Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hair Activator Shampoo | Review

Do you enjoy the feeling of freshly-shampooed bouncy hair? I usually do not, because most shampoos are unable to impart any bounciness to my fine and limp hair. However, us greasy haired gals need to have each other’s back, which is why I always talk about any product that manages to impart some bounce and volume to my hair, and the latest product to join this list is the Schwarzkopf Bonacure Hair Activator Shampoo.
This shampoo is primarily meant to encourage hair regrowth but as per my personal experience, it also imparts a good amount of vitality and bounce to otherwise limp hair. The formula is in the form of a clear liquid that lathers really well and has a wonderful fragrance that lingers in the hair. A little goes a long way with this shampoo and the lather is able to get rid of all the grease and the gunk on the scalp. 
Needless to say, it is a bit drying on the hair but does not turn the hair extremely dry and frizzy like a clarifying shampoo. In fact, it also has a slight smoothening effect on the hair. This helps in providing a bouncy effect at the roots and smoother hair overall. In order to prevent your hair from getting a little too dry, follow this up with an argan oil conditioner (I use the one from Moroccan Oil). Also, the product seems to live up to its actual claims of activating hair regrowth as my baby hair caused by regrowth have significantly increased ever since I started using this shampoo.
Overall, I am pretty pleased with how my hair is behaving these days and this shampoo has a huge role to play in this improvement. Although the price point of INR 840 for a 250ml bottle is pretty steep, I got it for around INR 670 on and wouldn’t mind paying even the full price when I repurchase it. If you have fine, limp hair with an oily scalp then you must try out this product!

BBlunt Full On Volume Shampoo And Conditioner | Review

I promised you guys a while back that I will be reviewing a few hair products that are specifically designed for fine hair, so here I am. Today I will be reviewing the BBlunt Full On Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. BBlunt is a brand that is designed keeping the Indian climate and hair types in mind and this particular range claims to work on fine hair by providing them more volume, bounce, and life.

BBlunt Full On Volume Shampoo And Conditioner | Review

Both the shampoo and the conditioner contain rice protein for adding volume to the hair, glycerin for providing moisture, and provitamin B5 to repair damage and add lustre and shine to the hair. They are both white liquids that emanate a pleasant, aquatic scent that reminds me of a swimming pool. As you can see, the packaging of both the items is quite quirky, and although it is definitely not travel-friendly because of the added bulk, I do quite enjoy displaying these bottles in my bathroom. Also, the pump on the shampoo is certainly a plus.

As for the performance of the products, the shampoo lathers pretty well and a small amount of the product leaves the hair feeling fresh and clean. After following it up with the conditioner, my hair feels smooth and soft, and looks healthier too. Upon drying, my hair looks more voluminous and bouncier than usual however does not feel overly dry or stripped. BBlunt has done a good job at creating a formula that provides a right mix of hydration and cleansing, leaving limp hair looking more bouncy but not rough like a bird’s nest. Do keep in mind that these products do not make your hair thicker, but what they do is add an illusion of thickness by making the hair more bouncy and fluffy.

BBlunt Full On Volume Shampoo And Conditioner | Review

If you are someone suffering from limp hair then the BBlunt Full On Volume Shampoo & Conditioner will definitely provide an oomph factor to your hair. I will recommend using both the shampoo and the conditioner together for best results. The shampoo is priced at INR 600 for a 400ml bottle while the conditioner is priced at INR 400 for a 200gm bottle. This is a pretty good deal when compared to the salon ranges of most brands. For years I have been looking for a shampoo that adds a bounce to my mane without stripping my hair completely dry, and have finally found an Indian brand which is affordable too! These products have become holy grail items for me and I am sure that if you have fine hair like mine then you too will fall in love with them.

I hope that this review was useful. You can buy the BBlunt Full On Volume Shampoo here and the BBlunt Full On Volume Conditioner here.

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Loreal Paris Lock It Fine Control Hairspray | Review

I am not a huge fan of hairsprays because they leave my fine hair looking crispy and stiff. However, there are days when I want my curls to hold and I always go back to this product to achieve a natural look. The Loreal Paris Lock It Fine Control Hairspray claims to provide 48-hour hold and it actually does. It does not leave the hair crunchy and hard and you can easily brush through the hair if you need to.


This product is perfect for daily use as well because it is not too heavy. It does have a perfumy smell though, which I personally like but those who are sensitive to fragrances might have an issue with. A giant 8.25 oz can is priced at around INR 850 in India and is ideal for the days when your hair just won’t cooperate.

Buy it here.

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