Garnier Ultra Blends Henna and Blackberry Nourishing Shine Conditioner | Review

I admit it, I am a hair conditioner snob. Not many impress me and very few end up being repeat buys. So did the Garnier Ultra Blends Henna and Blackberry Nourishing Shine Conditioner make it to my A-list? Read on to find out!

Garnier Ultra Blends Henna and Blackberry Nourishing Shine Conditioner | Review

This hair conditioner claims to revive dull, dry and lifeless hair by providing them nourishment and shine. It contains the goodness of henna, a well-known haircare ingredient in India, and blackberry, a new ingredient for me. The unique combination works though, it leaves the hair looking smooth and shiny and my knotty hair stays slightly more manageable for a few days. It does have a strong fragrance which I like but it might be a bit too much for some. The only downside, in my opinion, is the fact that it does not detangle and soften the hair as much as I would have liked, but if you do not have super frizzy hair then this product should work for you.

Garnier Ultra Blends Henna and Blackberry Nourishing Shine Conditioner | Review

Overall, this conditioner delivers good quality for the price (INR 75 for 75 ml). Also, the formula is paraben-free, which is always a bonus. I will definitely be picking up the shampoo from this range to try out the shampoo+conditioner together. But in the meantime, I am happy using this conditioner on its own as well!

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Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hair Activator Shampoo | Review

Do you enjoy the feeling of freshly-shampooed bouncy hair? I usually do not, because most shampoos are unable to impart any bounciness to my fine and limp hair. However, us greasy haired gals need to have each other’s back, which is why I always talk about any product that manages to impart some bounce and volume to my hair, and the latest product to join this list is the Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hair Activator Shampoo.
This shampoo is primarily meant to encourage hair regrowth but as per my personal experience, it also imparts a good amount of vitality and bounce to otherwise limp hair. The formula is in the form of a clear liquid that lathers really well and has a wonderful fragrance that lingers in the hair. A little goes a long way with this shampoo and the lather is able to get rid of all the grease and the gunk on the scalp. 
Needless to say, it is a bit drying on the hair but does not turn the hair extremely dry and frizzy like a clarifying shampoo. In fact, it also has a slight smoothening effect on the hair. This helps in providing a bouncy effect at the roots and smoother hair overall. In order to prevent your hair from getting a little too dry, follow this up with an argan oil conditioner (I use the one from Moroccan Oil). Also, the product seems to live up to its actual claims of activating hair regrowth as my baby hair caused by regrowth have significantly increased ever since I started using this shampoo.
Overall, I am pretty pleased with how my hair is behaving these days and this shampoo has a huge role to play in this improvement. Although the price point of INR 840 for a 250ml bottle is pretty steep, I got it for around INR 670 on and wouldn’t mind paying even the full price when I repurchase it. If you have fine, limp hair with an oily scalp then you must try out this product!

Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner | Review

If you are someone with super long, super thin, knotty hair, then one of the objects that you fear the most would be your hair brush. Getting all those super fine knots out is an arduous task, especially if you use heat on your hair in any form. I go through this ordeal every single day, and the only week when my hair is extremely manageable and easy to brush through is when I get an argan oil hair spa done at my local salon, and they always use Moroccan Oil products on my hair. In an attempt to extend the softening and smoothing effects of the occasional hair spa, I decided to buy Moroccan Oil products for my home-haircare routine, and since the products from the brand are not the cheapest on the block, I decided to experiment with just the Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner first. Read on to find out my thoughts about this product.

Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner | Review

This conditioner is in the form of a light cream that smells heavenly, just like the products at the spa that I love. I use it on my wet, shampooed hair and rinse off after 2-3 minutes. Despite being an argan oil based product, the conditioner is not heavy on the hair at all and does not leave behind any oily or greasy residue. However, it detangles the hair beautifully and leaves them less prone to tangling until the next wash. It reduces frizziness and helps my hair fall into uniform waves, which is their natural shape. It does not make my hair unusually glossy and does not fare exceptionally well in the shine department, but it does reduce the roughness of the hair and makes it softer to the touch. I also love the minimalistic design of the bottle and the press lid, which makes the product travel-friendly.

Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner | Review

Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner | Review

Overall, I feel that to replicate the full effect of the professional hair spa, I will have to buy the entire hair care range from the brand, which includes the shampoo, mask, and oil based treatment. However, to extend the effects of the spa or to make the hair smoother than it is with most conditioners, this product is a good choice. The price of INR  1530 for a 250 ml bottle is definitely not budget-friendly but I think it is an investment that I needed to make for my perpetually rough hair. Will keep you posted if I buy more products from the brand. Are you going to try this conditioner? Let me know how it works for you if you do!

