Nykaa Black Magic Liquid Liner | Review and Swatches

When Nykaa released their eyeliner range, I was tempted to buy all of them immediately, but I already had too many liners to use up. Now that some of my eyeliners are beginning to dry up, I decided it was time to try the Nykaa Black Magic Liquid Liner, because it claims to be the perfect eyeliner for daily wear, and this girl rarely leaves her house without a liner on her lids. So, here is my review along with the swatches of this product.

Nykaa Black Magic Liner Review

This liquid liner has a jet black formula and comes with a super thin felt tip kind of applicator which is way more flexible than most felt tips applicators I have used before. Because it is super thin, you will need multiple swipes to create a more dramatic look, but for a daily look, one swipe gives the right amount of pigmentation.

Nykaa Black Magic Liner Review Brush ApplicatorIn terms of formula, I feel that this liner is quite similar to my favorite Loreal Paris Liner Magique. It is super black and smudge proof, and stays on the lids for a good 8 hours. It is also quite waterproof and will not budge if splashed with water unless you rub it hard while it is wet. If you have a habit of rubbing your eyes then the liner may become a little crumbly, so don’t do that 😛

Nykaa Black Magic Liner Review Arm Swatch

The Nykaa Black Magic Liquid Liner is priced at INR 299 for a 5ml tube, which is quite cheap compared to the Loreal Paris Liner Magique which retails for INR 399 for 3gms of the product. Also, the Nykaa liner provides a more precise application than the Loreal one, so I can safely say that it is my new favorite drugstore liner for sure!

Nykaa Black Magic Liner Review Swatches Try On

Here is a picture of me wearing the liner, and as you can see, it has a slightly glossy finish. This is the only thing that I would like to change about the formula because I personally prefer matte eyeliners. Other than this, I do not have any complaints about the product and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for an affordable eyeliner.

I hope that this review was helpful, you can buy the Nykaa Black Magic Liquid Liner here.

Loreal Paris Liner Magique: Budge Proof Eyeliner

My hunt for the blackest black long lasting eyeliner ended when I stumbled upon this wonderful find at the Loreal counter. The Loreal Paris Liner Magique is indeed magical, it is the perfect glossy black eyeliner that stays intact on my lids for up to 12 hours!


The formula is an intense glossy black that retains its glossiness throughout the day, it also lives up to its claims of being smudge proof and water resistant, which pleasantly surprised me.


The applicator is a flexible sponge one that can be used for drawing a precise, thin line as well as a thicker cat eye look. The formula dries within seconds on the lid but retains its original consistency in the packaging for months. Once dry, the liner does not budge even after vigorous rubbing and also remains flawless underneath water (provided you do not touch it while it’s wet :)).  Despite being waterproof, the liner comes off easily on rubbing gently with makeup remover, which is a blessing for people like me with sensitive eyes.

The product is priced at INR 399 for a 3gm bottle, which I feel is quite good for Loreal considering that you need only a single swipe to get an opaque finish. I am very impressed that a drugstore liner can provide such longevity at an affordable price.

Buy it here.