The Face Shop Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair Foam Cleanser | Review

A change in weather can drastically impact the needs of your skin and it is crucial to adapt your skincare to these needs. As the mercury has dropped in this part of the world and the wind has become chilling and dry, my skin has been craving for gentle hydration. This is why I have started using the Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair Foam Cleanser from The Face Shop to cleanse my face without stripping it dry. Read on to find out why this face wash is perfect for the nippy weather.

The Face Shop Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair Foam Cleanser | Review

The Dr. Belmeur Range by The Face Shop is especially curated for sensitive skin, and contains mild plant-based ingredients. The Daily Repair Foam Cleanser is a translucent gel with a pH of 6, which is slightly acidic and helps with maintaining the acid barrier of the skin. It produces a decent amount of foam to cleanse the skin but not too much. It has a mild medicinal-herbal scent which does not linger and is free of any irritants such as perfume. The formula also does not contain some of the notorious nasty additives, such as parabens, synthetic pigments, mineral oil, benzophenone-3, animal-derived ingredients, propylene glycol and talc. The product claims to cleanse while hydrating and soothing dry and sensitive skin.

The Face Shop Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair Foam Cleanser | Review

The Face Shop Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair Foam Cleanser | Review

My skin is usually combination to oily, but it feels quite dehydrated during winters. This face wash is perfect for my skin at the moment because it gets rid of the oil and dirt without making my skin feel dry. I usually get a few red patches on my skin right after washing my face with any cleanser, but this does not happen with this face wash. The formula is super gentle and leaves the skin feeling baby soft and smooth, and the results last all day long. It also provides a subtle glow to the face right from the first wash.

The Face Shop Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair Foam Cleanser | Review

Although this face wash is a bit pricey (INR 900 for a 150ml tube), it will last you a long time and is worth the investment for those with extremely sensitive skin. In my opinion, it will work for both dry and oily skin because it hydrates without making the skin greasy or shiny. This face wash is definitely going to be a winter staple for me and I cannot recommend it enough to all those who are experiencing cold and dry winters at the moment!

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Makeup and Skincare Empties – Nov 2018!

For the first time on this blog, today I will be talking about a bunch of makeup and skincare empties. I have used up these products over the course of months and am in the position to pass my final verdict on them. Read on to find out whether I will be repurchasing these empties or not!


1. Nykaa So Matte Lipstick – Taupe Thrill: Using up an entire lipstick is no easy task for me, considering the huge number of lipsticks I have in my stash. The Nykaa So Matte Lipstick in the shade Taupe Thrill has been a staple for me. It is a beautiful warm taupish nude for light to medium Indian skin tones. I will definitely be repurchasing it at some point of time in the future.


2. Greenberry Organics Pure Rose Water Face Mist: One of the best rose waters I have used so far, the Greenberry Organics Pure Rose Water Face Mist is hydrating, refreshing, and extremely pure! Unfortunately, this is not in stock on the brand’s website at the moment, but if they bring it out again, I will definitely be stocking up on this product.


3. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer – Medium: It took me some time to get used to the thin consistency of this concealer, but then I fell head over heels in love with it for my under eye area. It brightens my dark circles and does not crease or emphasise my fine lines. Will definitely be repurchasing this asap!


4. Organic Harvest Happy Lips Pomegranate Lip Care: I love this lip balm from Organic Harvest because it is extremely nourishing without being waxy on the lips, however, what I love the most is its dome-shaped applicator. This lip balm is extremely convenient to apply and I will surely be purchasing more variants from this range for the winters.


5. Makeup Revolution Protection Palette – Medium: You can see how well loved the bronzer from this palette is! It is a nice warm to neutral brown with zero shimmer, which makes it perfect for contouring, especially for my medium skin tone. I hope that I can find this bronzer as a single because I need it in my life!

