Does Hibiscus Really Help With Hair Fall? – My Experience

The powder of the hibiscus flower is claimed to be extremely potent at fighting hair fall. It is an ingredient of various traditional hair mask recipes and hundreds of Indian women swear by its efficacy. I too decided to test out hibiscus powder to help me with my hair fall issues and here is a brief account of my experience so far.

Indus Valley 100% Organic Hibiscus Powder Review

I was meaning to purchase the hibiscus powder from Banjaras because several bloggers that I trust recommended it, however, I wasn’t able to find it in stock on any website, which is why I settled for the Indus Valley 100% Organic Hibiscus Powder instead. This powder claims to be 100% natural and comes in a 100gm plastic pouch. I am not a huge fan of the packaging because you need to transfer the contents to an air tight jar once you open the packet. I like my products to be low-maintenance, which is why this extra step irks me 😛

Indus Valley 100% Organic Hibiscus Powder Review

This powder has a slightly grainy texture and is brown in color when dry. It does not have a strong scent, just a faint herbal smell. This means that the brand has not added any artificial chemicals to this product, which is always a huge plus. There are several hair mask recipes available online but I went for the simplest one i.e. hibiscus powder, coconut oil, and water.

Indus Valley 100% Organic Hibiscus Powder Review

On the addition of coconut oil, the powder turns reddish in color. I tried to add enough oil and water to get a smooth paste like consistency. Once the paste was ready, I applied it throughout the lengths of my hair, trying to massage it into my scalp as well. This process might get a bit messy, so take the necessary precautions.

Indus Valley 100% Organic Hibiscus Powder Review

I allowed my hair to absorb the nutrients for around half an hour and then proceeded to wash them with my regular shampoo and conditioner. I faced a little difficulty in rinsing off all the tiny grains of powder from my long strands (perhaps I need to look for a more finely milled powder?) but the results of all the efforts were clearly visible once my hair was dry. My hair felt softer than usual and also looked healthier and shinier. As for the hair loss, after using the mask 2-3 times, I noticed a very slight improvement in my hair fall. Perhaps using it regularly will help eliminate the breakage of hair completely, but as of now, I am happy with my healthy looking mane.

I plan to report back after a few more weeks with my full-fledged hair care routine. Hopefully, by then, I will be able to give you a more thorough review of all the products that I have been using recently. Until then, if you wish to try out the Indus Valley 100% Organic Hibiscus Powder, you can buy it by clicking on this link.

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The Battle of the Brushes | Tangle Teezer vs The Wet Brush

Many of you might have read rave reviews of the Tangle Teezer and the Wet Brush on the internet. Both of these are favorites among the long haired lasses who want to detangle those knots while being gentle on the hair. Anyone with fine, long hair that is dry at the ends will know the pain associated with the arduous task of brushing it, especially right after shampooing or after venturing outdoors on a windy day. The Tangle Teezer and the Wet Brush are both designed to make the task easier by effectively removing the knots without tugging at the hair. However, which of the two performs better and is more suited for your hair? Read on to know my thoughts on the subject.

The Wet Brush Tangle Teezer Review

Starting with the Wet Brush, this one has softer bristles and comes in the form of a paddle brush. The bristles have rounded beads at the ends that help in massaging the scalp while the design is such that it effectively brushes through both wet and dry hair without any sort of pulling. The handle makes it easier to work with as compared to the Tangle Teezer, however, I feel that the Wet Brush it is not as effective at removing stubborn knots in dry hair.

The Tangle Teezer, on the other hand, is more compact, and therefore easier to travel with. However, it does not have a handle and may be difficult to hold while brushing the hair, especially if you have longer hair.  It has fine bristles just like the Wet Brush but these are made of a harder plastic and do not have rounded ends. This means that the bristles can hurt the scalp if you brush too hard and do not have a massaging action. The lack of the rounded beads makes this brush easier to clean though. In terms of detangling, it works better than the Wet Brush on dry hair but I feel that it tugs more on wet hair and may pull out a few strands if your hair is knotty post-shampooing.

The Wet Brush Tangle Teezer Review

So, the big question is which one should you buy? The Wet Brush or the Tangle Teezer? I would say buy them both! The Wet Brush is my favorite for detangling wet hair and for touch ups throughout the day while the Tangle Teezer is perfect for working on those terrible knots on my rough, dry ends. If you do not have extremely dry hair then you might get away with only buying the Wet Brush. It comes in a few different sizes and shapes too and is in the price range of INR 700 – 1000, which is slightly more affordable than the Tangle Teezer that is priced at approximately INR 1200. It is also gentler on the scalp and hair and is better suited for multiple uses in a day.