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Schwarzkopf Spa Essence Hydrating Cream Masque | Review

The struggle to keep my hair tame yet voluminous is genuinely real, and the product I am going to talk about today is helping me achieve this goal these days. The Schwarzkopf Spa Essence Hydrating Cream Masque is supposedly what they use in salons when you go for a hair spa, but it was available on Amazon, so I picked it up to use it as a regular hair mask. As per the instructions, you are supposed to apply this along with a serum on shampooed hair and then steam the hair, but I use it like a standard hair mask i.e. I leave it on for around 15 minutes after using a shampoo and then rinse it off.

Schwarzkopf Spa Essence Hydrating Cream Masque

The ingredient list of this product seems to be full of chemicals, but this hair mask does work really well, and I am definitely a fan. It claims to nourish and hydrate the hair while preserving its natural bounce and that is exactly what it does. Post using this product, the ends of my hair look SO much healthier and all the unruly frizz that they tend to possess completely vanishes! Also, the effect of this hair mask lasts for days, which makes it perfect for those with frizzy hair who want to have a low maintenance haircare routine. Also, it has a mild and pleasant fragrance that should not irritate most people.

Schwarzkopf Spa Essence Hydrating Cream Masque

This product is priced at INR 580 for a giant 500 ml tub, which is extremely affordable in my opinion. The hair mask will suit most people, except for those with very greasy or weighed down hair. It does have a bunch of chemicals but if nothing else is working for your frizzy hair then this product is worth trying out. Also, if you can recreate the whole spa routine at home then you will probably see even better results. I personally love it because it actually adds volume to my hair while hydrating them and that is extremely rare for hair masks. Two big thumbs up from me, especially during the cold winter that we are experiencing at the moment!

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Estrella Moroccan Argan Oil Calm n Tame Hair Spa Kit | Review

I recently returned from a holiday with hair that resembled the texture of a bird’s nest, thanks to the salty sea breeze and the chlorinated swimming pool water. Luckily, I had in my haircare stash the Estrella Moroccan Argan Oil Calm n Tame Hair Spa Kit which the brand had sent me a few days back to try. This wonderful hair spa kit contains a shampoo, a hair mask, and a serum, which are supposed to reduce frizziness and tame unmanageable hair. So here is a detailed overview of all the three products.


Step 1 – Shampoo: The first step of this 3 step regimen is shampoo. The argan oil shampoo is a little thick but applies quite easily on the scalp and hair. It lathers fairly well and emanates a sweet aroma that reminded me of a spa treatment in a salon. This makes sense because like I mentioned in a previous post, Estrella has been a leading name in the salon space for a long time, so they are bringing professional expertise to their consumer range as well. Overall, the shampoo cleaned my hair and scalp pretty thoroughly. Also, I was a little afraid that since it is an argan oil shampoo, it may leave my roots looking greasy, which most oil-based shampoos tend to do to my hair but amazingly, this shampoo did not cause any greasiness at the roots and in fact, my hair looked fluffier and more voluminous without being frizzy.


Step 2- Mask:  The second step of this hair spa kit is the argan oil hair mask. This hair mask is pretty thick and you can mix in a little bit of water to make it more easily spreadable. Personally, I did not face any difficulty in spreading this product from my mid-lengths to the ends of my hair. Remember, this mask needs to be applied on towel dried hair and can be left on for around 20 minutes. Post rinsing, the sweet fragrance on my hair had intensified even more and my previously unruly and rough hair felt smooth and sleek.

Step 3- Serum: The final step of this spa treatment is a serum which I used on my towel dried hair prior to blow drying. Normally, I am very skeptical about using hair serums because my hair tends to get oily within a day of washing anyway, but I wanted to test out the full routine so I went ahead with a coin-sized amount of the serum on the mid-lengths and ends of my hair. This serum did not leave an oily film on my hair but made detangling much easier than usual and my hair looked soft and shiny once fully dried.


Final Verdict: It has been three days since I used this kit and my hair is less greasy than it has ever been without 3 days of washing. Also, my ends that tend to get rough and tangled very easily are smooth and manageable. Even the soothing aroma of the product is still lingering on my hair. Basically, this hair spa kit has given me similar results to the argan oil hair spa I opt for at my salon. However, while the salon session costs me around 1200 bucks, this super useful kit is available on Amazon at INR 159 only! In fact, this kit will provide you at least two uses, with around 5 uses of the hair serum. On my almost waist-length hair, I needed only half a packet of the shampoo and the mask, which makes this kit even more affordable. I will definitely be buying a couple more and saving them for hair emergencies and I strongly feel that you should too!

If you have unruly, frizzy hair that is in desperate need of some pampering then do click this link to buy this hair spa kit from Amazon.

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Disclaimer – PR sample sent by the brand but all opinions are honest and my own.