Basically, this month’s empties are a bunch of winners! Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourite products that you repurchase all the time? Let me know everything in the comments below 🙂

Easy Wedding Guest Makeup Looks

The wedding season is here and most of us have multiple invites for the month of December! In case you are short on time and are wondering how to quickly do your makeup for all of these weddings then here are a few looks as well as tips and tricks that you can try!


Pink lips with subtle shimmery eyes are perfect for the daytime. Instead of using a darker shade in the crease, you can even go for a simple shimmery eyeshadow all over the lids with a lengthening mascara to add a wispy feel to your lashes. A green shimmery eyeshadow like the one in the picture will look great for the Mehendi function and you can switch it up with a gold/yellow eyeshadow for the Haldi function. You can skip on heavy contouring and can simply add a subtle blush and highlighter for that healthy glow!


For the night, slightly darker eyeshadows and dark red or fuchsia lips work the best with most Indian outfits. Just make sure that your lipstick and outfit do not clash with the colours that the bride is wearing, after all, all eyes should be on her! You can go for a winged liner if you are comfortable with that or can create a smokey eyeshadow look (these are easier with a deep brown shade instead of a black eyeshadow and look more guest-appropriate too!). You can go slightly heavier on the highlighter and can add a touch of bronzer for a more glam look, but remember, if your eye makeup is very heavy you can go for a subtler shade on the lips or vice-versa. Balance is key!

Be it day or night, a setting spray is a must to keep your makeup intact throughout the ceremonies. It is also wise to carry your lipstick with you so that you can gorge on the food without worrying about messing it up. Don’t experiment if you do not have enough time to get ready and stick to what you feel comfortable in 🙂

Hopefully, these tips will help you with your wedding guest looks for this season. If you have some interesting makeup hacks that work for you then do let me know in the comments below!




DearPacker Lab Collection Masks | Review

A few days back I reviewed the DearPacker Home Remedy Masks and I couldn’t stop raving about them. Today, I will be reviewing another variant from the brand, the DearPacker Lab Collection Masks. Read on to find out whether these sheet masks managed to impress me or not!

DearPacker Lab Collection Masks | Review

The DearPacker Lab Collection Masks are available in 3 different formulations on – Anti-Pollution & Clearing, Anti-Aging & Firming, and Anti-Dry & Hydrating. I picked up the Anti-Pollution & Clearing and the Anti-Dry & Hydrating variants. Unlike the home remedy masks from the brand, the Lab Collection masks have a more “professional-looking” packaging. The sheets themselves are more opaque and are made of cotton as opposed to the home remedy sheet masks that look more translucent and feel more jelly-like. The lab collection sheet masks are also bigger in size, and so I had to fiddle around a bit with them to make them fit my tiny face.

As for the formulations, these masks did not feel as hydrating on my skin as the home remedy masks and they tend to dry up faster as well and lose their squishy feel within 10 minutes. They do make the skin look brighter and hydrated but they do not have that wow-factor which the home remedy masks have, at least not on my skin. In fact, I noticed a few bumps on my skin the day after using the Anti-Pollution & Clearing Mask, although I cannot be hundred percent sure that the mask caused this or whether it was a good thing (toxins coming to the surface) or a bad thing.

DearPacker Lab Collection Masks | Review

Overall, I would say that if you are looking for good sheet masks then it might be a better idea to go for the DearPacker Home Remedy Masks instead of the Lab Collection Masks. The Home Remedy masks are available at the same price (INR 100 per mask) and they come in a number of variants, so you will be able to pick up something that will be perfect for your skin type. I am definitely going to stock up on the Home Remedy Masks but won’t be repurchasing the Lab Collection Masks.

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Wella Enrich Moisturizing Treatment for Dry and Damaged Hair | Review

In today’s world of hair dryers, styling tools, and pollution, a majority of us suffer from dry and damaged hair. The Wella Enrich Moisturizing Treatment for Dry and Damaged Hair is yet another product that I tried to salvage my severely damaged and too-frequently-heat-styled hair. Read on to find out if this product worked for me or not.

