Treat Natural Luxurious Skincare | Rose Jelly Face Scrub | Iced Rose Face Mask| Rose and Jasmine Moisturiser |Review

Give me any product with rose in it and I will be a happy camper, which is why when Treat Natural Luxurious Skincare approached me with an offer to review their rose infused skincare range, I had to say yes. Here is my review of their Rose Jelly Face Scrub, Iced Rose Face Mask and Rose and Jasmine Moisturiser after testing them out thoroughly. Read on to find out if these products are meant for you or not.

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Cosrx Centella Cleansing Powder | Two in One Poreless Power Liquid Toner |Hydrogel Patches Very Simple Pack | Review

Cosrx is a Korean skincare brand that is known for its effective skincare formulations with potent and no-nonsense ingredients. I have always been curious to try out this brand but hesitated due to the international shipping and customs involved. Luckily, I recently won a giveaway where I received the Cosrx Centella Cleansing Powder, the Two in One Poreless Power Liquid Toner, and the Hydrogel Very Simple Pack from the brand. I have been testing out these products for more than 3 weeks now, and here are my thoughts on this trio.

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5 Easy Festive Eye Makeup Looks Decoded

Hey everyone! The festive season is already here and with the back to back celebrations lined up ahead I’m sure all of you are picking out your outfits, accessories, and makeup to flaunt a different look each day. If you are fishing for ideas on how to make your makeup look unique on every festive occasion then you have come to the right place. Switching up your eye makeup is the easiest way to transform your look, and today I will be decoding 5 easy festive eye makeup looks for you so that you can pick the perfect eye makeup kit online to recreate them. Read on to find out how to create these festive eye makeup looks in a matter of minutes!

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Tresemme Botanique Nourish & Replenish Pro Collection Shampoo and Conditioner | Review

I recently posted a picture of the Tresemme Nourish & Replenish Pro Collection Shampoo and Conditioner on my Instagram feed, and I received a number of mixed reactions from you guys regarding whether this formula worked for you or not. Some said that this shampoo and conditioner provided great results for the price, others said that it didn’t work for them at all. Such is the case with most haircare products, because everybody’s hair is different. Read on to find out how this shampoo and conditioner worked for my fine hair and oily scalp.

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Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hr Full Coverage Foundation | Review and Swatches

I am a die-hard fan of the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, which is why I grabbed the Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hr Full Coverage Foundation as well as soon as it launched on The Maybelline Super Stay Foundation claims to be a matte, full coverage foundation that does not budge for 24 hours. Read on to find out if this product lived up to its claims on my face!

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Neutriderm Anti-Dandruff Shampoo | Review

Dandruff is such a common scalp issue yet most of the “anti-dandruff’ products in the market are not effective at preventing its recurrence. I personally do not suffer from a major dandruff issue at the moment but I do suffer from frequent itchiness and mild flakiness on my scalp. Recently, the Neutriderm Anti-Dandruff Shampoo has been helping me with these scalp issues. Read on to find out more about this fantastic product.

Neutriderm Anti-Dandruff Shampoo | Review

The Neutriderm Anti-Dandruff Shampoo contains next generation ingredients to fight dandruff, redness and flakiness of the scalp and prevent the recurrence of dandruff. The formula has a very interesting runny, almost water-like consistency. It produces a medium amount of lather on the hair and is not extremely frothy like volumizing shampoos nor low in froth like the hydrating shampoos. Somewhere right in the middle, the froth of this shampoo manages to leave the scalp squeaky clean and the hair soft and fluffy but not frizzy and dried out. The itchiness and tiny flakes on my scalp have disappeared ever since I started using this shampoo one to two times a week. The formula is mild enough to be used twice a week and adds some volume to my otherwise fine hair and makes it look healthier and more manageable.

Neutriderm Anti-Dandruff Shampoo | Review

Overall, I really love this anti-dandruff shampoo and appreciate the cute 120 ml bottle with a push opening that makes it travel-friendly. Since most people would alternate this shampoo with another shampoo, the size of the bottle is extremely practical. Priced at INR 850 for a 120ml bottle, the product seems a little pricey but a little goes a really long way with the shampoo, making it an excellent investment. All Neutriderm products are made in Australia and are effective yet extremely gentle on the skin/scalp and this product is no exception. A must buy in my opinion!

Click here to buy the Neutriderm Anti-Dandruff Shampoo from Amazon India.

