Spa Sciences Nova Cleansing Brush | Review

I feel that the two bare minimum things that you can do for your skin are to apply sunscreen every day and cleanse it thoroughly. Today I will be talking about a tool that can make the latter task extremely easy and effective. The tool I am reviewing today is the Spa Sciences Nova Antimicrobial Sonic Cleansing System, which is essentially a cleansing brush that you can use with any face cleanser of your choice. The brand kindly sent me the item to review, and here is what I think of it after using it for several weeks.


The Spa Sciences Nova Cleansing Brush is a waterproof cleansing brush that comes in a kit (with a charging station) that is priced at $49. You can control the speed of the rotating brush head by selecting from the 3 speed options that are available and the brush also beeps after you have cleansed a particular area of your skin for adequate time. All you have to do is wet your face, apply some cleanser on the brush head and gently massage the brush head all over your skin as the rotating brush works its magic and cleanses your pores. This product also works well at removing light makeup but I still prefer to remove my makeup with a micellar water or oil-based cleanser first and then go in with this brush to get squeaky clean skin.

Spa Sciences Nova Cleansing Brush | Review

The brand claims that this brush can clean your skin up to 7 times better than your hands, and while I have no way to test this claim, it is evident that this brush cleanses the skin more thoroughly than my fingers for sure. The timer also allows me to have a better idea of how long I should clean my skin for it to be grime-free. The Spa Sciences Nova Cleanser Brush also has a patented anti-microbial technology that prevents the growth of microbes on the brush head itself. The bristles are quite gentle on the skin and remove dead cells with their circular motion without irritating the skin. It leaves my skin soft, smooth and bright after every use.

Spa Sciences Nova Cleansing Brush | Review

Overall, if you are not satisfied with cleansing your face with your fingers and are suffering from clogged pores and frequent breakouts then chances are that you need to look for a better product for cleansing, and the Spa Sciences Nova Cleansing Brush might be the saviour of your skin. It is an investment indeed, and you have to keep replacing the brush heads every few months, but I feel that this product is worth every penny. If you have a Target, Walgreens or Kohl’s near you then you can pick up this cleansing tool from the store, or you can click this link to buy the Spa Sciences Nova Cleansing Brush online.

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