Wella Enrich Moisturizing Treatment for Dry and Damaged Hair | Review

This hair mask comes in an orange plastic packaging that contains 150ml of product. The product inside is a semi-thick white cream with a pleasant scent. You are supposed to apply this mask on your wet shampooed hair and rinse it off after 5 minutes. What I like about this product is that a little product is all you need to cover your hair and that the product needs to be left on only for 5 minutes (yes, I am impatient like that).

Wella Enrich Moisturizing Treatment for Dry and Damaged Hair | Review

This product helps in detangling any stubborn knots in the hair, and leaves the hair smoother, softer and frizz-free. It also hydrates the hair really well, but you have to be careful not to apply it to the roots because it may make them slightly greasy. The formula does contain silicones, so please check the ingredients if you are particular about your haircare formulas.

Wella Enrich Moisturizing Treatment for Dry and Damaged Hair | Review

Priced at INR 600, this hair treatment is fairly priced and works well at providing some much-needed nourishment to dry and damaged hair. While I might not purchase another tub, I will definitely be finishing up this one and with pleasure!

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DearPacker Home Remedy Masks | Review

For the first time in my life, I have found a sheet mask that fits my face perfectly, one that I do not have to fiddle around with while application and that stays put on my face even if I walk or prance around. I am talking about the DearPacker Home Remedy Masks which are exclusively available on I recently picked up a bunch of sheet masks from the DearPacker Home Remedy and Lab Collection ranges, and here is what I think about their home remedy masks.

DearPacker Home Remedy Masks | Review

DearPacker Home Remedy Masks | Review

The DearPacker Home Remedy Masks are sheet masks enriched with ingredients that are commonly used in home skincare remedies, such as yogurt, chickpea, turmeric, cucumber, and honey. Each of these sheet masks is formulated specifically for different skincare needs such as soothing, brightening and clarifying the skin. They come in cute and colourful packaging that I love, and the mask comes soaked in a thick serum that does not spill everywhere when you open the pack, and is less messy compared to other sheet masks.

DearPacker Home Remedy Masks | Review

DearPacker Home Remedy Masks | Review

At the time of writing this blog post, I have only tried the Fenugreek and Cucumber Sheet Mask, and this product truly wowed me. This sheet mask provides a cooling sensation to the face and calms down the skin and any angry breakouts. It feels extremely hydrating on the skin when the mask is on the face, and when I remove the mask after 15 minutes, I am greeted by extremely bright skin, which is at least visibly thrice as bright than before using the mask. The serum that is left behind on the skin can be patted in easily and leaves the skin feeling extremely hydrated without feeling clogged.

DearPacker Home Remedy Masks | Review

Overall, I am super impressed with these sheet masks and will be posting mini-reviews of each of these variants here or on my Instagram profile. They are priced at INR 100 each and if you buy them in bulk then you can avail great offers on If you are wanting to add a boost of radiance to your skin right before a special occasion, then picking up a couple of these sheet masks is an absolute must for you!

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Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel | Review

Water-based gels are the perfect last step of a skincare regimen, especially for those with oily skin. These gels help to seal in all the moisture from other skincare products and also make the skin hydrated and plump due to the presence of ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. One such water gel that has gained a lot of praise around the globe is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel. I recently picked up this product from, and here is what I think about it.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel | Review

The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel comes in a beautiful blue plastic jar which is very sturdy. It has an additional plastic cap under the lid to prevent any leakage of the product, which makes it slightly more travel-friendly. I personally love the soothing blue colour of the packaging because even by looking at the jar, you will feel that this product provides tons of hydration.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel | Review

The product itself is a translucent blue gel that spreads on the skin with extreme ease. It looks slightly shiny (wet) on the skin right after application but within a few seconds, the shine vanishes completely. It leaves the skin looking hydrated and plump without making it greasy. It feels extremely light-weight on the skin, and makes the skin feel soft and youthful for several hours. I am not sure about the 48-hour claim but I do wake up to plump and moisturised skin when I apply this product at night. The ingredient list does not contain the most natural ingredients, but it does contain hyaluronic acid, which is known to provide extreme hydration.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel | Review

Overall, this gel is perfect for those with oily but dehydrated, acne-prone skin because it adds moisture without making the skin greasy or clogging the pores. The price of INR 849 for a 50g jar is decent, considering that you need the tiniest amount of product every day. If you are tired of super dehydrated skin then this is the drink that your face needs!

