Disappointing Products – Loreal Paris Color Riche L’Extraordinaire Mat Lip Colors

I love almost everything from Loreal but this lip product disappointed me a lot. I had high expectations from the Loreal Paris Color Riche L’Extraordinaire Mat lip color in the shade Madeleine Pink but unfortunately, it failed to perform well. If only the formula was as great as the luxurious rose gold packaging! This product could have been a winner but turned out to be a dud.


My biggest complaint with this product is that it claims to be a matte lip color but the formula is a glossy lip cream at best. The swatches show that it reflects the light and is pretty shiny. I could live with the shine though, but the texture of the formula is very difficult to wear throughout the day too.


Although the color is quite opaque, the formula is pretty streaky and it is hard to get an even pigmentation on the lips. You will need to use a lipliner or will have to apply the product very carefully to get an even finish. I would much rather go for some other liquid lipstick than spend so much effort on perfecting my look with this one. Moreover, the formula clings to every imperfection of the lips and exaggerates them more than even my true matte lipsticks do.


I was drawn to this product because of its gorgeous pink shade with slightly peachy undertones. If the formula would have been more cooperative then this lip color could have been perfect for daily wear. What is more, this product is priced at INR 950, you can buy two decent liquid lipsticks for that amount. So basically, I would recommend skipping this product and trying out the other lip glosses and lipsticks from Loreal instead.

How To Re-Use Those Mascara Wands!

Mascara is one of those makeup items that dries up the fastest and many women go through at least one tube of mascara a month. Before you throw away the next tube, make sure to look at these wonderful uses of mascara wands that will help you reuse the product in a different form! You can clean the mascara brushes with the help of some coconut oil or makeup remover and can use them in these ways instead-

1. Grow those lashes by applying some castor oil to the entire length of the eyelashes before going to bed. A mascara brush will allow you to evenly coat the lashes and to reach the roots with ease. You will see visible results within a week!

2. Love the formula of your new mascara but hate the wand? You can use the product with an old brush that you like instead. If the cap doesn’t fit on this tube then this might become a little tedious but will provide you with fabulous lashes!


3. Use double the action for double the drama. After applying mascara, if you notice some clumps then you can use a clean mascara brush to get rid of them and to evenly distribute the product. As an added bonus, this extra step helps to make your lashes look more dramatic too.

4. Nail the brow game by using a clean mascara brush to remove excess brow powder. A small mascara brush can also be used to groom the eyebrows when a waxing appointment is long overdue.

These are some excellent ways to use your favorite mascara brushes even after the product is all gone. Next time, think twice before throwing away your empties!

BellaPierre Mineral Foundation – Cinnamon | Review

One makeup product that is the trickiest to apply during the summer months is foundation. Most medium to full coverage liquid foundations do not work well in hot and humid climates and end up clogging the pores. Therefore, as the temperature starts rising, I switch to mineral foundations, and the Bellapierre Cosmetics Mineral Foundation in the shade Cinnamon is my favorite.


This foundation comes in the form of a finely milled loose powder. I apply it with my trusty Real Techniques brush after using a primer and cream concealer on my skin. On its own, this foundation provides a medium coverage but I still feel that I need a little concealer for my blemishes and dark circles. A primer is essential to make the powder stay in place, but for the summers you can use a lightweight moisturizer instead. The product stays on my skin for around 4 hours after which I need a touch-up. The packaging is pretty compact and you can carry it around to conceal the shine throughout the day. The tiny holes allow just the right amount of powder to make it to the exposed surface but still be cautious as the powder does tend to go everywhere.


The shade Cinnamon is a yellow toned color that works perfectly for my skin tone. It offers a matte finish that keeps the oil at bay and lets my skin breathe even in the summer months. Spritzing a bit of rose water after applying the foundation also helps with making it sit better on the skin. I have added an image of me wearing this foundation on top of concealer for reference. It is also available in a bunch of different shades but is a bit pricey ($18 for 0.3 ounces). If you are willing to make the investment then this mineral foundation is perfect for oily skin and can cover small blemishes. If you like a more natural finish and do not want full coverage then this product is an excellent choice for daily use in the hot climate.

I hope that this review was helpful. You can buy the Bellapierre Mineral Foundation here.

SoulTree Kajal In The Shade Moss Velvet | Review and Swatches

I really enjoy adding a pop of color to my eyes with a bright eyeliner, especially during the summer months. One of my favorite colors to wear on my eyes is green because I feel that it suits brown eyes really well. Today I will talk about one such colored eyeliner that is perfect for adding something special to a simple makeup look, it is the SoulTree Kajal in the shade Moss Velvet.


This product comes in a traditional twist up crayon packaging. In fact, the packaging is very sleek and sturdy, which is great because poor packaging makes eye products break off quite easily. The formula is super pigmented and creamy. It glides on my skin and provides an opaque parrot green color in one swipe.