3 Subscription Boxes That Are Great Diwali Gifts

The festive season is already here and Diwali is right around the corner! Amidst all the fun and celebrations, the one thing that might be bothering you is what to gift to your loved ones. Luckily, the subscription boxes in India have upped their game and these boxes can be a wonderful alternative to the run of the mill Mithai ka Dibba. So here are my top 3 recommendations for subscription boxes that you can gift to your friends and family to make their smiles even wider this Diwali.

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1. Flicbox- Everybody and their mothers love chocolates, which makes a box of chocolates a foolproof present for people of all ages. Flicbox is a subscription service that provides curated boxes of chocolates that are not readily available in India. Brands such as Lindt, Hershey, and Toblerone that are quite expensive in Indian stores are available at a much affordable price in the Flicbox. You can choose between a mini, medium, or giant box and can buy a single box or a subscription for 3 months, 6 months, or a year. You better order a box for yourself as well because who can resist the temptation of digging into imported chocolates?

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2. Snack Experts – If you and your family members do not stop counting the calories during the festive season then fret not! With Snack Experts, you can gift healthy yet tasty munchies to your loved ones. You can buy a Standard Snack Box that comes with 5 snack pouches weighing 150gms each or can also purchase some special healthy desserts that Snack Experts has brought out for Diwali, such as Kaju Katli’s made with palm jaggery and Mysore Pak made with beetroot! Gift these yummy delights to your friends and family so that they can indulge in the sweetness of the season without any guilt 🙂

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Check out my review.


3. Mauvelush – If you wish to venture out of the food domain then try out the October – Diwali edition of Mauvelush. This luxury subscription box contains festival appropriate items such as a beautiful pair of earrings and a decorative bird cage with fairy lights. This box is perfect for the women in your life who forget to pamper themselves while preparing for the Diwali festivities. Bookings are open till 7th October.

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Check out my review.

Wishing everybody a Happy Navratri and a Joyous Diwali ahead. Happy gifting 🙂

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Impower Defence Spray | Review

Are you someone who lives alone and gets a jump scare every time your doorbell rings after 9 p.m? Have you ever felt jittery getting into a cab after dark or have sensed that someone is stalking you on the road? Unfortunately, these are experiences that women all around the globe are quite familiar with. Despite the progress the world has made in terms of technology, the planet is still not a completely safe place, especially for women. However, having something with you at all times that can offer you self-defence against an attacker, can reduce your fears of stepping out or living alone to a large extent. This is where the Impower Defence Spray by Donna comes into the picture.

This self-defence spray is essentially a pepper spray that contains concentrated chilli extracts (Oleoresin Capsicum) that will create a burning sensation on the skin of your assailant. This spray causes severe irritation to the eyes, respiratory system, and mucous membranes, upon direct contact. All you need to do is keep the can 10-15cms away from your body and spray the product on your attacker, preferably from a distance of 1-2 metres. The spray will take 1-2 seconds to start showing its effects and your attackers eyes will snap shut due to the irritation, giving you some time to strike back, run, or call for help.

Impower Defence Spray | Review

I like that the packaging of this pepper spray is pretty compact and that it can fit inside the tiniest of handbags with ease. Also, it does not come with a cap and has a protective plastic casing (thumb cut dome) around the nozzle instead, to prevent accidental spraying. This is very useful because the last thing you want to do when stuck in a horrible situation is to struggle with getting a cap off the bottle. I have tried spraying the product away from my face and found the nozzle to give out a powerful and concentrated spritz of the product. Therefore, this product is extremely easy to use in an emergency scenario and its size is perfect for you to carry around at all times.

Although I haven’t used the spray on someone, just one sniff at the nozzle revealed to me the potency of this pepper spray. It has the pungent aroma of chillies that will definitely catch anyone trying to bother you off guard and will render them powerless for at least a couple of minutes. It takes approximately 45 minutes for the effects of the spray to completely die down, which is why the spray bottle comes with a complete set of instructions for use, as well as safety precautions and first aid instructions.

Impower Defence Spray | Review

A 55ml bottle of this pepper spray provides around 45 shots and is available for INR 279 on Amazon. The spray can reach up to a distance of 12 feet, according to the tests conducted by the brand. In my opinion, less than 300 rupees is a very small price to pay for your safety and well-being. We live in a day and age when we are surrounded by terrifying news of inhuman acts. Having this pepper spray at an arm’s reach can help you breathe more easily in these distressing times. I highly encourage all my readers to invest in this pepper spray and to learn about basic self-defence tricks to protect themselves when faced with unforeseen horrors. Stay safe and strong under all circumstances!

