Aroma Essentials Chocolate Soap | Review

Merry Christmas to all of you! My Christmas angel this year is an extremely special one. It is this beautiful chocolate angel soap from Aroma Essentials! Who would want to destroy this stunning soap by using it? Well, I did, just to review it for you guys! Read on to find out if this pretty soap worked as well as it looks.

Aroma Essentials Chocolate Soap | Review

If you can look beyond the cute little angel carved on this soap, you will notice the sweet scent of chocolate that it emanates. I personally enjoy using skincare products with candy or chocolate scents in the winter months, so the fragrance of this soap was right up my alley! The festive pattern and fragrance of this soap make it perfect for a Christmas or New Year present.

When I finally used it in my shower, it provided a nice lather but also felt extremely hydrating on my skin and did not strip the skin of its natural oils. After the bath, my skin did not look dry or chapped and did not have the whiteness that it tends to get during the winter months. The soap provides significant hydration on its own and if you top it up with a body lotion then your skin will remain smooth and supple throughout the cold season. My skin has been feeling extremely soft to the touch ever since I started using this soap.

Aroma Essentials Chocolate Soap | Review

This soap is priced at INR 175/-, which is very affordable for a bar of handmade soap. Despite its affordable price, its quality is top-notch and it is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin. I will highly recommend trying out this soap to enjoy a unique and luxurious bath in a budget-friendly manner!

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