Wella Thermal Image EIMI Heat Protection Spray | Review

If you use any kind of heat on your hair for styling then using a heat protection spray is a must. If you are not doing so, you are simply contributing towards making your hair dull and lifeless. I usually stick with my trusty Toni and Guy Heat Protection Spray, but this time I decided to try something new and purchased the Wella Thermal Image EIMI Heat Protection Spray. Read on to find out whether the gamble paid off or not!

Wella Thermal Image EIMI Heat Protection Spray | Review

The very first thing about this product that I need to tell you is that do not buy this product online, or at least from Amazon. The lid of this spray bottle does not click into place and almost one-eighth of the product had leaked all over by the time the package reached me. Even other buyers on Amazon have complained about the leakage in the reviews so mine was not a one-off case.

Wella Thermal Image EIMI Heat Protection Spray | Review

If however, you find this product in a perfectly sealed condition at a store or a salon then I think you must grab it because it is a really nice heat protectant. It leaves my hair feeling much silkier and smoother after a blow dry than they feel without using a heat protectant beforehand. This is perhaps due to the unique 2-phase formula (which you need to shake before use) which has some kind of oil to provide added smoothness and gloss to the hair. The other part of the 2-phase formula provides heat protection up to 220 degrees Celsius, which does seem effective considering that my hair doesn’t look dead or frizzy after blow drying.

Also, it provides a decent hold when I use it with styling tools, without making the hair look stiff or crispy. I usually use this product before I curl my hair and the spray extends the life of my curls by almost a day, providing a natural wavy finish. It does have a scent but nothing too overpowering, and the fragrance doesn’t linger in the hair.

Wella Thermal Image EIMI Heat Protection Spray | Review

Priced at INR 600 for a 150ml bottle, this product is definitely worth the investment because it not only provides heat protection but also makes the hair smoother and softer and increases the longevity of hairstyles. Just make sure that you do not get a leaky packaging and you should be good!

Click here to buy the Well Thermal Image EIMI Hair Protection Spray.


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