Soulflower Coldpressed Castor Oil | Review

Be it for the skin or for the hair, oils are truly liquid gold! What makes these oils even better is when they are cold pressed, because cold pressed oils retain their nutrients way better than oils processed using other techniques. Today I am going to be talking about one such gem, the Soulflower Cold-pressed Castor Oil. Read on to find out how I use this product and how it fared for me.

Soulflower Coldpressed Castor Oil | Review

Castor oil has been used since a long time in several parts of India for oiling the hair, and many people swear by this product for providing thick and lustrous tresses. Many also claim that it helps with hair regrowth. I basically picked up the Soulflower Cold-Pressed Castor Oil because I read somewhere that it worked really well for lengthening the lashes, and mine had become a little prone to breakage due to waterproof mascara. This oil is quite thick, so you can dip a spoolie in it to apply the product to your lashes with precision, and you can mix it with a lighter oil for application to the scalp.

Soulflower Coldpressed Castor Oil | Review

I kid you not, I saw an improvement in the length of my lashes within a week of using this product. My lashes had literally never been that long before! I personally find this oil a little too heavy for my oily scalp, but I sometimes apply it to my hair before washing them and the oil helps in making the hair smoother and silkier after the wash. The reason this oil is able to perform so well is because it is so pure. You can literally feel the purity when you use it and this is something that I completely trust the brand Soulflower with. The sturdy packaging with a flip lid also makes using this product so convenient and hassle-free. Also, the price of INR 215 for a 120ml bottle is super affordable for the quality.

Soulflower Coldpressed Castor Oil | Review

As most of us are experiencing cold and dry weather at the moment, you can also use this castor oil as a body oil or a lip oil. What is more, it helps with healing cracked heels too! This castor oil is truly an all-rounder in a bottle and you must keep a bottle handy at all times!

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