Disguise Cosmetics Microfiber Makeup Sponge | Blend Perfector | Review

Microfiber sponges are all the rage of late because they claim to provide the high coverage of a brush as well as the streak-free, natural finish of a sponge at the same time! I have been curious to try a microfiber makeup sponge since some time and finally decided to go with the Disguise Cosmetics Microfiber Blend Perfector. Here is my review of this microfiber sponge after putting it to the test with different foundations.

Disguise Cosmetics Microfiber Sponge | Blend Perfector | Review

The Disguise Cosmetics Microfiber Sponge comes in a cute baby blue colour and the fuzzy exterior makes it look extremely adorable. The outer packaging is also quite attractive with a paint brush print on a cardboard box. This sponge is very squishy even when it’s dry and becomes slightly more squishy when wet. It also doesn’t expand as much in size when wet as regular makeup sponges do but it becomes as a large as the box when wet while it is slightly smaller than the box when dry.

Disguise Cosmetics Microfiber Sponge | Blend Perfector | Review

Coming to the efficacy of this sponge, I like that most of the foundation sits on top of the sponge and only a small fraction is absorbed. This definitely prevents wastage of product which tends to happen with regular sponges. The instructions say that you are supposed to drag the sponge across the face to spread the foundation and then dab gently to blend. This method does help in providing maximum coverage with this sponge and it blends the product quite effortlessly and evenly, providing an air-brushed finish.

The sponge provides coverage quite similar to that of a foundation brush, just a smidgen sheerer but more even and streakfree (I tested it with medium coverage foundations such as Maybelline Fit Me and high coverage foundations such as Maybelline Super Stay). It definitely provides more coverage than regular brushes, soaks up less product, and feels extremely soft on the skin too.

Disguise Cosmetics Microfiber Sponge | Blend Perfector | Review

There are a couple of things that I do not like about this sponge though. Unlike regular makeup sponges, this one tends to dry up half-way through the application and I need to wet it again to continue blending. Also, I feel that it is not the most ideal tool for application of concealer under the eyes. If the brand came up with a mini sponge or a tear-cut sponge then it would work way better for under-eye blending than the current shape of the sponge. Also, one thing that is a con with all makeup sponges is that you need to wash them daily and replace them within a few months to safeguard your hygiene, therefore they are not long-term investments like makeup brushes.

Disguise Cosmetics Microfiber Sponge | Blend Perfector | Review

Overall, I would say that if you like using makeup sponges more than brushes then the Disguise Cosmetics microfiber sponge will help you achieve fuller coverage in a jiffy. It is priced at INR 500 per sponge which is quite affordable to begin with and is usually on further discount on Nykaa and Vanity Wagon. If you are still confused whether you should buy this or not, take a look at this sponge in action in my IGTV video. I have not tried any other microfiber sponge till now but this one does a great job at foundation application in my opinion.

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