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Roots Ceramic Barrel Hair Brush | Review

Don’t we all love that freshly blow-dried hair look right after we step out of a salon? I’m sure that most of you have also struggled with replicating that shiny hairdo at home. Today I will be talking about a hair tool that will give you an almost perfect salon-like blow-dried hairdo at home. I am referring to the Roots Ceramic Barrel Hair Brush, something that has salvaged my frizzy hair over the past few weeks.


Roots is a brand that I trust blindly for hair brushes of all kinds, and this ceramic hair brush was no exception. The brand offers ceramic hair brushes in different barrel sizes ranging from 25mm to 58mm and I chose the largest barrel size because I was looking for more natural bouncy waves as opposed to tighter ones. This brush is extremely sturdy and quite heavy too, but the long handle makes it extremely easy to use. All you have to do is wrap your hair around the barrel and then blow dry them while moving the brush downwards, unraveling the wound up hair from the roots to the tips, just like they do at the salon.

While this technique of blow drying may sound quite complex, the design of this hair brush makes it fairly easy to maneuver the hair, because it has tiny bristles that help to separate the strands without causing any entanglement. These bristles ensure that you don’t end up with knotty hair while blow drying which will happen if you use a regular round brush instead of a ceramic one. Also, this brush gets heated up under the blow dryer, thereby helping the hair hold their shape.

Day 1 Hair

As of now, I am able to straighten my hair using this brush and am also able to create gentle waves at the ends. Of course, the hairstyles created using this brush won’t last as long as those created using a straightener or a curling wand because those tools work at a higher heat. However, this brush helps you style your hair in a jiffy and provides a sleek shiny look to them as well. It has worked really well at taming my frizz and at providing some much-needed shine to my mane.

Day 2 Hair

Available at a fraction of the price of other styling tools, this brush priced at INR 495 is a must-have if you blow dry your hair and are willing to spend a few extra minutes at it to get a more polished hairdo. This is definitely one of the best purchases I have made this year!

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Nykaa So Matte Mini Lipsticks | Review and Swatches

Lipstick minis are the flavour of the season, with all brands, both high-end and drugstore ones, coming out with miniature versions of their most loved lip shades. I am definitely rejoicing at this because this way I get to try out a wider variety of shades without burning a hole in my pocket, and also without the guilt of not being able to use up my lipsticks before they cross the expiry date. I was particularly pleased about the launch of the Nykaa So Matte Mini Lipsticks because this is one of my favourite creamy matte lipstick formulas. These cute mini lipsticks contain 1.5 gm of product and are currently available in 10 of the shades from the So Matte range. I have already reviewed the formula of these lipsticks in previous blog posts, so today I will only be talking about the 4 shades that I picked up, which are Scarlet Siren, Devious Pink, Bare Minimum, and Cinnamon Crunch.

Nykaa So Matte Minis | Review and Swatches

Nykaa So Matte Minis | Review and Swatches

Starting with the lightest shade, Cinnamon Crunch (50M) is a warm light brown shade that will be a perfect nude for extremely fair people. Since I have a wheatish complexion, this shade washes me out and also does not apply very evenly and opaquely on my pigmented lips. I have to mix this shade with a deeper peach or pink to make it work for my skin tone, but if you are fairer than me then this might look great on its own.

Nykaa So Matte Minis | Review and Swatches Cinnamon Crunch

The second shade Bare Minimum (47M) is a beautiful peachy nude that looks slightly pink under certain lighting. This colour is a nice nude for my skin tone and will work well for all those with light to medium skin tones. It provides opaque pigmentation in one swipe and lasts for at least 4-5 hours on my lips.

