Introducing – New Bags for the New Year!

Handbags are some of the most fruitful fashion investments in my opinion and when I truly want to pamper myself I treat myself to one! However, choosing a handbag can be quite a struggle if you want to keep up with all the latest handbag trends without burning a hole in your pocket. I recently came across, an online store for handbags of all kinds, and this website seems like the perfect solution to the “to buy or not to buy” handbag dilemma because they offer trendy handbag designs at extremely affordable prices! Read on to find out more!

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How You Can Practise Sustainable Fashion Every Day!

Happy New Year everybody! 2019 is here, and I am sure many of you have numerous resolutions for the new year. Today, I would like to remind you that we should also make some resolutions to practise sustainable living, to make sure that we do not continue to exploit our planet and its resources as we have for several centuries. Sustainable fashion has been gaining significant momentum over the past few years and it is time that you too should join the movement. Opting for brands that source their raw materials in a sustainable manner and manufacture products in small batches, adopting the principles of sustainability is one way, but you can also make some changes in your day to day life to make your wardrobe more sustainable. Read on to find out how!

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Gifting Ideas For Diwali | The Body Shop Gift Sets

Diwali, the festival of lights and joy, is around the corner and a great way to spread the love and cheer this time of the year is to surprise your friends and family with meaningful gifts. A small token of your affection can go a long way in bringing smiles to the faces of your loved ones. If you are struggling to find the perfect Diwali presents then the gift sets from The Body Shop are here to rescue you. These carefully curated bundles can be wonderful Diwali gifts for people of all ages and tastes. Here are some of my top picks from the massive range of gift sets that The Body Shop has come up with this year.

hand cream trio

1. A Trio of Hand Creams for the Busy Professionals – This cute trio of hand creams is perfect for the busy professionals in your life who find no time to pamper themselves. These tubes of goodness can be thrown into the handbag to provide instant hydration to the hands while on the go. Not only do these hand creams provide intense moisturization, they are also non-greasy and have beautiful fragrances. These are no-fuss products that are luxurious at the same time, making them ideal for the busy bees.


2. A Luxurious Shaving Kit for the Men In Your Life – From your uncles to your brothers and guy friends, every male in your life will appreciate this handy shaving kit. This gift set contains The Body Shop Maca Root Shave Cream and a beautifully crafted shaving brush with extremely soft bristles. Shopping for men can be incredibly hard, but this kit is here to make your life easier. You simply cannot go wrong with this awesome Diwali gift because all the men in your life will appreciate a good shaving experience!

gift set.jpg

3. White Musk L’Eau EDT Gift Set for the Fragrance Lovers – It is no secret that The Body Shop comes up with some of the most wonderful fragrances at fairly affordable prices, and when you layer up products from the same range then the scent is long-lasting and amazing. One of my favourite fragrances from The Body Shop is White Musk, which is why I feel that any fragrance lover in your life will adore the White Musk L’Eau EDT Gift Set. This kit contains the eau de toilette and body lotion from the White Musk range which has lovely notes of pear, lily of the valley, jasmine and rose essence. This is a musky floral scent that is not too overpowering but still makes a statement.


4. The Almond Milk & Honey Gift Collection for the Family – This gift set is perfect for the entire family because it contains bath essentials in a sweet nutty fragrance. The kit contains a shower cream, a body butter, a hand cream, a cleansing bar, and a fluffy bath lily. The Almond Milk & Honey range has an extremely nourishing formula which is great for the chilly weather ahead. This Diwali gift will definitely light up the faces of your dear ones.

I hope that this post gave you some useful gifting ideas for this festive season. There are also many other excellent kits from The Body Shop that you can pick up for you and your family. Click here to explore the entire range of goodies to make this Diwali even brighter!

The Pink Stuff – Miracle Cleaning Paste | Review

For the first time in the history of this blog, I am reviewing a cleaning product on Lipstick For Lunch. Yes, I know that many of you might not be interested in this at all, and no, this is not a sponsored post, but I do know that if you are someone who is struggling with Diwali cleaning at the moment then you will thank me for this. Today I am going to be talking about The Pink Stuff, which is indeed a Miracle Cleaning Paste. Famous YouTuber Louise Pentland brought my attention to this product, and here is why this jar of pink goodness will change your life!

