Magic Dust Vitamin E Face Serum | Review

A good serum can truly salvage your skin and resolve the most stubborn skin issues. This is because serums contain high concentrations of potent skincare ingredients and truly penetrate into the skin with their liquidy consistency. I have recently discovered a serum that I absolutely adore for my oily to combination acne-prone skin. This product is the Magic Dust Vitamin E Face Serum. Read on to find out why this skincare gem has stolen my heart!

Magic Dust Vitamin E Face Serum | Review

What pulled me towards the Magic Dust Vitamin E Face Serum was the fascinating list of ingredients. This serum contains rosehip extracts, an ingredient that always helps with brightening my skin and reducing pigmentation, vitamin-e, a well-known anti-oxidant, and green tea extracts, that help with soothing acne-prone skin. The formula truly contains all the ingredients that my skin needs to look its best. What I also love about this product is the fact that the formula is extremely light-weight, it literally looks and feels like water on the skin and sinks into the skin within seconds, leaving it hydrated but not at all greasy. I feel that those with oily skin can use this product on its own to provide some shine-free nourishment to their face and those with dry skin can add a layer of moisturiser on top of this product to get extra hydration.

Magic Dust Vitamin E Face Serum | Review

My skin is absolutely loving this serum and it literally feels baby smooth and soft every time I apply this product. The only complaint I have is that the formula smells a little funky, but the scent disappears within a few minutes of application so I do not mind this so much. Also, the packaging is super sturdy and travel-friendly. One issue that I sometimes face is that the pump is a little hard to press, causing the product to squirt out, but if you are a little careful you will be fine.

Magic Dust Vitamin E Face Serum | Review

Overall, I am absolutely in love with the formula of this product and couldn’t recommend it enough to people of all skin types. The price of INR 1500 for 50ml of product may seem a little steep, but serums are usually expensive because they have a high concentration of potent ingredients. Also, you will need the tiniest bit of product every day so one bottle will last you a really long time, making the product totally worth it. Just take my word for it and splurge a little on this gem, I am sure you will not regret it 🙂

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*PR product sent by the brand, but all opinions are honest and my own.


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