WOW Hair Strengthening Shampoo and WOW Hair Conditioner | Review

So recently, I exhausted my supply of shampoos and conditioners and was browsing through Amazon to find something new and exciting for my hair. Some of the highest recommended suggestions were of WOW haircare products, a brand that I had been hearing a lot about but was slightly wary of due to the large number of sponsored posts floating around on the Internet. However, I decided to give their products a fair shot – so here is a completely honest, non-sponsored review of the WOW Strengthening Shampoo and the WOW Hair Conditioner, which I have been using together for a few weeks.

WOW Hair Strengthening Shampoo and WOW Hair Conditioner | Review

The WOW hair strengthening shampoo claims to restore the strength and shine of weak and thin hair while providing volume too. The formula is 100% vegetarian and contains the extracts of rosemary and tea tree to nourish the scalp. This shampoo is a clear liquid that lathers pretty well and emanates the soothing scent of tea tree oil, it gives me the feel of a clarifying shampoo, which is something that my oily scalp definitely needs. The product rinses off easily and does not seem to leave behind any residue on the hair. After drying, my hair does look voluminous and bouncy, and the sticky feeling at my roots that I usually get within a day of washing my hair stays away for an extra day or two. My hair also looks visibly shinier and slightly stronger since I started using this product, but I am not sure whether this is the result of the shampoo, the conditioner or the two in conjugation.


WOW Hair Strengthening Shampoo and WOW Hair Conditioner | Review
WOW Hair Strengthening Shampoo and WOW Hair Conditioner | Review
The WOW Hair Conditioner has some interesting ingredients that caught my eye, such as virgin coconut oil, avocado oil and wheat germ protein. This creamy white conditioner is rich in Vitamins E and B5  and claims to add shine, strength, and volume to the hair, while reversing the damage caused by exposure to the sun, pollution etc. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about this product because of the presence of coconut oil in it, which can make my hair look limp and greasy if used in excess. However, the formula has nailed the right concentration of oils for my hair type and the ends of my hair look less dry and rough than usual after using this conditioner, and of course, shinier too. I love that this conditioner is not so heavy as to weigh down my thin hair and to make my roots look greasy and yet is nourishing enough to give some new life to the dry ends.

WOW Hair Strengthening Shampoo and WOW Hair Conditioner | Review
Overall, I am pretty happy with this shampoo+conditioner combo because it caters to my greasy roots as well as rough ends equally well. The WOW hair care products are all reasonably priced at below the INR 500 mark and come in sturdy and travel-friendly 300ml bottles with a pump. To be honest, I can’t really think of anything negative to say about these products and wish to try their other shampoos soon. Have you tried any WOW products yet? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments below!

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Wonder Serum Spray | Review

I think that my rants on this blog have already established that I am an oily skinned gal with long, knotty hair prone to frizziness at the ends. What can I say, I can only talk about the products that work for me, so you will only hear about products that help with my hair troubles and skin issues on this blog. So, today’s hair trouble is how applying a hair serum/oil to the dry ends sometimes results in extremely greasy roots! Does this happen to anyone else or am I the only one with a suction system in my hair that carries any product from the ends to the roots, making them look limp and flat? Well, I have found one product that helps with detangling the knots without making my hair feel greasy and the name of this gem is the Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Wonder Serum Spray.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Wonder Serum Spray Review

This product is basically a hair serum that comes in a spray form. What this means is that it is more liquidy and misty than a regular hair serum. It contains 7 nutritive oils that nourish the hair and repair the cells but the spray consistency ensures that the product does not weigh the hair down or make it look greasy. Before you read any further, I want to let you know that along with the nourishing oils, this product also contains silicones and parabens, so read on only if you are fine with putting these chemicals on your hair. Personally, I feel that a few spritz now and then, only at the very ends of the hair, do more good than harm to my dying locks but if you have a strict no-parabens policy then this one is definitely not for you. Coming back to the point, this spray does work well as a replacement for a leave-in serum and makes the hair glossier, smoother, and softer without making them too limp. The spray helps to distribute the product evenly and the detangling action works on both towel-dried and unwashed hair.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Wonder Serum Spray ReviewThe product also makes a claim to repair split ends but I wouldn’t place my bets on it. To be very honest, I do not use this product so often as to achieve a visible reduction in split ends even if the claims are true. It does nourish the ends and makes them softer though, so perhaps with daily usage, it can reduce the appearance of split ends. I am a little lazy to use this on a daily basis and therefore reach for this spray only when my brush refuses to pass through my hair without breakage. Also, I have a feeling that this serum can double up as a heat protectant but the packaging doesn’t mention this anywhere. There may be speculation around what all it can do but one thing is certain, a few pumps of this product make brushing my fingers through my hair a pleasure! The scent, however, is a bit strange, it smells nutty and fruity when freshly sprayed but has a musty undertone when the product is absorbed by the hair. It is not a big issue though because the fragrance is not very noticeable.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Wonder Serum Spray Review

The availability of this product is another concern. I see variants with slightly different packaging floating around the internet. It seems that the brand has different packaging and names for this product in different parts of the world. All the options fall within the price range of INR 800 – INR 1200, which is a bit pricey but the bottle contains 200ml of the product- quite a substantial amount if you ask me. Although this is a slightly expensive serum, I am willing to repurchase it because it helps with dispensing the perfect amount of serum due to the spray nozzle, something that is unique to this product. If you have oily roots and dry ends then you may want to invest in this product to spray some nourishment onto your rough ends without weighing your hair down.

I hope that this review was helpful. You can buy some of the variants of this product here and here.

Dove Advanced Hair Series Shampoo and Conditioner | Review

I am always on the hunt for affordable hair products that help to increase the volume of thin hair, therefore, I had to try out the Dove Advanced Hair Series Rejuvenated Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. This range claims to nourish and smoothen the hair while enhancing its visible volume, here are my thoughts on whether or not the products live up to these promises.


Both the shampoo and the conditioner come in glossy tubes with purple accents that I really like. As for the formula, the shampoo is a white liquid, which is not too runny and lathers quite well whereas the conditioner has the run of the mill creamy consistency. The shampoo leaves the hair quite clean without making them feel stripped. In fact, if I notice closely, it seems like it leaves behind a thin film on the roots, which might not bother most people but is annoying to me as my roots tend to look oily anyway. The conditioner is very nourishing but does not weigh down the hair or make them look oily. When used as a combo, this duo leaves the hair looking fluffier, smoother and shinier, and does not make them overly dry, unlike most volumizing hair products.


On the volume front, I do see an increase in the volume from my mid-lengths till ends, owing to the fluffy and bouncy effect created by the products. The volume at the roots, however, does not really increase much. I do find it commendable that Dove has released a well-balanced formula that nourishes the hair and adds some volume at the same time. As an added bonus, both the products have a pleasant floral scent that lingers on the hair for a couple of days. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any shampoo that significantly improves the volume at the roots, except for the Loreal Elvive Fibrology shampoo that I have reviewed earlier, but for the affordable price (INR 250 for 240ml) of this range, it is definitely worth a shot. I would recommend these products particularly to those with thin, limp hair and dry ends, provided that you are fine with a slightly silky finish at the roots.

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