My Experience with Eyebrow Shaving | Face Razors

Face shaving and eyebrow shaving is all the rage these days, and when I recently uploaded an IGTV video of my eyebrow shaving routine, a bunch of you asked me some questions, such as – Does shaving cause the hair to grow back thicker? Does it hurt? Does it damage the skin? I decided to write a blog post about my experience with eyebrow shaving. Kindly keep in mind that I am talking about my own experience and that I am not a dermatologist. So kindly get in touch with a dermat if you are confused whether shaving will damage your facial skin or not. Without further ado, here are my thoughts on eyebrow shaving.

My Experience with Eyebrow Shaving | Face Razors

I purchased the Tinkle Eyebrow Razors from Nykaa for my first attempt at eyebrow shaving. These razors are super affordable (INR 200 for 3 razors). Their blade is at an incline that helps with easier shaping of eyebrows and I feel that they are not as easy to use on the chin area but can easily be used for the rest of the face. The razors are not super sharp but you still have to be careful not to cut yourself. They do come with a plastic casing to cover the blade while storage.

I will recommend going in with gentle careful strokes the first few times you use the razor to make sure that you do not cut your skin. It is pretty easy to use though and I am sure you will get the hang of it after just one use. The only downside is that it is more suitable to shape the upper part of the eyebrow than the lower part, so you may need a tweezer to pluck out the hair closer to your lids. Other than that I cannot think of any other con of this razor and it has made my eyebrow routine super easy and convenient.

My Experience with Eyebrow Shaving | Face Razors

My Experience with Eyebrow Shaving | Face Razors

Coming to some of the questions that you had –

Do the hair grow back thicker or faster?
Not at all! The razor goes nowhere near your hair follicle (which is embedded inside the skin) so it cannot affect hair regrowth in any manner.

Is face shaving hygienic?
I sterilize my razor using Isopropyl Alcohol before and after every use to ensure that it does not cause any microbial infections or breakouts on my skin. You must do the same!

Will it damage my skin?
If you rub the razor too hard against your skin or shave over active breakouts or have sensitive skin then it might damage your skin. However, if you use the right shaving technique and apply adequate pressure with the razor on healthy skin then it should not damage your skin. According to some dermatologists, shaving removes the upper layer of dead cells from the skin and encourages skin regeneration which in turns prevents the appearance of aging on the skin.

Overall, I personally find facial shaving super convenient and swear by it. I will recommend you to try it on a patch of skin first and then decide for yourself!

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