Belle Organique Natural Skincare for Oily/Combination Skin | Review

Isn’t it amazing to find an Indian skincare brand that is cruelty-free and all about using organic, natural ingredients? Today I will be talking about one such upcoming brand that has a promising line-up of skincare products for all skin types. I have been using the Belle Organique skincare range for oily/combination skin for a number of weeks now and here are my thoughts on their face wash, scrub, and face cream.

Belle Organique Natural Skincare for Oily/Combination Skin | Review

The Belle Organique Papaya Licorice Facewash is a non-foaming face wash that cleanses the skin thoroughly without leaving it stretchy or dry. It gives a nice glow to the face after every use and helps reduce sebum production on oily skin. This product may break you out the first couple of times you use it because it detoxifies the skin thoroughly and brings all the gunk to the surface of the skin. Once your skin gets accustomed to the formulation, it will leave your face looking glowy and youthful and will reduce the appearance of pimples. The sturdy packaging with a flip lid makes this product leakproof and travel-friendly. Overall, it is a great face wash for those with oily and acne-prone skin which does not contain any parabens, phthalates, sulfates or silicones. I love the fact that it contains papaya and licorice extracts which always help my skin look brighter and even out my skin tone. Here is a full list of ingredients that this product contains –

Ingredients – Aqua, Surfactant derived from coconut, Jojoba Oil, Stearic Acid, D Penthanol, Natural Vitamin E Oil, Iscaguard PEG, Licorice Extract, Papaya Extract, Organic Indian Patchouli Essential Oil.

Price: INR 310 for 100ml

Belle Organique Natural Skincare for Oily/Combination Skin | Review

The Belle Organique Face Scrub for Oily/Combination skin is a sugar-based scrub infused with natural oils. I personally find this scrub a bit too grainy for my sensitive skin but it works really well as a body scrub and even as a lip scrub for me. The formula contains tea tree oil, which helps to reduce acne, and the sugar particles do a great job at removing ingrown hair and dead skin. The product comes in a sturdy jar with a screw on lid and an additional white lid to prevent any leakage. Kudos to the brand for paying such close attention to the packaging! Overall, this is a nice scrub for those who enjoy physical exfoliators.

Ingredients – Organic Almond, Organic Brown Sugar, Oats, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Tea Tree Oil, Organic Mandarin Essential Oil, Organic Holy Basil Essential Oil.

Price – INR 460 for 50gms.

Belle Organique Natural Skincare for Oily/Combination Skin | Review

The Belle Organique Nourishing and Mattifying Face Cream lives up to its name and provides intense hydration without making the skin sticky or greasy. This is an incredibly light-weight cream that sinks into the skin in a jiffy and makes it softer and radiant from the very first use. The ingredient list boasts of nourishing and brightening ingredients such as aloe vera gel, Vitamin E and licorice extracts. Again, the packaging is a jar with a screw on lid and an additional lid to prevent any leakage.ย The only issue some may have with this cream is that it has a very strong herbal scent, but if you can get past that, this cream will work really well for oily skin.

Ingredients – Aqua, Jojoba Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Natural Vitamin E Oil, E-Wax, Ethal, Iscaguard PEG, Geranium Extract, Licorice Extract, Juniper Berry Extract, Organic Thyme Essential Oil.

Price – INR 265 for 25 gms.


Needless to say, I am very impressed with this entire skincare range from Belle Organique and am looking forward to trying out more products from the brand in the future. They have a wide range of haircare and skincare products to address a number of concerns so there is something for everyone to try. Do check out the brand on Instagram and DM them for more information about their products, I am sure you won’t be disappointed!

*Products sent by the brand for review but all opinions are honest and my own.

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