WiseShe Eyeshadow Brushes | Review

After being thoroughly impressed with the WiseShe Contour and Powder Brush I finally picked up all the eyeshadow brushes from the brand as well. It is wonderful to see that an Indian brand, that too one started by a fellow blogger, has come up with brushes that are comparable in terms of quality to international brands. The makeup game in India is definitely changing for the better! Anyway, here is my detailed review of the WiseShe Eyeshadow Brushes after using them to create several eyeshadow looks.

WiseShe Eyeshadow Brushes | Review

The WiseShe Eyeshadow Brushes come in two different sets – a pair of crease blending brushes and a pair of flat eyeshadow brushes. Both the sets come in sturdy black cardboard boxes with foam padding inside. The brushes also have long black handles that provide a good grip for applying and blending eyeshadow precisely and effortlessly. All the brushes have densely packed bristles that pick up enough product to provide decent pigmentation in one go, and the bristles are soft enough to blend the products beautifully.

The crease brushes have rounded ends, and the bristles are slightly stiffer, which is perfect for getting deeper pigmentation in the crease and for creating precise cut crease looks. The flat brushes, on the other hand, are slightly softer, for a more blended look all over the lids. These flat brushes will also be perfect for creating halo looks. The Crease Brushes are currently available on Amazon for INR 650, and the Flat Brushes are available for INR 550. So for INR 1200, you can purchase all the brushes that you will need to create any eyeshadow look.

WiseShe Eyeshadow Brushes | Review

Overall, I am fully impressed with these eyeshadow brushes, just as much as I was with the contour brush. These brushes can be used for creating both simple and intricate eye makeup looks. Also, the quality is excellent and I am sure that these brushes will last me for several years. If you are in the market for some eyeshadow brushes then do grab these while they are still on discount on Amazon.

Click here to buy the WiseShe Crease Brushes and Flat Brushes respectively.

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