Miniso Fresh Fragrance Body Mist Review and What to Buy at Miniso India!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know that Miniso now has multiple stores in India! For those who are unfamiliar with the brand, Miniso is a Japan-based designer brand that sells a range of affordable goods, from stationery and kitchenware to skincare and travel accessories. Its USP is cute looking products at affordable prices, which is what sucks the customers in! However, some of its products can be hit or miss. Read on to find out my thoughts on the Miniso Fresh Fragrance Body Mist, and my list of things to buy and not to buy from Miniso India!

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Nike Body Splashes | Review

While we all may love our Chanel Number 5, most of us cannot afford it for day to day use. This is where body mists and splashes come into the picture and I have recently fallen in love with the Nike Body Splashes. Read on to find out what these body splashes have to offer.

Nike Body Splashes | Review

The Nike Body Splashes are long-lasting subtle and classic fragrances that last on the skin for a good 5-7 hours depending on how much you sweat and where you live. They have variants for both men and women and the scents vary from sporty fresh fragrances to sweet or musky ones. The sleek plastic packaging is super compact and light weight, extremely easy to carry around or to travel with. Also, the price ranges between INR 180-220, which is very affordable for regular use.

While Fission is a subtle sweet scent, Up or Down is slightly more zesty. If you do not like flowery or fruity body mists then these will be up your alley. Urban Musk for men is true to its name and has a classic masculine, strong musky scent.

Nike Body Splashes | Review

Overall, these body splashes check all the right boxes for me and I love experimenting with a new variant every time. They are very unique when compared to most body mists in the market and their subtle scents are perfect for those who do not like their fragrances to be too overpowering. In summary, they are absolute value for money and I highly recommend that you try at least one of these scents out.

Available at most local pharmacies and drugstores in India.