DearPacker Home Remedy Masks | Review

For the first time in my life, I have found a sheet mask that fits my face perfectly, one that I do not have to fiddle around with while application and that stays put on my face even if I walk or prance around. I am talking about the DearPacker Home Remedy Masks which are exclusively available on I recently picked up a bunch of sheet masks from the DearPacker Home Remedy and Lab Collection ranges, and here is what I think about their home remedy masks.

DearPacker Home Remedy Masks | Review

DearPacker Home Remedy Masks | Review

The DearPacker Home Remedy Masks are sheet masks enriched with ingredients that are commonly used in home skincare remedies, such as yogurt, chickpea, turmeric, cucumber, and honey. Each of these sheet masks is formulated specifically for different skincare needs such as soothing, brightening and clarifying the skin. They come in cute and colourful packaging that I love, and the mask comes soaked in a thick serum that does not spill everywhere when you open the pack, and is less messy compared to other sheet masks.

DearPacker Home Remedy Masks | Review

DearPacker Home Remedy Masks | Review

At the time of writing this blog post, I have only tried the Fenugreek and Cucumber Sheet Mask, and this product truly wowed me. This sheet mask provides a cooling sensation to the face and calms down the skin and any angry breakouts. It feels extremely hydrating on the skin when the mask is on the face, and when I remove the mask after 15 minutes, I am greeted by extremely bright skin, which is at least visibly thrice as bright than before using the mask. The serum that is left behind on the skin can be patted in easily and leaves the skin feeling extremely hydrated without feeling clogged.

DearPacker Home Remedy Masks | Review

Overall, I am super impressed with these sheet masks and will be posting mini-reviews of each of these variants here or on my Instagram profile. They are priced at INR 100 each and if you buy them in bulk then you can avail great offers on If you are wanting to add a boost of radiance to your skin right before a special occasion, then picking up a couple of these sheet masks is an absolute must for you!

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