Suta Sarees – Fuss-free Drapes for the Contemporary Woman

I have always been an avid fan of sarees and am always looking for an excuse or occasion to wear one of the sarees from my wedding trousseau. The problem is that since all the sarees that I bought during my wedding are on the heavier side, they are not suitable for daily wear. For me to able to slip into a saree on a regular day, it has to be extremely light-weight and easy to drape. The Made in Heaven Mul Cotton Sarees from Suta Bombay fit the bill perfectly – here is why!

Suta is a brand that showcases the work of artisans and weavers from the rural parts of the country, reviving the splendour of sarees for urban women. They have a collection of cotton silk sarees, handloom sarees, linen sarees etc, but what steals the show for me are the Made in Heaven Mul Cotton Sarees. These deliciously soft cotton sarees are made from what is commonly referred to as mul mul in some parts of India. Mul cotton is extremely fuss-free and forgiving. It does not exaggerate the flaws of your pleating skills and rathers molds itself to fit you like a glove. It can be draped effortlessly within minutes even by amateurs in saree draping like me. They come in a myriad of colours ranging from work-appropriate greys and blues to brighter yellows and reds.

Suta Sarees - Fuss-free Drapes for the Contemporary Woman

What I also love about these sarees is the fact that they are so versatile and can be paired with a number of different blouses, tops, and shirts to create different styles suitable for different occasions and settings. As an example, in these pictures, I have styled the “Ode to Greens” saree with a basic black blouse, but it would work great with a black halter top or even a loose white shirt too. If you can style a saree in multiple ways then it is great for your wallet too. Coming to the price of these beauties, most of the sarees from the brand are priced between INR 1400 to INR 3500, which is excellent value for money and is a very reasonable price for the quality of these sarees.

Suta Sarees - Fuss-free Drapes for the Contemporary Woman
Ode To Greens Mul Cotton Saree

I have already purchased two more sarees from the brand and I am confident that I will be falling back to Suta for most of my saree needs in the future. What is also brilliant is that they offer fall and pico of the saree at nominal prices too. Also worth a mention is their collection of blouses, petticoats, and skirts. Basically, you can create an entire capsule wardrobe of sarees from this website alone.

Roasted Peach Sorbet Mul Khesh Saree (top)
Mudapples Mul Cotton Saree

To summarize, I cannot recommend Suta sarees enough to all of you and highly encourage you to pick up at least one saree from their Made in Heaven Mul collection! Trust me, you will not regret it!

Click here to check out the entire range of offerings from Suta!

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