How To Make Your Own Makeup!

Guest Post by Jordan

Do you ever hit the store to replenish your favorite eyeshadow, glance at the price, and sigh, wishing there was a cheaper way to achieve your favorite look? Or have you ever randomly checked out the ingredient list on your most-used products and wondered what ninety percent of the stuff was, and whether or not it was actually good for your skin? Although the makeup industry is vast, and on average costs us about fifteen grand over the course of a lifetime, commercial makeup products are not the end-all, be-all in terms of beauty – especially if you like to look great, save money, and be kind to your body. Below are a handful of tips and beginner recipes for making your very own products from the stuff in your kitchen. DIY projects are so in right now – so get reading, and then start mixing!


Cream Foundation

The best organic DIY foundation we found is by far the most intense recipe in this list, so if you can make this one work, you’re good to go! To start with, set up your double boiler, or throw a glass bowl over a pot of water on the stove if you don’t have one. Bring the water to a simmer, making sure the bowl doesn’t actually touch the water, and use your kitchen scale to measure and throw in 1 ½ ounces almond oil, an ounce of shea butter, half an ounce of cocoa butter, half an ounce worth of beeswax chips, and ⅛ teaspoon of vitamin E. Stir this concoction until it is melted, remove from heat and allow to cool, and then whisk in half an ounce of zinc oxide (found at most herbal and organic specialty shops) and ⅛ teaspoon of cinnamon. Finally, to get the color right, start with adding half a tablespoon of cocoa powder, mix, and test it on your skin. Work your way up to the right shade with an additional ½ teaspoon of cocoa at a time, and once it looks just right, allow it to cool completely and store safely in a clean jar.

Eyebrow Filler

For this one, you’ll need more almond oil and cocoa powder, cornstarch, activated charcoal powder, and a small jar to store your mixture in once you’ve finished. Combine 1 ½ teaspoons of the almond oil and 2 ½ teaspoons of cocoa powder, and mix well to create your base and identify whether or not the color needs to be darker for your brows. If so, add the charcoal in tiny increments and stir after each until the color is just a shade darker than what you desire. Finally, add one teaspoon of cornstarch to thicken the mixture and bring the color back to the tone you want. You can play with adding more cornstarch or charcoal to even out the color, thickness, and texture. Give it a final few stirs, and store in a tightly-sealed, sanitized jar, applying with a thin brow brush as you would the commercial equivalent.


Blush and Bronzer

DIY blush is even easier, and the bronzer just requires an extra ingredient. Because this recipe is dry, it will obviously keep for much longer than the cream and oil-based recipes you can use, as long as you keep it safe from moisture and humidity. To whip up your own batch, you’ll want to toss together ¼ cup of cornstarch and between one and three teaspoons of hibiscus powder, depending upon how rosy you like your blush to be. You can also replace the cornstarch with arrowroot powder for a softer (but still natural) base that will work harder at absorbing the sweat and oils from your face. Take it a step further and mix in between ½ and a whole teaspoon of ground cinnamon to give the mixture a bronzy look. Again, play combining different amounts of the hibiscus and cinnamon to make the color all your own.

The most important thing to recognize when beginning to create beauty products at home is that, depending on what you use to make them, they will not last as long as the commercial products you’re used to buying. They will also not contain the dyes and preservatives that typically keep bacteria from thriving in your store-bought containers, which is why we need to take extra precautions to ensure that your concoctions will keep well. To do this, we need to eliminate the possibility of contamination by using only sterilized jars when storing any DIY recipes, and applying these products with clean swabs and brushes instead of fingers. You’ll also want to keep all homemade makeup away from light and excess moisture, both of which can promote the growth of unwanted bacteria.

It’s also a great idea to mix up your preferred recipes in small amounts that you’ll use up within a few days. Creating bulk batches of any homemade product leaves too much time for them to harbor bacteria and expire, especially if your recipe is wet or calls for any naturally perishable food items. So when mixing at home, consider the shelf life of the ingredients you’re using, and apply that timeframe to how long you will have to use what you’re making. If you struggle to find the time to do multiple mini batches a week, try adding some natural antioxidants and anti-microbials like Vitamin E and coconut oil to prolong the shelf life of your creations. And ultimately, if something seems off, don’t use it. Your products may separate on their own over time, much like organic nut butters, and can be stirred to restore them to the appropriate texture. But if the smell is off, or you notice discoloration even after mixing, it’s best to toss them and make another batch.