Nykaa So Matte Minis | Review and Swatches Bare Minimum

Coming to my favourite shade out of the 4, Devious Pink (03) is a beautiful pink that will suit almost all Indian skin tones. It will be a nice deep pink for those with light skin tones and slightly brighter than a nude pink for those with a medium complexion. The pigmentation of this shade is completely opaque and perfect for those with pigmented lips.

Nykaa So Matte Minis | Review and Swatches Devious Pink

Last but not the least, Scarlet Siren (29M) is a stunning orange-toned red that will suit fair to medium skin tones. This is a very bright red as opposed to more mature looking berry-toned reds and maroons. It can also work as a nice deep orange for those with deeper skin tones. It is quite easy to apply compared to some of the other red lipsticks that I own and has definitely become my go-to red at the moment.

Nykaa So Matte Minis | Review and Swatches Scarlet Siren

Overall, I am super happy with this entire range of mini lipsticks and will highly encourage you to pick up at least a couple of shades from the range. You can’t really go wrong with these, considering that they are priced at INR 199 only. If you are a lipstick lover on a budget then these minis will soon become your best friends!

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Kanai Organics Nail Paint | Review and Swatches

Have you ever sat and counted the number of objects your fingertips touch in a day? Not only do your fingers touch your food, face and clothes, if you have a baby in the house then your fingers touch your baby too. This is why a non-toxic nail paint is the need of the hour, and Kanai Organics has fulfilled this with their range of “8 Free” Nail Paints. These nail paints do not contain the most common toxic elements present in most nail polish formulas, namely Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, Xylene, DBP, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, and TPHP.

Kanai Organics Nail Paint | Review and Swatches

Before I get into reviewing the colours and the formula, here is a word about toxic nail paints by the brand itself-

“Studies have shown that the body can absorb traces of chemicals applied on nails, with ingredients like Formaldehyde (used as a nail hardener) being a proven carcinogen. Triphenyl phosphate (TPHP) is known to be a hormone disruptor (on prolonged exposure) while dibutyl phthalate (DBP) has been linked to reproductive abnormalities. At Kanai, we remain committed to the ‘detoxification’ of products and are proud to say that none of our nail paints are made with this toxic trio and are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Now available in India and soon to be launched globally, you can now enjoy your favourite colour varnish without worrying about its effects on your health.”

Kanai Organics Nail Paint | Review and Swatches

The Kanai Organics Nail Paints come in a range of 6 shades – Bubblegum (A bright pink), Fuchsia (A Neon Fuchsia), White (No explanation needed :P), Kanai Blue (Blue like the brand’s logo), Pienk (A pretty floral pink), and Camellia (A baby pink). These nail paints come in 11ml bottles with a thick brush that covers the entire nail in a couple of strokes. They are priced at INR 450 each, which is undoubtedly on the expensive side, but the formula somehow justifies the price for me.

Not only are these nail paints non-toxic, they also have a very quick-drying formula which dries up completely within a minute or two and the pigmentation provides an opaque semi-matte finish in 2-3 coats. They last for a good 5 days on the nails with minimal chipping and can be removed effortlessly without any stain left behind on the nails. They also do not have the strong chemical scent that many nail polishes possess. All the shades are beautiful feminine colours that are true to how they look in the bottle, but the pastel shades are my personal favourites from the range as they add a muted pop to the fingertips.

Kanai Organics Nail Paint | Review and Swatches

Overall, I have nothing negative to say about this range of nail paints and hope that they bring out more shades in the future. The price is a little steep, but if you want something truly non-toxic and safe for your skin then Kanai Organics is a brand that you can blindly trust. You must try at least one shade from the brand, I am sure you will fall in love!

Click here to buy the Kanai Organics Non-Toxic Nail Paints. All these shades are available on

*PR Samples sent by the brand but all opinions are honest and my own.

