Indian Wedding Guest – Styling Tips For Summer

If you are familiar with the Indian wedding calendar then you will know that a huge chunk of the wedding season coincides with the months of formidable heat. If you are invited to a summer wedding in India, the question of what to wear proves to be a difficult one. There are several factors that you need to take into consideration before you finalize your outfit for the big day as well as the accompanying events because, at an Indian wedding, a simple summer dress will never suffice! Here are a few tips from my end on the subject, that may help to simplify the dress selection process.

  1. The Venue – The first thing that you need to find out is whether the venue is an indoor one or an outdoor lawn. This, along with the timing of the event, will give you a rough idea regarding the range of temperatures that you will be subjected to. For an indoor wedding, you can get away with thicker fabrics and heavier materials, but for an outdoor event, stick to lighter fabrics and dress up the outfit with heavy jewelry.A-line Kurti Kurta Blue Orange Embroidery Wedding Guest Outfit
  2. Your Role – If you are a relative or a bridesmaid then you will have to run around quite a bit throughout the wedding. Remember, the priority is the comfort of the bride, so go for outfits and shoes that you can easily walk in. The above picture shows my outfit for an engagement party. I opted for an A-line Kurti because I needed a breezy outfit for the outdoor event. The embroidery adds the fancy element and my block heels give me a few inches while allowing me to run errands for the bride 🙂
  3. The Timing – The timing of the event needs to be taken into consideration before you zero in on an outfit. If it is a day event then you can opt for lighter colors and minimalistic makeup. For the night, however, choose darker colors and heavier makeup because you don’t want to get washed out by the photographer’s lights! I would recommend bright oranges, greens, and blues for the daytime and dark pinks and jewel-toned colors for the evening. The picture below shows my go-to outfit for an evening wedding ceremony. The dark pink color of the Sari is balanced well by the golden net. This sort of a combination looks festive enough, without being over the top.
    Fuchsia Pink Dark Pink Golden Net Sari Embroidery Wedding Guest Outfit
  4. Strike A Balance – You can always create the perfect look by pairing a heavy garment with less makeup and dainty jewelry and vice-versa. Go for a matte foundation, waterproof mascara/liner, and a long wearing lipstick that can brave the sultry heat. If you feel that your outfit is a bit on the gaudy side then leave your hair down to add a casual touch. Basically, balance the different components of your look to create the perfect wedding guest ensemble. Remember, you do not want to outshine the bride, so always add some subtle and simple elements to your outfit.

These are some of my tips to look fabulous this wedding season without breaking a sweat! I hope that you find these tips useful in case you have a wedding to attend in the near future!