IMG_8466The longevity is also pretty good and the product stays in place for a good 5-6 hours, provided that you don’t have extremely oily eyelids and do not rub your eyes. The finish is neither too glossy nor too matte, it is quite reminiscent of the old school black kohl kajal. My only complaint about this product is that it stings when I apply it on my waterline, even though it is supposed to be waterline safe. Therefore, I only use it on my eyelids.

IMG_8472This kajal from SoulTree is priced at only INR 350 and is made with natural ingredients such as ghee, camphor, almond oil, and natural pigments. Perhaps if you don’t have sensitive eyes then you could wear it on your waterline too. This range also includes a bunch of different fun colors, so if you like experimenting with colorful eye looks but do not want to break the bank then do give this range a shot!

I hope that this review was useful. You can buy the SoulTree Kajal here.

Loreal Professionnel Force Vector Masque | Review

A few years ago, I moved to a new city where the water supply primarily comprised of hard water. This did not work well at all for my hair and I had to deal with the most brittle hair that I had ever experienced. The chemicals in the water made my hair so weak that each time I brushed my fingers through it, a bunch of strands would end up in my hand. Trust me, it wasn’t a pretty sight at all. I consulted a hair stylist about my grave situation and he suggested that I try the Loreal Professionnel Expert Serie Force Vector Mask. This amazing product single-handedly rescued my hair within a month and the hair fall reduced drastically and became almost negligible!


Thanks to this blog, I can spread the word about this excellent hair mask that strengthens each fiber of the hair, thereby reducing the breakage caused due to brittleness. This mask has a creamy, thick consistency and spreads easily on the hair. It also has a sweet, almost cinnamony scent that I love. I use this product 1-2 times a week on the lower ends of my hair, after conditioning them. I leave it on for around 10 minutes and when I rinse my hair they feel nourished and soft. This hair mask contains avocado oil and royal jelly that provide nutrition to rough, chemically treated hair. It also uses a Glycocell technology to strengthen the hair fibers. As unbelievable as it may sound, the hair does feel stronger after just a couple of uses! Furthermore, this mask also makes the hair more resilient to heat styling, which is good if you blow dry or straighten your hair on a regular basis.


I would highly recommend this product to those with brittle hair caused by chemical treatments, heat styling, or hormonal issues. It is the only product I have ever used that has helped with hair fall due to breakage. Priced at INR 675 for a 196 gm tub, this product is quite affordable considering its efficacy and benefits. If you have been noticing an alarming number of hair strands on your pillow and your hair brush then this hair mask might be the perfect fit for you!

I hope that this review was helpful. You can buy the Loreal Professionnel Force Vector Hair Masque here.

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Maybelline Color Sensational Diamond Eye Shadows in Topaz Gold | Review + Swatches

When it comes to eyeshadows for beginners, Maybelline has a strong game. This Maybelline Color Sensational Diamonds Eye Shadow Palette is the only eye shadow palette you need to create basic daytime and nighttime looks. The shade of this palette is Topaz Gold and it contains a collection of golden and warm brown colors. There are 3 other palettes available in this range but I think that the shades of this one are the most flattering for Indian skin tones.

IMG_8487This tiny palette contains 5 shades, a light highlight shade, another shiny highlight shade, a golden brown, a deep brown, and a matte black. All the shades except the black one are shimmery. I am very happy that this palette includes a matte black color because I feel that a matte black is perfect for a smoky eye. The colors are a bit powdery but do apply quite evenly on the eyes. The pigmentation of all the colors except the lightest one is quite good but not so intense that you cannot blend your mistakes. The lightest color is a dud in my opinion because it doesn’t really show up on my skin.


The packaging of this eye shadow palette is very cute. You can easily fit it into your pocket. It also comes with a brush which is pretty useless, as is the case with most brushes that come with eye shadows. I would recommend using a wet brush or your fingers to apply these eye shadows, for the maximum color payoff.


This eye shadow palette is priced at INR 575, which is incredibly reasonable for 5 shades (4 of which are amazing). I could not do an eye look with this palette because my eyes are protesting these days but they pretty much swatch the same on the hand. This is one basic eyeshadow palette that can help you create so many different looks! Highly recommended for those on a budget or those who simply choose not to spend too much on makeup.

I hope that this review was helpful. Buy this lovely palette at a 20% discount on Nykaa!

How To Stay Away From The Trap Of Fake Makeup!

I recently came across a few videos and Instagram posts about fake makeup being sold by sellers on eBay and social media platforms. When it comes to what I am applying on my face, I am always super cautious. Here are my tips and tricks to avoid falling prey to the lure of fake beauty products!