The Pink Stuff - Miracle Cleaning Paste | Review

Even though this product looks like a face mask, The Pink Stuff is, in fact, an abrasive paste that can help remove tough stains in a jiffy. You can head over to their website for a detailed data sheet to figure out whether you can use it on a particular surface or not, but I have primarily used it on metal utensils and fittings, and this product truly removes everything from burnt stains on saucepans to rust marks on taps with minimal effort. You need to rub the tiniest amount of the product on the stain with a soft cloth and then wipe it clean within a few minutes to find the surface looking as bright as new!

Even though the claims sound too good to be true, trust me, I have removed the most stubborn of stains with this product and couldn’t believe my own eyes. The product doesn’t have a strong scent and it did not irritate my skin, but I will recommend you to go through the ingredient list to make sure that it is safe for you to use and also, do test it on a small patch of any surface you want to clean with this stuff because it is definitely potent.

The Pink Stuff - Miracle Cleaning Paste | Review

The Pink Stuff - Miracle Cleaning Paste | Review

The best part is that a huge 500g jar of the product is available on Amazon India for INR 229 only! Trust me this product is a steal for the price. If you are in the mood for some deep cleaning this Diwali then you need to have this product in your kitty!

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Dr. Charcoal Non Electric Air Purifier | Review

Since the past few years, I have been suffering from frequent allergies, which are extremely annoying and often render me useless for a couple of days. In order to reduce the allergens and humidity in my house, I have tried a number of solutions and products, and today I will be talking about one such product that has actually helped resolve my allergy issues to a large extent. This amazing product is the Dr. Charcoal Non-Electric Air Purifier. Read on to find out more about this product.


Dr. Charcoal Non-Electric Air Purifier is basically an activated charcoal based product that absorbs allergens, humidity, odours, and pollutants. It comes in small sacklike pouches with the activated charcoal filled inside them. These pouches are available in 3 sizes – Small (75 Grams), Medium (200 Grams), and Large (500 Grams). I had purchased the large pouch several months back and the brand kindly sent me a medium-sized pouch recently. You can choose from among the three sizes based on the size of the space where you want to use the product. These pouches can be placed in the fridge, shoe cabinets, different rooms of the house, wardrobes etc. The product is completely non-toxic and simply works on the natural adsorption properties of activated charcoal. Instead of just masking bad odours with the means of chemicals, like most room fresheners do, this product actually absorbs the odors and eliminates pollutants and allergens. This is something that I can vouch for because the frequency of my allergies has gone down drastically ever since I started using this product.


Priced between INR 299 to INR 799, these non-electric air purifiers are definitely a good investment because they last for up to a year and can be reactivated by placing in the sun periodically. If you are someone who suffers from an allergy, or your home always has a damp smell to it, or you have a little baby at home who needs to be protected from pollutants, then the Dr. Charcoal Air Purifiers are a must buy for you. Basically, this product is a must buy for everyone and I highly recommend it!

Click here to buy the Dr. Charcoal Non-Electric Air Purifiers!

How To Brace Yourself For The Festive Season

The festive season is upon us, and while we have bid adieu to our beloved Ganpati, we are already gearing up for Durga Pooja! While we spend hours and hours cleaning up the house, shopping for pooja necessities and making our favourite sweets, we often forget to prepare our minds and bodies for the hectic festivities. Here are a few tips to take care of the things that are often overlooked during the pomp and fervour of Pujo and Diwali.

1. Haircare – Chances are that you will not be able to squeeze in some spa time once the festivities begin. Now that you have some breathing space, get a relaxing hair spa and even a haircut if you need one. This will make styling your hair so much easier for all the special days.

2. Skincare – Festivals mean oily food and heavy makeup, which can take a toll on the skin. Boost your skincare game well in advance by adding sheet masks and chemical exfoliants to give your skin the festive glow. You should also stock up on some charcoal face masks to deep cleanse your skin after the celebrations.


3. Food – No matter how tempted you might be to crash diet right before slipping into that stunning saree for Diwali, there are better ways of getting a flat tummy. Make it a habit to drink tonnes of water daily, eat fresh fruit instead of juices, and sip on a cup of green tea after a heavy meal to keep your metabolism running. Try to indulge in moderation and stick to healthy foods for as many meals as possible. This will ensure that you feel energetic and your skin doesn’t lose its radiance throughout the celebrations.

4. Outfits – Now is the right time to pull out, purchase and plan all your outfits for the events ahead. Get everything stitched and altered now, before your tailor dada starts quoting insane charges and has a huge pile of orders drowning him. Also, try out everything and plan the accessories for each outfit well in advance so that you can just grab them and get ready when the festive chaos ensues.

