Skin Salad Onion Hair Oil |Review

There are so many people who swear by the benefits of onion juice for reducing hairfall and improving scalp health. A lot of people go through the effort of creating fresh onion pulp every week and applying it to their hair. Unfortunately, I am not much of a DIY gal and my eyes are extremely sensitive to the pungency of onions, which is why the Skin Salad Onion Oil came as a boon for me. Here is why I love this product so much!

Skin Salad Onion Hair Oil |Review


The Skin Salad Onion Hair Oil not only contains the goodness of onion extracts but also a large number of nourishing ingredients such as Jojoba, Rosemary, and Henna oil. It does not smell like onions at all and has a nice herbal scent. This golden coloured oil is super light weight and has the consistency of a serum, more than that of an oil. When applied to the scalp, it sinks into the skin within minutes and does not add the greaseball look to the roots of my hair. It provides a comfortable warmth to the scalp which is very soothing and it feels very hydrating too. I leave it on for a few hours before shampooing my hair and it leaves my scalp feeling clean and refreshed and my hair has been looking healthier ever since I started using this oil. This oil can also be used as a hair serum which adds a nice shine to the hair and makes them look sleek.

I also love the packaging of this product, the leakproof bottle with a convenient pump dispenser makes this product travel-friendly and super easy to use.

Skin Salad Onion Hair Oil |Review

Skin Salad Onion Hair Oil |Review

While the original price of this hair oil is INR 1200, it is always available on Amazon at a heavily discounted and reasonable price. So do keep an eye out for a nice discount to pick this gem from Skin Salad.

Click here to buy the Skin Salad Onion Hair Oil.


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