Stay Quirky Wipe Out Makeup Remover | Review

Guest Post by Sohini

Hey guys,

I’m Sohini, a budding blogger, youtuber as well as an influencer. I’m into this thing since last year and Mrinalini is one of the first few bloggers whom I followed on WordPress as well as on Instagram and writing for LipstickforLunch is a great opportunity for me.

So for my first guest post for this blog, I would like to share my experience with a new and innovative product I recently used- the generic version of the original makeup eraser. I got this from the brand Stay Quirky. It’s called their Wipe Out Makeup Remover.

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Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water | Review

The Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water has been the talk of the blogosphere for both good and bad reasons. While it is an extremely affordable micellar water (INR 225 for 125ml) that works on waterproof makeup too, a lot has been said about the unsafe ingredients in the products. Read on to find out my thoughts on the product and the many controversies that surround it.

Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water | Review

The Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Water is a bi-phased makeup remover that contains micellar water and a layer of argan oil. The presence of oil makes this product effective at removing all kinds of waterproof makeup, including waterproof mascaras and stubborn liquid lipsticks. However, there are a few issues that I have with the marketing of the product.

Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water | Review

First of all, this product claims to be a “no rinse off” product which is something I am strongly against. I feel that any makeup cleanser needs to be washed off the face, whether it contains oil or not. Being a strong advocate of double cleansing, this “no rinse off” claim does not impress me. After using this product, a thin film of oil is left on the skin, which I HAVE to wash off with a face wash. This second cleanse would also remove any of the alleged harmful ingredients contained in the product. Secondly, I do not like the fact that this product is heavily fragranced, which could irritate sensitive skin and could also lead to breakouts. Thirdly, the product claims to remove all makeup in one swipe while in reality (as I expected) you will need multiple swipes to get rid of all the makeup on your face.

Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water | Review

Since I am no expert regarding the safety of skincare ingredients, I do not want to comment on that aspect, but I would recommend you to do your research on the ingredient list before investing in this product. I personally feel that perhaps the concentration of the allegedly harmful products could be low enough for this product to be allowed in the Indian market, and perhaps washing your face after using the product could eliminate its dangers to a large extent, however, you need to do your own research about whether this makeup remover will be safe for you or not. I personally consider Bhumika from Makeup and Smiles as an ingredient guru and here are her thoughts on the ingredient list of this product.

What are your thoughts on the controversy around this product? Let me know in the comments below!