Treat Natural Luxurious Skincare | Rose Jelly Face Scrub | Iced Rose Face Mask| Rose and Jasmine Moisturiser |Review

Give me any product with rose in it and I will be a happy camper, which is why when Treat Natural Luxurious Skincare approached me with an offer to review their rose infused skincare range, I had to say yes. Here is my review of their Rose Jelly Face Scrub, Iced Rose Face Mask and Rose and Jasmine Moisturiser after testing them out thoroughly. Read on to find out if these products are meant for you or not.



All the products come in beautiful frosted jars with pastel coloured labels that are quite soothing to the eyes. They also have a screw-on lid as well as an inner plastic lid to seal the jar properly and to prevent any spillage, which makes these products fairly travel-friendly. I also appreciate that all the ingredients of each product are listed clearly on the packaging, which ensures that you know exactly what you are putting on your face.




1. Rose Jelly Face Scrub – I personally do not like to use physical scrubs on my face and prefer chemical exfoliation, but enjoy using the Rose Jelly Face Scrub on my body to get rid of my tan and any dead skin or ingrown hair. This product has fairly gritty scrub particles embedded in a cooling gel that contains aloe vera, glycerin and rose extracts. It is therefore perfect for tan removal because it soothes the skin while brightening it. This product does contain walnut shell powder in it which can be harsh for sensitive skin, so go in with a very gentle hand when using this product. I use it on my nose with a very light hand once a fortnight but find it a little too abrasive for my cheeks. I will recommend this as a body scrub for all skin types. Priced at INR 799 for 50gm.



2. Iced Rose Face Mask –ย The name is as intriguing as the product itself! This clay-based mask contains ingredients such as Kaolin clay, Bentonite, Pink Clay, Niacinamide, Rose hip oil and green tea extracts that always work really well for my oily, acne-prone skin. It has a creamy texture and an alluring pink colour. You are supposed to leave this on your face for 15 minutes and then wash it off for brighter, calmer skin. This is one of the gentlest clay masks that I have tried – it does not tug at the skin or tingle at all, and the slight warmth that clay masks tend to give is balanced by the cooling properties of the other ingredients. This mask does a great job at sucking the gunk out of the pores without drying or stretching out the skin. It leaves my skin looking radiant and fresh after a long day. I will highly recommend using this mask once or twice a week if you are suffering from dull, oily skin. This product should suit all skin types except extremely dry skin. Priced at INR 799 for 50gm.




3. Rose and Jasmine Moisturiser – This has to be my favourite product of the lot because it is incredibly hydrating and soothing and leaves my skin super plump and radiant. Some of the ingredients that I love in this moisturiser are Sodium Hyaluronate, jasmine extracts, calendula, green tea, licorice, and mulberry extracts. It does contain fragrance but it is very mild and shouldn’t bother most people. A few dots of this moisturiser all over your face will leave your skin glowing and well-hydrated. It works particularly well in combination with the Iced Rose Face Mask, and I am enjoying using this as my daily night cream. This product will be a great A.M and P.M. moisturiser for dry skinned people, and a great P.M. moisturiser for all skin types except perhaps extremely oily skin. Priced at INR 699 for 50ml.

Overall, I am quite impressed with the quality of these products from Treat Natural Luxurious Skincare and will recommend you to grab them if you are in the market for some new skincare products. Also, I will be announcing a giveaway on my Instagram page tomorrow (5th October, 2019) where one winner will get the samples of these three products, so do follow me there and participate too! You can also use my coupon code MRINALINI20 to get 20% off on your orders on Use the links below to avail this offer!

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