I hope that this information is useful for those who are looking to invest in a good detangling brush. Both these brushes are available on as well as

Here are the links to buy the Tangle Teezer and the Wet Brush.

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Streax Pro Vita Gloss Hair Serum | Review

Hair serum is a product that is an essential component of most people’s beauty routine. However, as of late, I have observed that the prices of hair serums have been steadily increasing. If you are looking for an affordable hair serum for regular usage, something that gets the job done without leaving you broke, then you have come to the right place!


The Streax Pro Vita Gloss Hair Serum is my recommendation to those who wish to add some smoothness to their hair after washing. It does not work miracles, but definitely reduces frizziness and adds a pleasant smell to the hair. It works pretty well with mildly tangled hair but may not be able to remove stubborn knots. I primarily use it for adding nourishment to the ends of my hair.


The formula has a thin consistency, almost like water, which means that the product spreads evenly on the hair, offering a slight glossiness to the ends. The best thing about the packaging is that it has a pump, which prevents wastage of product and makes sure that you use just the right amount. A little goes a long way with this serum so I would advise using half a pump if you have thin hair and one pump in case you have voluminous hair.


A 100ml bottle of this serum is priced at INR 185 but can be purchased for INR 150 from online stores. This is an extremely affordable product that works as well as some of the fancier hair serums. Furthermore, one bottle lasts for a very long time, which makes this hair serum even more pocket-friendly. It feels so good to find a product that offers great performance at a drugstore price!

I hope that this review was useful, you can buy the Streax Pro Vita Gloss Hair Serum here.

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Loreal Professionnel Force Vector Masque | Review

A few years ago, I moved to a new city where the water supply primarily comprised of hard water. This did not work well at all for my hair and I had to deal with the most brittle hair that I had ever experienced. The chemicals in the water made my hair so weak that each time I brushed my fingers through it, a bunch of strands would end up in my hand. Trust me, it wasn’t a pretty sight at all. I consulted a hair stylist about my grave situation and he suggested that I try the Loreal Professionnel Expert Serie Force Vector Mask. This amazing product single-handedly rescued my hair within a month and the hair fall reduced drastically and became almost negligible!


Thanks to this blog, I can spread the word about this excellent hair mask that strengthens each fiber of the hair, thereby reducing the breakage caused due to brittleness. This mask has a creamy, thick consistency and spreads easily on the hair. It also has a sweet, almost cinnamony scent that I love. I use this product 1-2 times a week on the lower ends of my hair, after conditioning them. I leave it on for around 10 minutes and when I rinse my hair they feel nourished and soft. This hair mask contains avocado oil and royal jelly that provide nutrition to rough, chemically treated hair. It also uses a Glycocell technology to strengthen the hair fibers. As unbelievable as it may sound, the hair does feel stronger after just a couple of uses! Furthermore, this mask also makes the hair more resilient to heat styling, which is good if you blow dry or straighten your hair on a regular basis.


I would highly recommend this product to those with brittle hair caused by chemical treatments, heat styling, or hormonal issues. It is the only product I have ever used that has helped with hair fall due to breakage. Priced at INR 675 for a 196 gm tub, this product is quite affordable considering its efficacy and benefits. If you have been noticing an alarming number of hair strands on your pillow and your hair brush then this hair mask might be the perfect fit for you!

I hope that this review was helpful. You can buy the Loreal Professionnel Force Vector Hair Masque here.

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Loreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Hair Mask | Review

All the ladies suffering from dry and dull hair, this post is just for you! Today I will share with you, my wonderful experience with the Loreal Paris Mythic Oil Nourishing Hair Mask.  This product belongs to the Professionnel Mythic Oil range of the brand and is enriched with the goodness of Argan Oil and other nourishing natural oils. This mask revives dry, damaged and lifeless hair and adds softness and shine.


I suffer from extremely dry ends that tend to tangle up and resemble a bird’s nest, but this product sorts out all these problems really well. I skip conditioner once a week and use this mask on my wet, shampooed hair instead. I leave the product on for around 10 -15 minutes and the result is luscious, smooth and detangled locks. I have also noticed a significant decline in split ends since I have switched to this product.


The mask has a thick, creamy texture and a rich, nutty smell. Be warned that a little goes a long way with this product and it does infuse the follicles with nourishing oil, therefore I would recommend avoiding the roots and applying the mask from the mid-length to the tips. The product is available in a brand new packaging (different from the one in the photos) at INR 950 for a 200ml jar. I think that it is a great alternative to a costly hair spa at the salon!

Buy it here.