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Jordan is the beauty and brains behind Beautifully Alive! She loves eating healthy and trying new recipes.The self-proclaimed Zumba Queen has a passion for beauty products and loves reading new books. She’s always down for a DIY project!

How To Clean Your Tarnished Artificial Jewellery At Home!

I usually tend to throw away my tarnished artificial jewelry because cleaning it is too much effort for the price of the actual item, however, this choker necklace I purchased from tarnished so quickly and was so perfect for my style that I decided to give some DIY tips a shot.

How To Clean Your Tarnished Artificial Jewellery At Home!

So I used a trick I found on YouTube which is so simple yet so effective! I took a bit of toothpaste (I used Glister toothpaste from Amway but I think you can use any white toothpaste) and rubbed it vigorously throughout the length of the necklace – you can use a brush or your fingers for this step. Then I rinsed the necklace with plain water and patted it try. Although the polish of the necklace is still not as bright as it was when it was brand new, most of the dark discoloration has vanished and I can definitely use this necklace again.

How To Clean Your Tarnished Artificial Jewellery At Home!

So here is the final result-

How To Clean Your Tarnished Artificial Jewellery At Home!

I’m not sure if the picture does justice to the final outcome but most of the dullness and dark deposit is completely gone! So if you have some tarnished jewelry in your stash that you are not willing to part with, do give it a good rub with some good old toothpaste!

How To Cope With Travel Sickness: My Journey

Travel sickness, motion sickness, whatever you may call it, it is a curse that takes away half the fun from wanderlust. If you have never experienced any kind of motion sickness whatsoever, whether on a Ferris wheel or on a drive up a hill, consider yourself extremely lucky. The rest of you, I feel your pain because I have suffered from many an arduous journey myself. Here are a few of the things I have learnt over the years about coping with travel sickness, hopefully, my fellow sufferers will find these tips useful too.

  1. Over The Counter Medication – If you suffer from extreme travel sickness then I would highly recommend asking a doctor for a prescription. Over the counter drugs work way better than natural remedies when the sickness gets out of hand. Make sure to go through the list of side effects and dosage instructions. If the medicine needs to be taken after a meal then make sure to eat before you take it, otherwise, it may have quite the opposite effect.Avomine Travel Sickness Drug Medicine
<p> Tips
  2. Audio Books/ Music – No matter what you do, do not read a book or look at your cellphone during a long and winding journey. Sometimes, you may not even be comfortable talking to others when you have a queasy feeling in your stomach. Carry some good music or an audio book to keep you distracted and entertained. Do inform your co-travellers regarding your woes so that they don’t think you are being rude and help out if the need arises.
  3. Eat Some Chips – Believe it or not, if you have a long drive ahead, it may help to eat foods that absorb liquids, for example, potato chips or bread. Refrain from drinking too much water and definitely stay away from sodas, milkshakes and other dairy products. Pardon me for being gross, but the less slush in your tummy, the better. This will help in keeping your food down and will reduce the chances of you actually getting sick.
  4. Candies and Mints – If the lack of liquids makes you feel dehydrated then try sucking on some hard boiled sweets or mints to keep generating the saliva. If you have the stomach for it, then go for some candy with ginger extracts because the root is known to prevent sea sickness. You can go for lemon candy too, it is your day to forget your diet for a few hours and indulge in these unhealthy foods. At least there is some benefit of travel sickness!
  5. Always Carry A Bag – No matter how long the journey, always carry a bag to keep things under control. If you do not have a bag, you will worry throughout your journey about getting sick, and that is the last thing you should have on your mind. As hard as it may seem, think of something else, anything else. Sleeping helps some people but worsens the situation for others. Stay calm and breathe, this too shall pass!

    These are the tips that have helped me the most in my struggle with travel sickness. Hopefully, you will find these helpful too. Remember, the more you travel, the more your body gets used to fighting travel sickness. So, make sure that the fear of travel sickness does not turn into the fear of travelling!



How To Re-Use Those Mascara Wands!

Mascara is one of those makeup items that dries up the fastest and many women go through at least one tube of mascara a month. Before you throw away the next tube, make sure to look at these wonderful uses of mascara wands that will help you reuse the product in a different form! You can clean the mascara brushes with the help of some coconut oil or makeup remover and can use them in these ways instead-

1. Grow those lashes by applying some castor oil to the entire length of the eyelashes before going to bed. A mascara brush will allow you to evenly coat the lashes and to reach the roots with ease. You will see visible results within a week!

