About Us

Welcome to Lipstick For Lunch! I am Mrinalini, an engineer by degree and a storyteller and makeup lover by passion. According to an urban legend, women consume up to 7 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime, I am here to make all that lipstick-eating worth your while with some great lipstick recommendations as well as my thoughts on other beauty, skincare and lifestyle products.

You can rest assured that what you read here is the honest (and sometimes bitter) truth. I hope you enjoy the blog and end up consuming some of my favorite lipsticks for lunch!

P.S. – For PR requests do drop a mail to sachan.mrinalini@gmail.com. I would love to share a review of new and interesting products!

Note – Some of the product links on this blog are affiliate links, by means of which I earn a small commission when you buy the products that I love. However, I would never add a link for a product that I personally do not like or recommend.