Click this link to purchase the Impower Defence Spray from Amazon.

Disclaimer – PR sample sent by the brand but all opinions are honest and my own.

Streax Pro Vita Gloss Hair Serum | Review

Hair serum is a product that is an essential component of most people’s beauty routine. However, as of late, I have observed that the prices of hair serums have been steadily increasing. If you are looking for an affordable hair serum for regular usage, something that gets the job done without leaving you broke, then you have come to the right place!


The Streax Pro Vita Gloss Hair Serum is my recommendation to those who wish to add some smoothness to their hair after washing. It does not work miracles, but definitely reduces frizziness and adds a pleasant smell to the hair. It works pretty well with mildly tangled hair but may not be able to remove stubborn knots. I primarily use it for adding nourishment to the ends of my hair.


The formula has a thin consistency, almost like water, which means that the product spreads evenly on the hair, offering a slight glossiness to the ends. The best thing about the packaging is that it has a pump, which prevents wastage of product and makes sure that you use just the right amount. A little goes a long way with this serum so I would advise using half a pump if you have thin hair and one pump in case you have voluminous hair.


A 100ml bottle of this serum is priced at INR 185 but can be purchased for INR 150 from online stores. This is an extremely affordable product that works as well as some of the fancier hair serums. Furthermore, one bottle lasts for a very long time, which makes this hair serum even more pocket-friendly. It feels so good to find a product that offers great performance at a drugstore price!

I hope that this review was useful, you can buy the Streax Pro Vita Gloss Hair Serum here.

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Biotique Bio Almond Soothing and Nourishing Eye Cream | Review

I am a huge fan of the Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment but it is so expensive that I am constantly on the lookout for an affordable alternative. Bear in mind that I have super sensitive eyes that tend to start stinging very easily. So when I decided to try out the Biotique Bio Almond Soothing and Nourishing Eye Cream, I did not have very high expectations but was praying for a miracle nevertheless.


This eye cream claims to be an all in one product that works on puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, and what not. The formula is enriched with some natural ingredients such as almond oil and sunflower oil. The product comes in the form of a thick cream that melts upon application and releases a nourishing oil on the skin.


This eye cream is quite hydrating and provides some much-needed relief to tired eyes. However, there is one major issue with the product, apply it anywhere close to your eyes and they will burn! That is a bit ironic because it is an eye cream, how can you not apply it near your eyes. Although the moisturizing power of this eye cream is pretty intense, the stinging action makes it a big no-no for me. I feel that the nourishment gets negated by the fact that my eyes tear up and turn red if even a tiny bit of the product goes near the waterline.


This eye cream might work for you if you have super strong eyes that do not react to products or if you can apply it extremely cautiously. It does reduce dryness and puffiness but I haven’t been able to use it enough to comment on its effectiveness against dark circles. A 15 gm jar of this product is priced at INR 199 but is available at INR 150 on online stores. You can give this a shot if you do not have terribly sensitive eyes like me. I wonder when I will find a drugstore eye cream that works for sensitive eyes 🙁

I hope that this review was useful. You can buy the Biotique Bio Almond Eye Cream here.


Maybelline Super Stay 7 Day Gel Nail Color – Rose Fuchsia | Review + Swatches

I have already raved enough about the Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Color on this blog but I recently picked up another shade and instantly fell in love with it. I went for the shade #180 Rose Fuchsia/Rosy Pink, which is a gorgeous color for spring and summer.


The shade looks like a fuchsia pink in white light and looks more like a reddish pink in yellow light. I feel that this color is much more wearable than a bright red yet vibrant enough to make a statement. Also, fuchsia is one shade that looks very flattering on almost all Indian skin tones.


The best thing about this formula is that it stays on the nails for up to 10 days without chipping. It provides an opaque color in a single coat, but I use two coats out of habit. The formula also has just the right amount of shine for me.


These nail polishes are priced at INR 325 but you can grab them for around INR 260 during the sales on beauty websites. Trust me, once you try out this formulation you will not like any other nail paint. Their longevity makes them totally worth the money because they give the finish of a gel manicure!

I hope that this review was useful, you can buy this nail paint at a 20% discount on today!