These are some of the ways in which I make my festivals hasslefree. How are your preparations going and do you have any special tips to make the festive season more fun? Let me know in the comments below!


Sleepy Owl Cold Brew Coffee – Brew Packs | Review

All the coffee lovers here put your hands up! We are the crazy caffeine addicts who cannot give up their coffee no matter what the weather or time of day, but with the mercury constantly rising, a glass of chilled ice coffee sounds way more inviting than a steaming mug of latte, doesn’t it? This is where the Sleepy Owl Cold Brew Coffee Brew Packs come to the rescue. These easy to make cold brew packs do not need any equipment for making cafe style iced coffee at home. Read on to find out how to use these packs for your daily caffeine fix.

Sleepy Owl Cold Brew Coffee - Brew Packs | Review

The Sleepy Owl Cold Brew Coffee Packs come in individual packets of coffee wrapped in filter paper. You just need to add one of these packets to a jug of water and let it brew overnight at room temperature. The next day, just pour this coffee into a glass, add ice, milk, and sugar as per your liking and there you have it, a perfect glass of iced coffee without burning a hole in your pocket. The Sleepy Owl Coffee has a smooth and strong flavour to it and once you figure out the right ratio of coffee, milk and sugar as per your taste, you will definitely stop making regular trips to your local Starbucks. However, I will have to say that this product is more suitable for those who prefer less milk and more water in their coffee.

Sleepy Owl Cold Brew Coffee - Brew Packs | Review

You can purchase a box of 5 brew packs for INR 500 from  and each brew pack will give you at least 3 cups of coffee. This is definitely a great price for high-quality cold brew coffee. While I am not a coffee connoisseur of coffee, I do enjoy the beverage and have had my fair share of caffeine in my life to say that this product is worth a shot. So do try it out and let me know how your taste buds like it.

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Ryaal Dr. Salt Epsom Salt Muscle Soak | Review

The hectic lifestyle of the 21st century is extremely demanding, both mentally and physically, and when we do get a rare break from the daily routine, we want to pamper ourselves but in a way that does not require much effort or elaborate preparation. The recent release from Ryaal, their Dr. Salt Epsom Salt Muscle Soak, is one such product that can provide calming relaxation within a few minutes. I have been using this multi-purpose product in various ways over the past few weeks and here are my thoughts on this bath salt that is a necessity for every man and woman who juggles tons of tasks throughout the day.
Ryaal Dr. Salt Epsom Salt Muscle Soak | Review
Epsom salt or Magnesium Sulphate has been known for a long time for its therapeutic benefits, such as soothing muscle pain, curing skin conditions, healing cuts, treating colds etc. Both Magnesium and Sulphur are easily absorbed by the skin, which is why epsom salt baths are extremely popular throughout the world. Ryaal combines these amazing properties of epsom salt with the calming and anti-bacterial benefits of peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil in its Dr. Salt Epsom Salt Muscle Soak.
Ryaal Dr. Salt Epsom Salt Muscle Soak | Review
This multi-purpose product can be used as a foot soak, a bath salt, and a scrub. Just mix it in some warm water to create a lovely foot soak for a relaxing pedicure, add it to your bath water to allow your whole body to absorb its benefits, or create a scrub by mixing it with some oil to get rid of the dead skin in a jiffy. Whether I soak my feet or my entire body in the salt solution, it actually leaves my muscles feeling relaxed and removes the tiredness of the day. My skin also looked visibly brighter and healthier right after the first use, which is why I really enjoy this salt as a brightening treatment for my feet and the tanned parts of my arms. Also, as soon I open the pack, the calming aroma of eucalyptus and peppermint greets me, which helps to alleviate stress and relaxes my mind.
Ryaal Dr. Salt Epsom Salt Muscle Soak | Review
This salt is also extremely effective as a scrub and is perfect for those who enjoy a rough scrub with a higher degree of exfoliation. You simply need to mix in a handful of the salt with some coconut oil or any other body oil of your choice and then use this mixture as a scrub on your wet skin. The scrub removes even the sturdy dead skin with ease and provides a cooling and tingling sensation on the skin.

Ryaal Dr. Salt Epsom Salt Muscle Soak | Review
Overall, if you wish to enjoy a spa-like treatment at home without having to hunt for a number of ingredients, then the Ryaal Dr. Salt Epsom Salt Muscle Soak will have your back. The product also comes in two other variants – a sleep formula and a foot soak – and each of the three variants is priced at INR 999 for 5 Kgs of product but is currently available at INR 555 on Amazon. Trust me, this is an excellent investment because this massive bag will last you forever. The bag is a ziplock one so you can store it as it is or can transfer the contents to a container, however, do not miss out on this amazing deal because your body will love all the pampering it will receive.

