Nature Sure Pores & Marks Oil | Moringa Oil | Review

My Indian readers must have tasted drumsticks in their Sambhars or sabzis, but did you know that the drumstick plant calledย Moringa oleifera has a great significance in skincare too? The oil extracted from this plant, popularly known as Moringa Oil, is often referred to as a magical oil due to its trove of benefits for the skin. I have been testing out the Nature Sure Pores & Marks Oil, which is 100% pure and cold-pressed Moringa Oil, for some time now and here is how my experience has been with the product.

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The Benefits of Moringa Oil in Skincare

The most remarkable feature of Moringa Oil is the fact that it is quite similar in properties to the oil that our skin naturally secretes. This is why this non-greasy oil is suitable for all skin types. Moringa Oil is a rich source of Oleic acid, which has excellent hydrating properties, making it perfect for those with dry skin issues. It also helps protect the acid mantle of the skin, thereby keeping skin infections and inflammations at bay. This oil also has strong anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties, which help prevent acne, brighten the skin and reduce pigmentation. Can one ingredient truly have so many benefits? If you do not believe me then check out this article where skincare experts corroborate the efficacy of Moringa Oil.

Nature Sure Pores & Marks Oil | Moringa Oil | Review

The properties of the Nature Sure Pores & Marks Oil

Coming to my experience with the Nature Sure Pores & Marks Oil, I first wanted to confirm the purity of this oil to the best of my ability and therefore did some research on how this oil is supposed to look and smell. The powerful nutty scent of this oil and its golden yellow colour with a slight green tint passed the purity test for me. To be honest, the strong leafy scent reminds me of pickle oil and can be quite overwhelming at the first whiff, but I am glad that the brand has not masked this with artificial fragrance. Also, the scent does not linger on the skin post application so it is not much of a problem at all. The product comes in a basic but sturdy plastic bottle that contains 100ml of oil, and the flip lid with a narrow dispenser helps in pouring out precise quantities of the product.

Nature Sure Pores & Marks Oil | Moringa Oil | Review

My experience with the Nature Sure Pores & Marks Oil

The oil is fairly light-weight and does not feel heavy or greasy on the skin. It spreads well on the face and you will only need 2-3 drops for your entire face and neck area. It hydrates the skin really well on its own and I do not need to layer another serum or cream when I am using this product. The first time I used this oil, my skin was breaking out badly due to PMS and I had a few sore pimples on my face. I applied just this oil on my skin at night and woke up the next morning to soothed and glowing skin, and the acne had shrunken down to half their size overnight. I am honestly impressed with how effective this oil has been at keeping the acne at bay and in evening out my skin tone.

Nature Sure Pores & Marks Oil | Moringa Oil | Review

Nature Sure Pores & Marks Oil | Moringa Oil | Review

If you are someone who is looking for a good face oil to help with pigmentation, acne and/or dryness then I will highly recommend the Nature Sure Pores & Marks Oil to you as a serum to use at night. A 100ml bottle of this oil is priced at INR 1379, which is a fair price for pure, cold pressed oil, and one bottle will last you for at least 6 months, making this product a good investment. So what are you waiting for, make use of the amazing benefits of Moringa Oil today ๐Ÿ™‚

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