Stay Quirky Wipe Out Makeup Remover | Review

Guest Post by Sohini

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I’m Sohini, a budding blogger, youtuber as well as an influencer. I’m into this thing since last year and Mrinalini is one of the first few bloggers whom I followed on WordPress as well as on Instagram and writing for LipstickforLunch is a great opportunity for me.

So for my first guest post for this blog, I would like to share my experience with a new and innovative product I recently used- the generic version of the original makeup eraser. I got this from the brand Stay Quirky. It’s called their Wipe Out Makeup Remover.

Stay Quirky Wipe Out Makeup Remover | Review

I think most of you know what a makeup eraser is and if not then let me give you all a brief about it:
Makeup Eraser is basically a small towel made of microfibres which claims to remove the toughest makeup from our skin without using any chemical, cleanser etc and by using only water. The original makeup eraser is a USA-based brand and is quite costly. Right now it’s available in India as well.

Being a makeup junkie, it’s a pain for me almost every evening to remove all the traces of makeup from my face to protect it from any breakouts or infections, so when I saw the much affordable generic version of the makeup eraser by Stay Quirky on at just a price tag of Rs. 319 (discounted price, originally Rs. 399), I quickly bought it without thinking twice as I anyway wanted to try the makeup eraser but hadn’t bought it because of the price point.

I have tried this product with light everyday makeup as well as with heavy makeup with liquid lipstick, heavily kohled eyes, primer, foundation, highlighter, setting spray etc. So let me share my experience with you all about this product. To be very honest, initially I had almost zero expectations from this and so I tried it with normal everyday makeup at first and thought if it will work then I’ll use it to see if it can remove the heaviest makeup I wear. To my surprise, it removed the light makeup as well the heavy makeup with ease and left me very impressed.

This is the amount of makeup it removed when I was wearing light makeup:

Stay Quirky Wipe Out Makeup Remover | Review

And this is when I used it to remove heavy makeup:

Stay Quirky Wipe Out Makeup Remover | Review

It leaves the face so clean that after removing makeup with this towel and water you’ll actually feel as if you have used a foaming face wash, but I’ll always advise you to use your normal cleanser after using this eraser to make sure that all the traces of makeup are gone and you don’t end up having any breakouts or clogged pores the next morning.
Basically, you can replace your oil cleansing part with this wipe out makeup remover.

My final verdict about this product is that it doesn’t matter if you’re someone who’s a makeup junkie like me or someone who wears makeup occasionally, keeping this product in your cupboard is a good idea considering that it actually works, is very affordable, and can be used as a replacement for oil cleansers.

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I hope this review was helpful for all the people out there and that’s all for the first guest post for one of my favourite blogs!

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