ASAP Nutrition Bars Review

If you know me, you would know that I am partial to my snack bars and can have them at any time of the day, thanks to the convenience of grabbing them, and the relatively better ingredients compared to chips and chocolates. I was recently sent some samples of the ASAP bars by the brand, and believe it or not, I was nibbling into one of them as soon as I opened the pack! These delicious snack bars have been my go-to mid-meal snack for the past few days. Read on to find out more about these droolicious nutrition bars.

ASAP Nutrition Bars Review


I received 2 packs of the ASAP bars in the assorted flavours – Fruit and White Chocolate, Almond and Dark Chocolate, and Cashew, Almond and Caramel. The name ASAP stands for “As Simple As Possible”, which is what is reflected by the ingredients of these bars. They contain oats, rice crispies, nuts, honey and brown sugar with a thin coating of chocolate/caramel to add the gooey factor. Tastewise, they are quite different and better than most of the nutrition bars I have tried recently. Unlike many bars that taste largely of peanuts and rice crispies, with these ones you can actually taste the almonds and other nuts as well as the oats.
ASAP Nutrition Bars Review
ASAP Nutrition Bars Review
The texture of these bars is also perfect and they are not too hard to bite into nor too soft to break easily. All three flavours have a distinct taste to them which is true to their respective names, but my personal favourite is the Fruit and White Chocolate variant because I am partial to white chocolate. I would also like to point out that with many nutrition bars, the chocolate doesn’t really taste like the chocolate we love but with the ASAP bars, the chocolate coating is milky and reminds me of high-quality chocolates. The only thing that I would wish to change is the sugar content, which is a little high for my liking, but this is a personal preference and the sweetness may, in fact, make these bars a great alternative for those who are trying to slowly transition towards a healthy lifestyle.
ASAP Nutrition Bars Review
Overall, I feel that the ASAP bars are a filling and delicious snack which is a great way to keep yourselves full until the next meal or when you are out and about. They are also pretty affordable with a price point of INR 180 for a box of 6 bars. The ASAP bars can be purchased on Amazon and I would recommend trying at least one pack, I am sure you will fall in love with these delightful yet healthy treats.


Disclaimer – PR samples sent by the brand but all opinions are honest and my own.

My Favourite Online Shopping Websites

Despite the world becoming more and more tech-savvy with every passing minute, so much so that even toddlers have their own iPads these days, many of us are still wary of online shopping. Being suspicious of these websites is justified too, many of them are in fact fraudulent, and deliver products of poor quality or often do not deliver anything at all in return for your hard-earned money. For a person like me, however, online shopping is a blessing, because running from store to store is too time-consuming and tiring for me. Here are some of the websites that I fall back on every time I have the urge to spend some money, and they usually do not disappoint.

1. – My go-to online destination for all my fashion needs – from jeans to footwear and amazing ethnic wear too. Ajio’s own designs are some of the most unique I have seen on the internet and their curation of clothes from other brands is also top-notch. If you are tired of seeing the same designs on every online shopping portal then is the breath of fresh air that you need. They deliver to my location within 2 days and have a very easy breezy return policy too.


2. Amazon Prime – If it is basic stuff that you need, be it household supplies or shampoo, Amazon is my pick for you. Go for an Amazon Prime membership if you are a frequent online shopper, the free shipping and the next day delivery is totally worth it. Stick to sellers with a high rating and try to opt only for the items from the prime category and you will be sorted.

3. – While I have heard many people complain that Nykaa delivers expired or fake products and has horrible customer service, I have personally never faced any such issues with them. I love Nykaa because they have the hugest collection of makeup and skincare items on one website in India and exclusively sell many international brands. If you have been away from Nykaa due to all the negative reviews you have heard about them, give them one shot and then decide for yourself because my experience has been pretty good.

So these were my go-to websites for when I am feeling spendy. Do let me know what your favourite websites are for online shopping and also let me know what your experience has been with my favourites. Keeping it short because I am sure that you want to indulge in some retail therapy now 😛 Toodles!

P.S. – Special mention to, which is my recent favourite for affordable western wear and cutesie night clothes.

