Nature Sure Somni Natural Sleep Aid | Review

You guys know that I would never recommend a product that I haven’t tried, whether it is one that needs to be applied on the skin or ingested. The Nature Sure Somni Natural Sleep Aid is a herbal pill that aids with inducing sleep and relieving stress, quite like the sleep inducing herbal teas in the market. Both me and the husband have been testing out this pill over the past few weeks and here is a summary of our experience with this product. Read on to find out whether this sleep aid actually works or not.

nature sure somni natural sleep aid review

Before we get into the review of the product, I would like to give out a few disclaimers – 1) This product is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. 2) You should not have more than 2 tablets a day and should not consume it less than 3 hours before any activity that requires full attention, such as driving or swimming. 3) I will recommend that you consult a physician before starting to take these tablets, particularly if you suffer from some health condition or are on some other medication.ย 

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Now, let me tell you why I felt that these tablets were safe for my consumption. The Nature Sure Somni Natural Sleep Aid are essentially herbal capsules that contain ingredients that are mentioned in Ayurveda as herbs that help with sleep disorders, fatigue and stress. These tablets look like a grey version of Hajmola in a capsule shape and do not have a particularly overwhelming smell. All the ingredients of the product are clearly mentioned on the packaging and are herbal. Here is what this product contains –

1. Brahmi – A herb that is known to vanquish stress and boost cognitive ability.
2. Shankhpushpi – Another herb that is known to combat anxiety and insomnia.
3. Vatch – Also known as Acorus Calamus, helps with depression, insomnia and headaches.
4. Kali Mirch – Our humble black pepper that helps with anxiety.
5. Gajwaan – Scientific name is Onosmea Bracteatum, helps relieve restlessness.
6. Khurasin Ajwain – Has sedating properties.
7. Amla – Gooseberries boost the cognitive functions, relieve stress and induce sleep.
8. Pipla Mool – Primarily aids with digestion but is also used to cure insomnia.

nature sure somni natural sleep aid review

Since this product contains only herbs, all of which have been cited in Ayurveda for their numerous benefits, I felt that it could be a good alternative to the herbal teas that I normally consume to aid with my sleep. This tablet is not an allopathic sleeping pill that will immediately induce heavy sleep, it simply relaxes the mind and reduces fatigue that typically hampers with sound sleep. On the days when I am feeling too tired to sleep, I take a tablet at bed time and I feel calmer and sleepier within half an hour. I personally prefer to take it only on the days when I am having trouble going to sleep instead of taking it daily. I have not experienced any side effects with the product and have found no difference in my energy levels or attentiveness the next day.

nature sure somni natural sleep aid review

You get 90 tablets for INR 780, which amounts to less than 10 rupees per day, which I feel is a fair enough price to pay for sound sleep. If you are someone who struggles with falling asleep and is currently exploring options such as herbal teas and aromatherapy then this product can be worth a shot before you opt for heavier allopathic medication.

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  1. Good, mujhe insomnia hai, neend hi nahi aati, kaafi kuch try kar liya, neend puri na hony se aur health issues ho rahy hain n daily routine bhi disturb hota hai
    Recently maine Qtrove se Sleeprite liya tha, effective hai
    Ab isko wish list me likh leti hu, next month le kar try karungi ๐Ÿ˜Š

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