2. Love the formula of your new mascara but hate the wand? You can use the product with an old brush that you like instead. If the cap doesn’t fit on this tube then this might become a little tedious but will provide you with fabulous lashes!


3. Use double the action for double the drama. After applying mascara, if you notice some clumps then you can use a clean mascara brush to get rid of them and to evenly distribute the product. As an added bonus, this extra step helps to make your lashes look more dramatic too.

4. Nail the brow game by using a clean mascara brush to remove excess brow powder. A small mascara brush can also be used to groom the eyebrows when a waxing appointment is long overdue.

These are some excellent ways to use your favorite mascara brushes even after the product is all gone. Next time, think twice before throwing away your empties!

Veet Full Body Waxing Kit | Review, Tips, and Tricks

Have you ever been bothered by the amount of money you spend on your waxing appointments? Such a recurring expenditure might be concerning for many. Also, booking an appointment and clearing your schedule for the same is quite inconvenient. Another problem faced by some people is that if the wax is even a tad too hot, they suffer from a lot of ingrown hair after waxing.


Shaving and hair removal creams are good alternatives for affordable hair removal at home, but their effects are short-lived and you will be greeted by a sharp stubble within a few days. I personally prefer the Veet Full Body Waxing Kit to get rid of my body hair whenever I want to.

This handy kit contains 20 wax strips (2 strips are stuck together to protect the waxy side), and 4 oil wipes to remove the wax and hydrate the skin post waxing. You need to rub each pair of strips between your hands to warm the wax and then you can proceed with waxing as per the usual method. These wax strips effectively remove the hair and one strip stays sticky for up to 4-5 applications. Therefore, I never need more than 8 strips for my legs and arms. Since this kit of 20 strips is priced at INR 170, you can do the math to see how much more affordable they are as compared to a waxing session in a salon.


A few tricks that will help you with effective hair removal are to always place the strip in the direction of the hair growth and pull back in the opposite direction. Everybody’s hair grows differently, so make sure to follow the growth of your hair. Secondly, pull off the strips in one swift motion to ensure that all the hair is removed. Thirdly, if some stubborn hairs are not budging then bring out your tweezers and pluck them out. Lastly, store these strips in a relatively cool place to ensure that they don’t get overly sticky. If you follow these simple tips then you will get super smooth skin at home.

I find that this kit gives me comparable results to salons, with lesser pain and irritation. It helps to remove the dead skin and tan as well. The only issue is that since two strips are stuck together you can’t use an odd number of strips, and sometimes while you are working with one strip, the other one flies away! Other than this minor problem, I find that this waxing kit is perfect for regular use and also for touch-ups when you are too busy or traveling.

I hope that these tips and the review were useful. Buy the Veet Full Body Waxing Kit here.

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2 Minute Eye Makeup For Beginners

If you want to keep only one eyeshadow in your makeup collection then go for a brownish golden shade. This color is the most flattering on all skin tones and can be applied all over the lid for a simple eye makeup look. Here is a look that I created in less than 2 minutes, using only two products, a bronze eyeshadow and an eyeliner.


This look is so simple yet versatile. You can wear it to work or even to a party with a nice lipstick. If you have sensitive eyes or do not like shimmer in general then you can opt for a matte brown or bronze shade instead. However, I personally prefer some subtle shimmer.


I used the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in the shade 25 Bad To The Bronze for this look. This eyeshadow has been a favorite of beauty bloggers for several years. It comes in a pot full of almost solid, cream eyeshadow that blends beautifully with the fingers. It sticks to the lids and does not budge all day, no primer needed. You can use it on its own all over the lid or can also use it as a base color for more elaborate looks.


I highly recommend investing in a pigmented cream eyeshadow that does not require any fancy tools for application. Just add a touch of eyeliner and your makeup will look so put together without requiring any effort at all. This is my trick for the hectic days when I can’t spend more than 5 minutes in getting ready.

I hope that this makeup tip was useful. Buy the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Bad To The Bronze here.

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After Shave Balm or Primer?

I recently used the Nivea After Shave Balm as a primer for a makeup look and loved the result so much that I decided to dedicate an entire post to this discovery. Several beauty gurus have showered praise upon this product for its priming properties and they are absolutely right! This balm has a semi-fluid consistency and a few drops are sufficient for covering the entire face. The key property is the sticky texture which allows the foundation to adhere to the skin and makes it stay in place the entire day. The stickiness might feel a little uncomfortable upon application but once you apply the makeup it will be fine.