Seer Secrets Sabdariffa Tisane Herbal Tea | Review

A few years back, I was going through a bad phase healthwise and this horrible cough and stuffy feeling in the nose would never go away. After multiple visits to the doctor, it was confirmed that I had some kind of an allergy to the spores in the air. The only thing that helped with the discomfort and the never-ceasing cold was vitamin C. Ever since then, I am a huge fan of anything that is a natural source of Vitamin C, which is why when Seer Secrets sent me their Sabdariffa Tisane Herbal Tea, a floral source of Vitamin C, I jumped with joy. Read on to find out more about this delightful product.

Seer Secrets Sabdariffa Tisane Herbal Tea | Review

The tea is basically the pure and dried extracts of the Sabdariffa Hibiscus flower, which is a powerhouse of Vitamin C. It helps provide comfort from allergies, asthma, indigestion, nausea, and is also supposed to lower the blood pressure. To prepare the tea, you are supposed to drop one flower into a mug, pour some hot water and let it brew for a few minutes before consuming. Within a few minutes, the tea turns the water a beautiful shade of reddish brown and begins to release a sour scent. Tastewise too, the tea is quite sour, similar to sour candy, and I actually enjoy this “Khatta Meetha” taste. When you have a sore throat, this warm, sour beverage is extremely comforting.

Seer Secrets Sabdariffa Tisane Herbal Tea | Review

20 gms of this tea is priced at INR 495, which may seem steep, but the luxurious glass bottle that it comes in is reusable and the tea itself is of excellent quality. The proof of this tea lies in its natural sour taste which is evidence enough of its high vitamin C content. I will definitely be stocking up on this tea because of my allergies and would encourage all of you to give this lovely immunity booster a try. The yummy taste of sour candy with the goodness of vitamin C is the perfect combination in a cup indeed!

Click here to buy the Seer Secrets Sabdariffa Tisane Herbal Tea.

Is There Such A Thing As “Marriageable Age”?

In the country that I belong to, most women who have blown or are about to blow twenty-five candles are used to being called someone of “Marriageable” age by concerned aunts and even strangers.  And if you are an Indian female who has crossed the age of thirty and is still unmarried, someone in your family is most likely offering special prayers to a deity to perform a miracle and find a groom for you.  I am sure that similar phrases and concerned well-wishers exist in other parts of the world too. So what is the real meaning of “marriageable age” and does the term still make sense in the 21st century? Here are my 2 cents on the subject.

As far as I can tell, in the olden days, “marriageable age” largely coincided with the child-bearing age for a woman. This made sense in a conservative society, where one of the most significant purposes of marriage was keeping the family tree alive. However, as is the case with every societal concept, the concept of marriage too has evolved and taken several different shapes over the years. While having kids is still an essential part of marriage for most couples, it is no longer the primary objective for many. What with the changing spousal roles, career aspirations reaching new heights, and science making it feasible to conceive at an age that was unheard of a few decades ago, many individuals, both men and women, are choosing to take things slow, and are opting to tie the knot when they are mentally and financially ready for the changes that marriage brings with it. Additionally, a significant number of couples these days decide not to have kids at all or to adopt, which throws the entire logic of “marriageable age”, as perceived by the generations past, out the window.

Another interesting phenomenon that is largely observed in the cosmopolitan parts of the country/world is people shaming and criticising those who get married “too young”. These individuals are labelled as orthodox and are often referred to as people who have settled too early in life. But what is so wrong with leading a settled life? Doesn’t an unmarried individual too want a comfortable, stress-free, and peaceful life? Or am I wrong in assuming that there is no such turbulence or thrill (other than casual dating, having multiple partners etc.) in the life of a single person that marriage can eliminate? If a couple feels that they are ready to commit to each other, and are of the legal age to get married, then why shouldn’t they? Getting married early comes with its own sets of pros, even in a modern world, such as making the financial and living situation for the couple more practical, giving them more time to enjoy each other’s company before having kids, and making bolder career choices which the parents would gasp over if their son or daughter was unmarried.

The crux of the matter is the freedom of choice. Whether someone wants to choose their own partner or wants to opt for an arranged marriage, whether they want to get married at 22 or 32, and whether or not they want to have kids should be the choice of the persons in question alone. While you can never prevent your friends or family members from questioning your choices, the stigma associated with “marriageable age” needs to go, because many are coerced into making a wrong decision simply based on the stigma, regardless of the reasoning behind it. It is high time that we decide what the right “marriageable age” is for us and stop letting a custom that has gone slightly stale decide it for us.