  1. Do Not Buy From Streetside Stores – I have seen various pop-up stalls on the sides of the streets of Indian markets, which sell fake Maybelline and Loreal products among others. They are ALL fake, no matter how genuine they may look. Please stay away from these products at all costs.
  2. Pay Attention To Packaging – I would highly recommend purchasing your products from the actual makeup counter or website of the brand. In case you find these products for a cheaper price elsewhere, do compare their packaging with the original products that you already own. Chances are that the print or labeling will be different.
  3. Do Your Research – In case you plan to buy from an Amazon or eBay seller, go through all their reviews and search for the ones that seem honest and not sponsored. Even if you find a single review claiming that the product is fake, consider it as a red flag.
  4. Lower Price Is Not Always A Good Thing – There are various sellers on different online portals that sell international makeup at incredibly low prices. I recently found a seller on Amazon selling a Beauty Blender for only INR 300 or so. The reviews stated that the product a buyer received was already soaked in water and had been used before!The bottom line is that unusually cheap branded makeup is usually fake. Whenever you encounter makeup that is way cheaper than the marked price, the safest option is to turn away instead of taking a risk that can ruin your delicate skin.

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The Body Shop Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion | Review

As the heat intensifies, makeup takes a back seat because the skin begs to breathe! As dramatic as it may sound, many people suffer from the worst skin during the summer months. Any form of instant relief is highly appreciated during the days of terrible breakouts and redness that accompany the warm weather. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion is one such instant remedy that calms down my skin.


I use this lotion as a day cream whenever I suffer from hormonal breakouts. It immediately mattifies my skin and the tea tree oil helps in reducing the redness and irritation. It also prevents further acne and shrinks any swellings that are early signs of gigantic pimples.


The formula is very light and almost like a gel. A tiny drop is sufficient for the face and the neck and it keeps the oil at bay for a few hours. I have also noticed that makeup applies really well on top of this lotion. In fact, I often skip primer when I use this product. As far as I know, this lotion does not contain any SPF, so you will need an additional step of applying sunscreen before you step out of the house.


Priced at INR 995 for a 50 ml tube, this product is on the pricier side but it works as a great moisturizer for the days when your skin is too oily and temperamental. I would highly recommend this product to those with extremely greasy and acne-prone skin, the antibacterial action of this mattifying lotion will work wonders for you!

I hope that this review was helpful, you can buy The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Mattifying Lotion here.

Greenberry Organics 3 In 1 Mud Ash | Review

I recently received the Greenberry Organics 3 In 1 Mud Ash in my mail and my skin has been thanking me ever since for the pampering that it has been receiving! I have always been a fan of multi-tasking products and this one can be used as a cleanser, scrubber, or mask, a perfect combo for me 🙂


The formula combines the cleansing action of clay with the soothing touch of tea tree oil and the nourishing properties of aloe vera. This powerful concoction sucks the dirt and grease from the pores, leaving the skin squeaky clean yet soft and supple. I also use this as a scrub on my nose and it works like magic on my blackheads. My nose has never felt so smooth before!


The cherry on top of the cake is the sleek packaging, which can give any high-end brand a run for their money. This product is a joy to use and the end results are extremely satisfying. Bear in mind that this is a very potent formula, so do not leave it on the face for more than a couple of minutes. It needs barely a few seconds to work its magic.


This amazing mud ash mask has become an irreplaceable part of my skincare routine and I use it as a daily cleanser and a weekly mask. Priced at INR 499 for a 100 ml jar, it is very pocket-friendly because you will only need a small amount of the product each day. It is wonderful that Greenberry Organics is making the forgotten natural remedies of India extremely accessible to those with a hectic lifestyle. They have provided a modern makeover to the ancient ingredients to create an incredibly effective product! I highly recommend this 3 in 1 face care product to all those with oily skin because it may be a bit too strong for those with dry and sensitive skin.

You can purchase this fantastic 3 in 1 Mud Ash Mask from the Amazon store of Greenberry Organics. I will definitely be trying out some more products from their skincare range soon!



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Primark PS Highlighter | Review and Swatches

Today I am going to talk about yet another product that I won as a part of Andrea’s amazing giveaway. I feel like a lucky girl indeed! This product is the Primark PS Highlighter Stick, a soft pink cream-based highlighter with golden shimmer.


I enjoy products that come in a stick because they are very easy to carry around. This particular highlighter is not only perfect for on the go application but it also provides a lovely golden sheen to the cheeks that is ideal for daily wear. The pink undertones do not really show up on my skin but the even wash of golden gives a wonderful glow.


Unfortunately, the summer heat has made the product a little sticky, but once blended in it works just fine. This product is not available in India but for those who have a Primark in the vicinity, this highlighter stick priced at £1.50 is a great choice for day to day usage.

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