The mild fragrance may seem a little manly but disappears within a few minutes. This is an extremely affordable alternative to a regular primer and is priced at only INR 235 for a 100ml bottle, which will definitely last you for months. It might not be able to mask giant pores but extends the longevity of makeup by hours while hydrating the skin. Additionally, this product is designed for sensitive skin and does not contain alcohol. So save your money and try this balm instead of splurging on high-end primers. I promise that it will not encourage the growth of facial hair 🙂

Here is the look that I created using this primer.

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What To Buy For A Makeup Lover: 5 Gifting Ideas

This post is dedicated to all the men who try to buy the perfect present for the women in their lives and also to anyone else who does not know much about makeup but wishes to gift something to a beauty lover. Here are 5 tips that will help you select a great and useful makeup item for the beauty addicts that you love.

1. Stay away from face products- It would be best to stay away from foundations, concealers, highlighters, bronzers and blushers because all these products need to be matched with the exact skin tone of the wearer. A slight mismatch in the shade can give horrible results and render the products useless, so go for these only if you know the exact shade that your friend uses from that brand.

2. Nail Polish is a savior- If your friend usually flaunts colors on her nails then you can’t really go wrong with a nice nail paint. Make sure to gift her a shade from a color family that she normally prefers. For example, if you often see her wearing pink on her nails then try to look for a shade of pink that she does not own.

3. Lipsticks bring a smile to the face- A humble lipstick is also quite a safe option to go for. Here too you will need to keep in mind the color choices of your friend. Keep an eye out for the lipsticks that she carries in her handbag, you can select a different shade from the same range. However, do not give her a bright red if she likes neutral lip shades.

4. Listen to her needs- Almost every beauty lover is always ranting about an amazing eyeshadow palette or lipstick that is so good but so expensive. Make a note of such wistful rants and you will know exactly what to buy for her on her next birthday. Just make sure that she hasn’t purchased the same for herself already!

5. Gift Cards are failproof- The easiest way to get out of this quandary is to give her a gift card for a beauty store that she likes to frequent, say Sephora. To add a more personal touch to this present, take her to the store or sit with her while she peruses their website.

These are some tips that will surely leave your friend surprised, impressed and super happy. The key is to pay attention to her style and notice what colors she leans towards. For the UK residents, Mother’s Day is around the corner so hopefully, these suggestions will help you out. Good luck with the shopping!

Easy Nail Art For Beginners

If you are bored of monochromatic nails but do not have the time or steady hand to create intricate nail art then accent nails are the best solution for you. You basically paint your nails in the usual manner but add some design or contrasting shade to one of the nails on each hand. This will instantly enhance the beauty of your manicure without taking too much time or effort.



Here is an example that I created with orange nails and a metallic gold accent nail. You can use gold with warm colors or silver with cool toned colors to make your manicure look trendy. You can also add a pop of neon to neutral shades for a bright contrast. The options are infinite, just let the creative juices flow. I created my summery manicure with the Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Colour in Orange Couture and the Colorbar Metallic Nail Lacquer in the shade Treasure.


Accent nails are an excellent option for beginners and are subtle enough to be worn on all occasions. Let me know what is your favorite accent nail design in the comments below 🙂

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5 Tips To Have A Safe Holi

Holi, the Indian festival of colors, is round the corner and if you are planning to partake in the celebrations then here are 5 tips that will ensure that you have a safe experience.

1. Protect your skin with coconut oil- Before you go out to play with colors, apply a generous amount of coconut oil on your body. This will protect your skin and hair from the colors by creating a film that will also prevent allergic reactions.

2. Prevent staining of the nails- If you do not want your nails to get stained with the colors then apply a coat of nail polish before you head out. Once you are done with the festivities then remove the nail polish with any remover. The Holi colors will come off along with the nail paint, leaving your nails perfectly clean.

3. Buy/Make natural colors, in bulk- A great trick to avoid harmful chemicals is to use natural colors. However, you cannot force others to do the same. A good way to encourage everyone to use natural colors is to volunteer to supply these for the event in your neighborhood. This small contribution will ensure a safe Holi for you and your friends.

