Aroma Essentials Lip Balm with SPF | Review

Tis the season of lip balms and Christmas presents! There is a nip in the air that is cracking my lips and this Aroma Essentials Lip Balm couldn’t have arrived at a better time as my Secret Santa present from the lovely Krupa from! Aroma Essentials is an Indie brand that has an interesting collection of soaps and lip balms, among other skincare goodies. Here is what I thought about this particular lip balm from the brand.


The Aroma Essentials Lip Balm comes in a sleek twist up packaging which can be easily thrown into a handbag. I received the tinted lip balm in the shade red which provides a nice flush of red to the lips that is perfect for the cold season. It is decently pigmented and provides an even wash of colour, making it perfect for daytime use in case you do not want to apply a lipstick. It also contains SPF which will protect your lips during the day.

Aroma Essentials Lip Balm with SPF | Review

The formula contains nourishing ingredients such as honey, shea butter and vitamin E that provide hydration to chapped lips while soothing any dryness or irritation. This lip balm is not thick or waxy and adds a nice shine to the lips without looking cakey. The formula provides decent hydration but if you have extremely chapped lips then you may want to go for something more moisturising. Also, the product does tend to settle in any cracks, so it will work best if you scrub your lips before using this lip balm. Personally, I like using this lip balm after a lip scrub in the day and go for something more intensely nourishing at night.

Aroma Essentials Lip Balm with SPF | Review

Aroma Essentials Lip Balm with SPF | Review

Overall, if you enjoy wearing tinted lip balms then the Aroma Essentials Lip Balm is a good option unless you have very very dry lips. It will suit most people with slightly dry lips who want mild hydration and a hint of colour for their pout. It is pretty affordable, and to be honest, you cannot own enough lip balms in this chilly weather.  Do try it out,  I am sure the pleasant scent of this lip balm will add some Christmas cheer to your day as it does for me 🙂

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