WiseShe Tear Cut Precise Sponge Blender | Review

If you are a returning reader of my blog, you may know that I am head over heels in love with the WiseShe makeup brushes and own all the brushes released by the brand. This Indie brand by blogger Anamika Sureka has also launched falsies, sponge blenders, and an eyelash curler recently, and while I was tempted to try out their sponge blenders, I hesitated because I am more of a makeup brush kinda person. All the products from the brand were recently on sale on Amazon, and I finally picked up their Tear Cut Precise Blender. Here are my thoughts on this product.

WiseShe Tear Cut Precise Blender | Review | Sponge Blender

The WiseShe sponge blenders come in two different shapes – a classic light pink teardrop blender and a white tear cut blender with a flat end. When you purchase either of these blenders you also get a complimentary mini blender for concealing the under eye area and other tiny crevices on the face. I picked up the Tear Cut Precise Blender because I find it easier to blend my foundation with the flat end of the sponge as opposed to a rounded end. My white tear cut blender came with a bright pink mini blender in a cylindrical plastic casing inside a black cardboard box (kudos to the brand on their fantastic packaging). Unfortunately, the pink colour of the mini blender bled into the white sponge and left a pink spot which you can see in the pictures. However, this spot came off once I washed the sponge with water, and the mini pink blender did not bleed any more colour when I wet it and used it on my face.

Just like any other sponge blender, you need to soak these with water, squeeze out the excess water, and then use the sponge to blend out foundation or concealer with a bouncing motion. The look and feel of these sponges resembled that of expensive sponge blenders and once I wet them they felt extremely soft, bouncy, and squishy (as you can see in the images below). You can also see that they become much bigger after you wet them, which helps with faster and better blending.

WiseShe Tear Cut Precise Blender | Review | Sponge Blender
Before wetting
WiseShe Tear Cut Precise Blender | Review | Sponge Blender
After wetting

WiseShe Tear Cut Precise Blender | Review | Sponge Blender

The WiseShe Tear Cut Precise Blender makes blending foundation very easy and quick. It gives an airbrushed finish with any foundation sans the pesky streaks that makeup brushes tend to leave behind. Of course, you need to wet the sponge before every use and wash it after every use, which can be a bit of a hassle for when you are in a hurry. But if you can spare a few extra minutes for your foundation to look more flawless and seamless and less cakey than with a brush then this product is worth the extra time. Also, while some sponges are notorious for sucking in a lot of product, this one does not absorb too much product, and I only have to use a tiny bit extra foundation than I use with a makeup brush, to achieve similar coverage with the sponge. Since it is white it does get stained very easily, but don’t all sponges get dirty regardless of the colour anyway? Also, the mini blender is fabulous for precise blending of concealer under the eyes and around the nose, and provides a similar finish as the bigger sponge.

Also, since the sponge can be squished flat, I use it that way to apply powder bronzer on my face and then blend it out with the flat end for a beautiful natural looking contour. The flat end can also be used to apply powder under the eyes for baking or for applying setting powder all over the face.

WiseShe Tear Cut Precise Blender | Review | Sponge Blender

Overall, I am super impressed with the quality of the WiseShe sponge blenders and feel that they provide excellent value for money. They are priced at INR 1000 but are usually available at a discounted price on Amazon, making them all the more affordable. While I still feel that sponges are a bit more high maintenance than makeup brushes and need to be replaced much sooner than brushes, I feel that you do need at least one sponge for the days when a brush just won’t cut it. And for those days, as well as to all the sponge lovers, I highly recommend the WiseShe Sponge Blenders. I am sure you will not regret purchasing one!

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    Maine bhi inko Amazon sale ne buy kiya aur inke brush8main Anamika ji k giveaway me win kiye thy ๐Ÿ˜Š
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