Top 5 Sunscreens In India | All Skin Types

One product that has made the most drastic difference to my skin ever since I started using it religiously on a daily basis is sunscreen. Photoaging is one of the primary causes of premature aging of the skin, which leads to pigmentation, dullness and fine lines on the skin, and using a sunscreen on a daily basis is the only way to prevent it. There are two broad categories of sunscreen – Physical sunscreens or mineral sunscreens that contain ingredients that reflect the sun rays and Chemical sunscreens that contain ingredients that absorb the sun rays. While I personally do not have a preference between the two, physical sunscreens tend to be gentler on sensitive skin. Here is the list of my Top 5 Sunscreens in India, which cover both chemical and physical sunscreens and are suitable for a spectrum of skin types.Read More »