4. Keep food items uncontaminated- If you are organizing a Holi party then ensure that the food table is away from the area of the festivities. Keep the food items covered and provide clean water and towels near the dining area so that the color does not contaminate the food. This is a simple trick to avoid ingestion of harmful substances.

5. Be prepared for small accidents- Carry along a waterproof pouch with tissues, cotton pads, wet wipes and a small bottle of water. This way, if some color accidentally enters your eyes or ears then you can use these items to get rid of it quickly.

These are my tips and tricks to stay safe while enjoying this lovely festival. I wish you all a great Holi. Hope you have a lot of fun with your dear ones.

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5 Beauty Hacks To Look Fabulous Without Any Makeup!

Happy International Women’s Day everyone! Although I am not in favor of singling out one day to celebrate womanhood, but since the damage is already done, let us talk about a topic that baffles a lot of women around the world. Yes, I am referring to the dilemma of how to look good without any makeup. So here are a few tricks and hacks that will make you feel more confident in your own skin and will help you celebrate your natural beauty.

1. Get rid of the redness- Concealer is one of those makeup items that most women find it hard to step out without. However, there are some easy ways to get rid of the redness caused by pimples. Ice your skin for 5-10 minutes to gain back your uniform skin tone. If you have more time at hand, then apply some toothpaste to the acne for at least a couple of hours. This will shrink the pimples and reduce the redness too.

2. Emanate a natural glow- Brightening foundations are not the only way to provide a radiance to the face. Every morning, after washing your face, massage your skin for 10-15 minutes with a good moisturizer. This will restore the healthy glow of your skin and will offer a lovely color to the cheeks.

3. Pump up the volume- Hair sprays and mousses are great for providing volume but they cause a lot of damage to the hair with long term usage. A simple way to achieve voluminous hair is to brush them upside down and then flip them upwards. This trick literally doubles the volume of my hair. If you always brush your hair upside down then they will retain a natural bounce without the help of any products.

4. Bye-bye eye bags- Puffy eye bags are every woman’s worst enemy. A great way to eliminate these without investing in expensive products is to apply a cold metal spoon to the under eye area. Keep the spoon in the freezer for some time and then place on your eye bags for a few minutes, your eye bags will disappear instantly!

5. Hydrate on the go- Facial mists are essential to reverse the damage of heat and humidity, especially when you are out and about. Instead of purchasing a costly facial spray, use a natural spray made solely out of rose water. This has cooling and hydrating properties and will keep the signs of tired skin at bay. Rose water makes for a great toner too.

These are some tips that will bring out your natural beauty and will remove the dependence on makeup. Remember, applying makeup should be a personal choice and not an obligation.

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5 Unconventional Uses Of Baby Cream

There isn’t a single infant in my family but you can still find a tube of baby cream in each room of my house. “Why?”, you may ask. Simply because it is extremely gentle and has so many diverse uses. Here are 5 unconventional uses of baby cream that make this tiny tube an absolute essential for my makeup bag.

1. Relief from Rashes – Be it itchy rashes in your nether regions due to menstrual pads or the painful line left behind by tight trousers, baby cream will definitely provide instant relief. Just slather the creamy formula on irritated skin for a calming effect. The rash will disappear within a few hours.

2. Hair Mask – Believe it or not, baby cream can also double up as an amazing hair mask. This trick comes in handy when you are travelling and do not wish to carry too many products with you due to risks of spillage. Apply some cream to the ends of your hair and rinse thoroughly after 10-15 minutes for smooth and luscious locks.

3. Foot Cream- For super soft feet, douse them with generous amounts of baby cream and leave it on all night. Wear a pair of socks to bed to seal the moisture in place. You will wake up to baby smooth feet. This is yet another great use for baby cream, to rejuvenate the tired feet while travelling.

4. Overnight Lip Treatment- If you develop rough, blackened patches on the lips then applying a thin layer of baby cream before going to bed might be really helpful. The lips will become incredibly soft in a few days and the pigmentation will also disappear.

5. Solution for Scaly Skin- Sometimes, you may develop scaly skin as a result of drastic climate change or an allergic reaction. In such scenarios, application of baby cream to the affected areas, twice a day, will alleviate the symptoms within a few days. However, make sure not to apply the cream to broken skin.

Baby cream is a great travelling companion because it combines the efficacy of a lot of different products, thereby reducing the volume of liquids you need to pack. It is an inexpensive cure for an array of beauty issues, which is safe for sensitive skin as well. Next time, do give baby cream a shot before reaching out for costlier products.

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