How Glutathione Can Transform Your Skin!

Hey everyone! I usually talk about cosmetics and topical skincare on this blog, but today’s post is going to be all about an oral supplement that can help with brightening the skin and evening out pigmentation. The star ingredient of this supplement is Glutathione, which is a naturally occurring anti-oxidant that helps ensure optimal health and cellular replenishment in the human body. ย I have done some research on the skincare benefits of the oral consumption of Glutathione, and here are my thoughts on how this ingredient can transform your skin.

What is Glutathione and how does it help the skin – Glutathione is our body’s “Master Antioxidant” that not only makes our skin look healthy and glowing, but is also responsible for detoxification and maintaining a healthy immune function. Glutathione also encourages the production of Pheomelanin (the lighter reddish-yellow type of melanin) over Eumelanin (the darker brownish-black type of melanin), thereby resulting in the reduction of pigmentation as well as brightening and evening out of skin tone. However, the glutathione levels in our body decline with age, so in order to fully benefit from this ingredient’s anti-ageing and skin renewing properties, the consumption of oral supplements may be required.

About Glutone 1000 – The Glutone range of products are oral supplements that contain Setria Glutathione, a potent and absorbable version of glutathione which is GRAS approved. Glutone 1000 provides the benefits of Glutathione in the form of a healthy fizzy drink. Here is all you need to know about this product –

Key Ingredients:


– Evens out and brightens the skin tone

– Has powerful antioxidant properties

– Has anti-ageing properties and reduces wrinkles

Vitamin C:

– Helps to improve the absorption of Glutathione

– Boosts the immune function and encourages collagen synthesis

– Helps to increase intracellular storage of Glutathione

– Works in synergy with Glutathione


– Boosts the body’s Glutathione Levels

– Is a precursor of Glutathione

– Is an anti-oxidant that reduces free radicals

Overall benefits of the product –

– Reduces the effects of photo ageing

– Evens out skin tone

– Restores the skin’s natural glow and radiance

Advantages of administering as a drink-

– Faster results

– High user compliance

– Easy to consume as a tasty fizzy drink

Escor Z – We all are aware of how Vitamin C can work wonders for our skin. This ingredient can single-handedly make your skin radiant and glowy. Escor Z is a Vitamin C supplement in the format of a fizzy health drink which is enriched with the extracts of Phyllanthus embelica, our very own Amla, which is a known powerhouse of Vitamin C.

Ezcor Z helps helps fight the free radicals in our system, boosts collagen production and brightens the skin from within. It also reverses the dullness and pigmentation caused due to UV exposure and pollution. By reducing the Free Radical Overload (FRO) in our body, it helps restore healthy cellular metabolism, prevents collagen degradation and melanin over-production.

Overall Benefits:

– Reduces pigmentation and brightens the skin

– Increases production of collagen

– Combats free radicals and reverses photo-ageing

Advantages of administering as a drink:

– Faster action

– Delicious citrusy flavour

– No after taste

– Convenient to use

Why is consuming Glutone 1000 and Excor Z together is recommended?

Vitamin C helps to boost the efficacy of Glutathione. While Glutone 1000 also contains Vitamin C as an ingredient, its concentration is lower than that in Escor Z. The boost of Vitamin C provided by Escor Z shall ensure that you reap the maximum benefits of Glutathione.

Are Glutone 1000 and Escor Z safe for consumption?

Both Glutone 1000 and Escor Z are health supplements and not prescription medications. They are made with ingredients that are GRAS approved and have excellent customer reviews. Therefore, they should not cause any side effects in your body. If you are already consuming certain medications or supplements, or have some allergies, then you can consult your physician to confirm whether these supplements can be consumed in conjunction with your current medications/condition.

How to use Glutone 1000 and Escor Z?

Both the supplements contain water soluble ingredients. Hence, all you need to do is take one tablet of Glutone 1000 and one tablet of Escor Z and drop them in a glass of water. Wait for 2 minutes for the tablets to fully dissolve in the water. Then consume the liquid as you would consume any other fizzy drink. Daily consumption is advised on an empty stomach.

When will I start seeing the results of these supplements?

As with any other change in your skincare or diet regimen, the effects of Glutone 1000 and Escor Z will be visible only after regular consumption for at least a month. For best results, you will need to consume these supplements daily for at least 4 months. You can further accelerate the benefits of these supplements by adopting a healthy lifestyle and a balanced, nutritious diet. Everything from inadequate sleep, stress, and consumption of junk food can take our skin’s health down a notch. Hence, you need to make healthy changes in all these areas to reap maximum and prolonged benefits from these supplements.

To summarize, as we grow older and our bodies get exposed to more and more sunlight, pollution and stress each day, we need to step back and figure out how to provide a boost of nutrition to our system. Incorporating Glutone 1000 and Escor Z in your diet will help amp up your stamina, while detoxifying your body and giving you healthy skin. If you have started noticing dullness and patchiness on your skin or the first signs of aging have begun to appear on your face then now may be the right time to look into these supplements and gift your skin the transformation it needs!

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