Cinthol Woman Deo Sticks | Review

If you wish to look more put together, fresh, and energized all in one go, you just need to make sure that you smell good at all times of the day. There are many deodorants in the market that claim to last all day, but if you live in a hot and humid environment, you would know that that is not necessarily true. This is where these dinky Cinthol Woman Deo Sticks can come to your rescue. Read on to find out more about the product.

Cinthol Woman Deo Sticks | Review

These cream deos come in handy tubes that you can throw into your handbag before heading out the door, for a quick touch up whenever you need one. The tubes have a click lid and a narrow opening for releasing the product. The packaging is very compact and easy to use, the only issue is that if the tube gets squeezed in your bag then the product will leak inside the lid and things will get a little messy.

Cinthol Woman Deo Sticks | Review

The product is in the form of a slightly runny cream that sinks into the skin within seconds and provides a refreshing scent for 5-6 hours. It also helps in keeping the sweat at bay provided you are not going to indulge in heavy physical activity. There are a number of scents available in this range and I have used the Swirl and Inspire variants. They both have subtle, sweet scents that are quite different from each other. Swirl has more of a fresh scent and Inspire has a sweet, candy scent.

Cinthol Woman Deo Sticks | Review

Priced at INR 60 per tube, these deo sticks are definitely a steal. This product is a handbag essential for me and I cannot recommend it enough.

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Seer Secrets Lemon Cypress Japanese Mint Deodorant Cream | Review

In the recent years, there has been a lot of uproar against deodorants that contain Aluminum because of the health hazards associated with the metal. Today I will be talking about a unique deodorant that comes in the form of a cream and is Aluminum Compound Free. This product is the Seer Secrets Lemon Cypress Japanese Mint Deodorant Cream which contains active Silver ions and claims to be a much better alternative to regular deodorant.

Seer Secrets Lemon Cypress Japanese Mint Active Silver Ion Deodorant Cream Review

First of all, full marks to Seer Secrets for the packaging. The actual jar of the cream comes inside a long, cylindrical can, both of which have a cool yellow and silver design on the label. I am definitely going to reuse the outer can for storage. As for the actual cream, it is white in color and has a refreshingly sweet scent that is reminiscent of crushed lemon candy. This pleasant scent lasts in the underarm area for 2-3 hours and keeps mild body odor at bay. However, if you suffer from really bad body odor then this cream won’t be able to mask it completely. Moving on to sweat absorption, I have noticed that the cream continues to absorb sweat for a good 4-5 hours, but this time can be extended if you apply a larger amount of product to begin with. These properties make it a perfect daily deodorant for those who do not want something super strong and are going to stay in a relatively cool environment all day. If you are planning on hitting the gym or are heading outdoors on a sunny day then I would recommend something stronger.

Seer Secrets Lemon Cypress Japanese Mint Active Silver Ion Deodorant Cream Review

Another thing that I love about this deodorant cream is its wonderful cooling action on the skin that lasts for at least an hour. This, along with its hydrating nature, makes it the perfect treat for the underarm area, which is often one of the most neglected parts of the body. I have already begun to notice improvements in the skin of the region after a few days of use. It has become softer and slightly brighter than usual. This product also claims to have a mild whitening action with regular use, which may be useful for those who suffer from darker underarms caused by aerosol sprays. What I appreciate about the brand is that they have provided the detailed benefits of each of the ingredients, which makes me trust the product even more. The cream contains Zinc and Silver Ions that act as anti-bacterial agents and are embedded in Kaolin clay which helps to absorb dirt. The lemon and cypress essence helps to reduce the wetness and the body odor while the Japanese Mint cools the skin and prevents itchiness and irritation. In fact, the brand states that the product can also be used to treat mild fungal infections and rashes on other parts of the body such as the neck and the toes. This is an added bonus for those who are fans of multi-tasking products.

Seer Secrets Lemon Cypress Japanese Mint Active Silver Ion Deodorant Cream Review

This delightful deodorant cream is priced at INR 324 for 100gms and is available on Amazon. Pricewise, I think it is quite affordable considering the price of regular deodorants and how little of this product you need each day. As for the performance of the cream, it does exactly what it claims to do and the natural ingredients speak for themselves. This is definitely a must buy in my opinion and has left me thoroughly impressed. I am surely going to check out more products from Seer Secrets soon and will hopefully have some more amazing recommendations for you guys! Until then, do try out this deodorant cream and let me know if you love it as much as I do 🙂

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Nike Woman Basic Yellow Deodorant | Review

This could be a controversial one. I know that the world is switching to aluminum-free, natural deodorants and that aerosol cans are damaging to the environment. However, most of my readers are based in India, where the eco-friendly deodorants are still hard to find and are also quite expensive. Personally, I hardly ever use deodorants and usually, a body mist works just fine for me. There are of course those days when I have to be out and about in the sun and I do not want to subject the world to body odor. The Nike Women Basic Yellow Deodorant is my go to product for such occasions.


If you are like me and hate the pungent undertones that most deodorants have, you will love this product. It smells just like a perfume and you can’t even tell that it is a deodorant. In fact, you do not even need to wear a perfume on the days that you use this deodorant. The scent is a sweet, candy fragrance with some warmth to it. It is not girly but it is definitely feminine. If strong, floral or musky scents make you sick then you will find this fragrance much more pleasing.


The scent lasts all day long and I feel that it even keeps the sweat at bay. A 200ml can of this product is priced at INR 250 and is available at most drugstores and online too. If you can find a natural deodorant where you live or can make one at home then that is great, but if you are stuck in a situation where you have to purchase a conventional deodorant then I would highly recommend this one.

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