Fabeya Dead Sea Mud Mask | Review

Minerals from the Dead Sea are famous for their skincare properties which help in removing dead skin and dullness. Now this goodness is available in a jar in the form of the Fabeya Dead Sea Mud Mask. This face mask is also unique because it is PVA free, and therefore it claims to be non-drying. Read on to find out whether this face mask managed to impress me or not!

Fabeya Dead Sea Mud Mask | Review

The Fabeya Dead Sea Mud Mask has a creamy, muddy consistency and spreads easily on the face. It has a strong scent that tends to irritate the eyes and lips a little, but the brand has already instructed that the product should not be used near the eye or lip area, so all is good. Once applied on the face it provides a cool, slightly tingly sensation to the skin and takes approximately 15-20 minutes to dry up completely. The brand also recommends washing this product off with warm water, which is something that you should keep in mind because it does not wash off easily with cold water.

Coming to the results, this mud mask provides an even, natural radiance to the face and my skin looked visibly plumper and supple after just one use. The product contains Organic Soy Phytosterol which is known to combat wrinkles, and I feel that this is the ingredient that helps in plumping up the skin. Also, when the product dries up on the skin it does not feel any different than other masks, but once you wash it off, there is no stretchy feeling on the skin, unlike most of the other masks that I have tried. This makes this mud mask perfect for those with dry skin.

Fabeya Dead Sea Mud Mask | Review

This mud mask is available in a 140gm jar priced at INR 499. This is fairly reasonable considering the quality, quantity and efficacy of the product. With regular use once or twice a week, this product will reduce wrinkles and increase the radiance of the skin. Do try it out this Diwali to get the festive glow!

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