quite affordable considering its efficacy and benefits. If you have been noticing an alarming number of hair strands on your pillow and your hair brush then this hair mask might be the perfect fit for you!

I hope that this review was helpful. You can buy the Loreal Professionnel Force Vector Hair Masque here.

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