Magic Dust Vitamin E Face Serum | Review

A good serum can truly salvage your skin and resolve the most stubborn skin issues. This is because serums contain high concentrations of potent skincare ingredients and truly penetrate into the skin with their liquidy consistency. I have recently discovered a serum that I absolutely adore for my oily to combination acne-prone skin. This product is the Magic Dust Vitamin E Face Serum. Read on to find out why this skincare gem has stolen my heart!

Magic Dust Vitamin E Face Serum | Review

What pulled me towards the Magic Dust Vitamin E Face Serum was the fascinating list of ingredients. This serum contains rosehip extracts, an ingredient that always helps with brightening my skin and reducing pigmentation, vitamin-e, a well-known anti-oxidant, and green tea extracts, that help with soothing acne-prone skin. The formula truly contains all the ingredients that my skin needs to look its best. What I also love about this product is the fact that the formula is extremely light-weight, it literally looks and feels like water on the skin and sinks into the skin within seconds, leaving it hydrated but not at all greasy. I feel that those with oily skin can use this product on its own to provide some shine-free nourishment to their face and those with dry skin can add a layer of moisturiser on top of this product to get extra hydration.

Magic Dust Vitamin E Face Serum | Review

My skin is absolutely loving this serum and it literally feels baby smooth and soft every time I apply this product. The only complaint I have is that the formula smells a little funky, but the scent disappears within a few minutes of application so I do not mind this so much. Also, the packaging is super sturdy and travel-friendly. One issue that I sometimes face is that the pump is a little hard to press, causing the product to squirt out, but if you are a little careful you will be fine.

Magic Dust Vitamin E Face Serum | Review

Overall, I am absolutely in love with the formula of this product and couldn’t recommend it enough to people of all skin types. The price of INR 1500 for 50ml of product may seem a little steep, but serums are usually expensive because they have a high concentration of potent ingredients. Also, you will need the tiniest bit of product every day so one bottle will last you a really long time, making the product totally worth it. Just take my word for it and splurge a little on this gem, I am sure you will not regret it 🙂

Click here to buy the Magic Dust Vitamin E Face Serum

*PR product sent by the brand, but all opinions are honest and my own.

Fabeya Bamboo Charcoal Sea Algae Peel Off Mask | Review

If you have ever used a black peel off mask, you would know that they all have a strong chemical scent and they often tend to dry up in the tube, leading to wastage of your money. Fabeya has now got you covered on both fronts with their Bamboo Charcoal Sea Algae Peel Off Mask that comes in the form of a powder! Read on to find out more about this unique product.


The most unique thing about this product is of course the fact that it is a peel off mask in the form of a powder. You simply have to mix this light grey, finely milled powder with some regular water or rose water to form a thick paste. A 3-4 mm layer of this paste needs to be applied on the skin and peeled off after it has become completely dry, after 20 minutes or so. You may need to experiment a little with the thickness of the layer that you apply on your skin because if it is too thin it will crack and if it is too thick it will take a long time to dry. However, once you have the thickness right, the product will peel off pretty easily and will remove white heads and dead skin quite effectively.


Another great thing about this product is that it is PVA free and does not dry out the skin or leave it feeling red and sensitive. While most black peel off masks in the market leave the skin fairly dehydrated and sensitive, this one actually hydrates the skin while removing only dead cells and white heads. There is a lot of controversy surrounding cream based peel off masks, with many people claiming that they actually contain glue in them. Not only can you trust Fabeya for their all-natural formulations (this one contains detoxifying bamboo charcoal and hydrating sea algae), even while using the product you will feel that it is made from pure and natural, non-toxic ingredients.


Priced at INR 399 for a 30gm pack, this affordable product will give you several uses. If you have used a black peel off mask in the past and have found it extremely harsh or stripping then this product might convert you into a peel-off mask lover. Do try it out once, I am sure you will love it!

Click here to buy the Fabeya Bamboo Charcoal Sea Algae Peel Off Mask.